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Example sentences for "establishes"

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estaba; estaban; establish; established; establisher; establisheth; establishing; establishment; establishments; establisht
  1. But when it has been generated it establishes a new custom, which is capable of exercising the most revolutionary influence upon other customs.

  2. An activity has meaning in the degree in which it establishes and acknowledges variety and intimacy of connections.

  3. Control of physical energies is due to inquiry which establishes specific correlations between minute elements.

  4. The enhanced demand for every commodity, intensifies the functional activity of each specialized person or class; and this renders the specialization more definite where it already exists, and establishes it where it is but nascent.

  5. As this differentiation establishes itself, the characteristics of the ruler begin to change.

  6. At first it establishes affections between beings naturally conjoined in the world; later it grows sensitive to free and spiritual affinities, to oneness of mind and sympathetic purposes.

  7. Generation answers no actual demand except that existing in the parents, and it establishes a new demand without guaranteeing its satisfaction.

  8. What establishes superstitions is haste to understand, rash confidence in the moral intelligibility of things.

  9. Moreover, the Life of Reason is an ideal to which everything in the world should be subordinated; it establishes lines of moral cleavage everywhere and makes right eternally different from wrong.

  10. The more genuine and excellent the vision the greater havoc it makes if, being inadequate, it establishes itself authoritatively in the soul.

  11. It establishes itself there, and all is over; the others have only to die.

  12. The enemy establishes itself under our roof and is ready to our hand.

  13. A bell which is pulled in one room and rings in another, and which therefore establishes a ready communication between the most distant parts of a house, is a contrivance to save labour.

  14. The history of cultivation in Great Britain is full of instruction as regards the inefficiency of mere traditional practice and the slowness with which scientific improvement establishes its dominion.

  15. It establishes and maintains certain high ideals of honour, chivalry, and service as well as of courtesy and manners.

  16. Among other blessings contained in this instrument it establishes trial by jury and the right of Habeas Corpus, and provides that there shall be no taxation without representation.

  17. To my mind the New Testament establishes no doctrine, unless it satisfies every candid reader that our Lord gave plenipotentiary powers to Peter to govern the whole Church.

  18. The evidence which we have drawn from captured documents establishes the validity of the recent history of the past 12 years—a history of many aggressions by the Nazi conspirators accused in this case.

  19. It also establishes the full awareness of the Nazi conspirators of the Crimes against Humanity which would result from their attack.

  20. The document as a whole, establishes that the conspirators were planning the creation of an incident to justify to the world their own aggression against Czechoslovakia.

  21. This report thus establishes that Hess’ defense will be impaired.

  22. The first of these two documents establishes the premeditation and deliberation which preceded the attack.

  23. Any object of higher density, such as a ring upon the finger, clearly establishes its shadow by virtue of its greater density.

  24. Both the vertical line and horizontal line having been obtained, it will be obvious that the foreign object will lie at the intersection of these two lines, which establishes for the surgeon its definite location.

  25. S= Establishes school at Niagara and afterwards at Ancaster, 167.

  26. One who enacts a law; one who decrees or establishes as a law.

  27. One who demonstrates; one who proves anything with certainty, or establishes it by indubitable evidence.

  28. The Priesthood conferred on man establishes an authority which each man may at all times exercise with respect to himself and God.

  29. Marriage for time and eternity establishes a unique relation between husband and wife.

  30. This establishes an authoritative connection between man and God, the Holy Ghost, by which it is possible to secure, through the active support of the Holy Ghost, more light and power and confidence than man may secure unaided.

  31. First of all, it establishes a close communion among those who have lived and who are living on earth.

  32. The first maxim of the psychological method is this: True philosophy invents nothing, it establishes and describes what is.

  33. Without society what would become of sympathy, which is one of the most powerful principles of our soul, which establishes between men a community of sentiments, by which each lives in all and all live in each?

  34. The ethics of interest do not pretend to destroy any of the duties consecrated by public opinion; it establishes that all are conformed to our personal interest, and it is thereby that they are duties.

  35. The process is clearly of general application, and establishes a one-to-one correspondence between the distribution of objects (pqr .

  36. But even in the mildest cases yellow fever establishes the hemorrhagic diathesis to an extent sufficient to render the occurrence of hemorrhage an imminent event.

  37. Observation fully establishes the fact that, after death from pyæmia, pathological changes are much more frequently met with in the lungs than in any of the other organs.

  38. The following observation, conducted under unusual circumstances, establishes the fact that influenza may be brought from an infected city in such a way as to give rise to a localized outbreak in a remote community.

  39. The Germans create a military dictatorship in the Ukraine; Field Marshal von Eichhorn breaks up the Ukranian Rada and establishes a German military Government at Kieff.

  40. The Revolutionary party establishes itself in Lisbon, and forms a Government which declares its solidarity with the Allies (see Dec.

  41. The further testimony touching O'Laughlin, that of Streett, establishes the fact that about the 1st of April he saw him in confidential conversation with J.

  42. Herold, and Louis Payne entered into this conspiracy with Booth, is so very clear upon the testimony that little time need be occupied in bringing again before the court the evidence which establishes it.

  43. It is only a modification of the general principle, which establishes harmony or foments divisions among men.

  44. The utility of a commodity thus understood, makes it an object of man's desire, makes him wish for it, and establishes a demand for it.

  45. All Feasts have attained their consummation in the two Most Great Festivals, and in the two other Festivals that fall on the twin days #110 This passage establishes four great festivals of the Bahá’í year.

  46. When she wishes to establish the absolute responsibility of the father, she establishes the strict couple, and especially, absolute polygamy.

  47. A little brown ant, the anergates, having no workers establishes itself as parasite in an ant-hill and gets itself served by workers of another species in order to live.

  48. Reassured he lets them fall, and re-establishes his calm.

  49. Now, the supernatural term establishes a relation between human persons and the Word, but not a relation between them and the Theanthropos, because it is wholly spiritual and incorporeal.

  50. Nowhere does it state the reverse in general terms; and we cannot find a single instance recorded which establishes the contrary.

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