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Example sentences for "estrangement"

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estos; estoy; estoyent; estrade; estranged; estrangements; estranges; estranging; estray; estre
  1. He deviseth a lie about God, or there is a djinn in him," but they who believe not in the next life, shall incur the chastisement, and be lost in the mazes of estrangement from God.

  2. But if their estrangement be grievous to thee, and if thou art able to seek out an opening into the earth or a ladder into Heaven,8 that thou mightest bring them a sign.

  3. Husband and wife may quarrel, but the estrangement is dissipated before recourse to the law can take place.

  4. An estrangement is wont, whether as cause or as result it is difficult to decide, to set in at that moment in which the sentiment of uniqueness disappears from the connection.

  5. The estrangement was now complete, and resentment openly testified.

  6. From that time our estrangement was complete and irreparable.

  7. He was Mr. Greville's first cousin, and they had been in early life intimate friends, but circumstances had led to a complete estrangement between them.

  8. Perhaps, if he had overcome his pride, he might have sooner brought the estrangement to an end.

  9. God and the Holy Virgin are my witnesses that my greatest suffering throughout that period has proceeded less from exile, poverty, and humiliation, than from the estrangement of a son, and the loss of his dear presence.

  10. He had every reason given him to be so, but he was not; and solely on his side, an estrangement began to arise between them.

  11. I was not sure that I had a right to lay his whole story open, but I referred in a few words to his estrangement from Mr Jarndyce and to his being entangled in the ill-fated Chancery suit.

  12. And besides, I wish to hear as much and as often of Ada as I can in this condition of estrangement from poor Rick.

  13. For long Eva bore this unmerited estrangement silently, at last she enquired its cause.

  14. Feldman, a clinical psychologist, because of a growing sense of estrangement toward her husband and tension and anxiety at work.

  15. For a moment the shimmering veil of estrangement which so long had hung between them, seemed to part, and reveal soul to soul.

  16. Some day she and Harlan, alone once more, with the cobwebs of estrangement swept away, should begin a new and happier honeymoon in the transformed house.

  17. To fancy otherwise accorded better with the hope to which Knight's estrangement had given birth: that love for his friend was not the direct cause, but a result of her suspension of love for himself.

  18. First, the face of his friend and preceptor Henry Knight, between whom and himself an estrangement had arisen, not from any definite causes beyond those of absence, increasing age, and diverging sympathies.

  19. But the divergence of their emotions on Stephen's account had produced an estrangement which just at present went even to the extent of reticence on the most ordinary household topics.

  20. The second cause was the estrangement between the poor and the rich.

  21. He knew how Lily loved her brother, and that the growing estrangement would be made more painful to her by an explanation of his fears.

  22. It distressed her to see a slow but steady estrangement growing between her brother and her grandfather; it did not find expression in open speech, but it was no less sure, notwithstanding.

  23. The action of Basil in forcing upon him the bishopric of Sasima led to an estrangement and brought about the tragedy of Gregory’s ecclesiastical career, his forced resignation of the archiepiscopal see of Constantinople.

  24. Henceforth the Church, which found its centre in the Roman see, belongs to the West, and its relations to the East, although no formal schism had occurred, are of continued and increasing estrangement or alienation.

  25. Milly opened the door for him, and stood back to let him pass; she had learned in these weeks of their estrangement to restrain the manifestation of her joy at his coming.

  26. Edith felt keenly the loss of the old familiar talks, though, womanlike, she invented a thousand excuses to prevent herself from believing in the growing estrangement of her husband.

  27. The scanty indications all point very decidedly away from any permanent estrangement as resulting from the incidents at Antioch.

  28. Evidently the estrangement at Antioch was not permanent even in the case of Mark, against whom there was the special objection that he had withdrawn from the work at Perga.

  29. The second cause is the estrangement of the rich from the poor.

  30. Doubtless she conceived that by taunting him, at this safe hour, with this prevision of her success, she helped the estrangement which she felt necessary to her enjoyment of her expected rewards.

  31. He winced, and sent me a startled look, stung at my alluding to the estrangement of his wife.

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