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Example sentences for "excursus"

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excursion; excursionist; excursionists; excursions; excursive; excusable; excusably; excuse; excused; excuses
  1. In another part of this excursus Krochmal describes the systems of the Alexandrian Jewish philosophers, such as Philo and Aristobulus, and discusses their relation to certain theosophic ideas in various Midrash-collections.

  2. The next five chapters may be regarded as an excursus on the preceding two.

  3. In the Excursus section, there is no Excursus J.

  4. There are many smaller excursus by Biblical expositors and historians, who set out from the standpoint of the earlier views on the relation of the Myth to the Legend, and more frequently from the exegetical point of view.

  5. In Excursus E we shall speak of the mythological conception of rays of light as fluids.

  6. In the Talmûd literature, however, we find an incidental discussion of the colour of the sun; to which one of the Excursus is devoted.

  7. Footnote 315: This conception, as well as the ideas contained in this Excursus generally, is now entirely shared by Weingarten (Zeittafeln, 3rd.

  8. Baptism and the Eucharist; Excursus to Chapters II.

  9. In an Excursus appended to 1 Timothy in his edition of "The Pastoral Epistles" (p.

  10. Petrarch here makes an excursus in order to free Virgil from the reproach of Augustine, who asserts that the poet mendaciously promises (Æneid, i.

  11. The reader is left, in most cases, to make his own deductions from Petrarch's words, but a brief excursus is added here and there, with the hope of emphasising some of the more important points.

  12. I make this remark in regard to the Excursus of Bekker, in his Charikles, i.

  13. There is no analogy in Grecian history to illustrate this very curious passage: the Excursus of Heyne furnishes no information (see his edition of the Iliad, vol.

  14. Goerenz's statement "negari omnino nequit hac vi saepius pronomen illud reperiri" with Madvig's utter refutation in the sixth Excursus to his D.

  15. More on the subject in Madvig's fourth Excursus to the D.

  16. This pugnacious atmosphere of parry and riposte must first of all be allowed for and understood in all the satiric excursus of Martin in America.

  17. Oliver Twist is so much apart from the ordinary track of Dickens, it is so gloomy, it is so much all in one atmosphere, that it can best be considered as an exception or a solitary excursus in his work.

  18. To return from this excursus to Pike at the mouth of the Leech Lake fork, up which he goes: This is of course a definite and well-known point, exactly on the dividing line between the S.

  19. We return from this bibliographical excursus to resume the thread of Pike's biography--would that there had been many more years to chronicle in the gallant and patriotic, but all too brief, life of the young soldier!

  20. Thessalonians, Excursus on The Parousia, and notes on 1 Thess.

  21. An excursus upon Napoleon had got into the torrent somehow and kept bobbing up and down.

  22. Farnie listened with enthusiasm to his nephew's second excursus on the Monk topic, and, though he said nothing, was apparently convinced.

  23. He improved the shining hour with an excursus on the subject of bullying, dispensed a few general threats, and left the room.

  24. Pillingshot's friend, Parker, as Pillingshot came to the end of a stirring excursus on the rights of the citizen, with special reference to mid-term Livy examinations.

  25. Four o'clock came round, and found me so engrossed in putting the finishing touches to my excursus of Mr Mellish's character, that I stayed on in the form-room till ten past.

  26. Finally, a new excursus has been added on the various modes of conceiving pre-existence, and in other respects many things have been improved in detail.

  27. Readers are referred to Plummer (Excursus on Paschal Controversy), Bright, or Hunt.

  28. The question of the connection between Chrêtien and Wolfram will be found fully discussed in Excursus B.

  29. The subject is complex, and calls for many an excursus and qualifying footnote; yet I think the main outlines are clear enough.

  30. Excursus of Yolande's Undoing Now Jurgen, self-appointed Duke of Logreus, abode at the court of King Gogyrvan.

  31. Luchet in an interesting excursus on furniture manufacture in his book on the Paris Exhibition of 1867, in which he gives further details of ancient manufacture and its modern imitation.

  32. Hitherto the expense of the Armies has been so great as to absorb virtually the whole of the receipts (see Excursus V.

  33. The legal issue is discussed in Excursus II.

  34. One of the chief subjects actually dealt with, coal, is treated in Excursus I.

  35. Even the gentle Thackeray--if the excursus may be forgiven--is not wholly free from this failing.

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