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Example sentences for "falsifications"

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falsetto; falshed; falshood; falsi; falsification; falsified; falsifies; falsify; falsifying; falsing
  1. Falsifications of dates, and the objects of such falsifications by the Tudor writers, are often detected by means of these unimpeachable sources of information.

  2. Yet he clearly implies that the delivery of young Richard and the execution of Rivers took place before the arrest of Hastings, adopting the falsifications of Morton.

  3. The falsifications and phantasies of children and adolescents have been dealt with by Stanley Hall.

  4. There was frequent experience with the falsifications which were her mother's frailty.

  5. Passing from the above probably sufficient account of Gertrude's falsifications as we knew them, we can take up her mental life and traits.

  6. As this young woman has well known, her falsifications have many times militated against the fulfillment of her own desires and interests.

  7. The story of this girl's falsifications and fabrications as obtained from her people is exceedingly long.

  8. Text books of psychiatry deal with the falsifications of paranoia and other insanities.

  9. The type of Janet's lying has been not only in the form of falsifications about matters which directly concerned herself, but also involved extensive manufacture of long stories, phantasies.

  10. The peculiarities of the falsifications have given rise to much trouble for her, her family, and for many others who have been incidentally connected with the situation.

  11. According to the father his wife's falsifications are merely to shield the children and she only shows the ordinary deceit of woman.

  12. God’s book of nature, in which every creature is as it were a letter, is the first and simplest source of knowledge accessible to the unlearned layman, and the surest, because free from all falsifications of heretics.

  13. Rome and its falsifications of the truth.

  14. Julian represented Christianity as a deteriorated Judaism, but Christolatry and the worship of martyrs as later falsifications of the doctrine of Christ.

  15. They are supported to a considerable extent by retrospective falsifications of memory, and when occasion arises, by a conscious distortion of facts, and prevarication, a point very justly emphasized by Bischoff.

  16. Twelve picture cards, one for each month.

  17. The date first written was 1446, but in this column, and in others, objectionable entries have been effaced and falsifications have been attempted.

  18. Its information is not confirmed by the records; its falsifications and its suspected history compel every candid reader to reject its evidence altogether.

  19. Adulterations of good are depicted in the Word by adulteries and falsifications of truth by whoredoms.

  20. These adulterations and falsifications are effected by reasonings from the natural man which is in evil, and also by confirmations of appearances in the sense of the letter of the Word.

  21. Since the German Government did not publish the rest, we have the right to conclude that this was because it had subjected the document to falsifications such as were introduced in that we are now about to consider.

  22. The falsifications inserted in these documents by the German diplomatists have already been lucidly exposed (for example, by E.

  23. The details of these very disgraceful falsifications have been fully described by Mr. Elwin,[19] but I turn gladly from this lamentable narrative to say something of the literary value of the correspondence.

  24. But whence come these falsifications of history?

  25. Important to the history of our constitution, in that proportion are those to be taxed with the most dangerous of all possible falsifications of our history, who have misrepresented either the facts or the principles of those times.

  26. And in a late popular novel connected with the Tower of London, by Mr. Ainsworth, [which really pushes its falsifications of history to an unpardonable length, as e.

  27. Gratry also exposes the Roman falsifications introduced into the Breviary.

  28. These palpable interpolations and falsifications of his doctrines led me to try to sift them apart.

  29. I give no credit to their falsifications of his actions and doctrines, and to rescue his character, the postulate in my letter asked only what is granted in reading every other historian.

  30. Repute of a kind they gained, but it was by glib falsifications of all that is noble in sentiment, thought, and action, all that is good and true.

  31. Falsifications of our better selves are easily entered upon, but hard to shake off.

  32. On the detection of Falsifications of Writings.

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