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Example sentences for "falsifying"

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falsification; falsifications; falsified; falsifies; falsify; falsing; falsis; falsities; falsity; falsly
  1. He well knows the ways of falsifying the Company's accounts; he well knows the necessities of the natives, and he knows that by paying a part of their dues they will be ready to give an acquittance of the whole.

  2. With much prevarication, and much insolence too, he confesses himself guilty of falsifying the Company's accounts by making himself their creditor when he was their debtor, and giving false accounts of this false transaction.

  3. A court reporter at the King's Bench formulated two principles on consideration of the case of Wilkes against Leuson as: "The heir is estopped from falsifying the consideration acknowledged in the deed of feoffment of his ancestor.

  4. When Aristotle professes to point out a particular mode of Syllogism to which Induction conforms, he can only do so by falsifying the process of Induction, and by not accurately distinguishing between what is observed and what is inferred.

  5. Indeed, so far as the character of the speaker counts at all, in falsifying the fair logical estimate of an argument, it operates in a direction opposite to that here indicated by Aristotle.

  6. But our charge is not so much corrupting one particular revelation as falsifying the entire books of the Jews and the Christians, of giving them new forms, and adding to them a great number of old Arabian fables.

  7. My taleb, backed with two or three Mussulman doctors, charged me in the public streets with corrupting and falsifying the text of the word of God.

  8. One need not be surprised at this falsifying of claims and historical facts, for it is the testimony of the Bahai historian himself ("New Hist.

  9. Another practice of the founders of Bahaism is falsifying and changing the documents and texts of their Sacred Writings, namely, those of the Bab and Baha, according to the exigency of circumstances.

  10. Many manufacturers and retailers who have been detected falsifying the food of the public, have threatened actions; but they all flinched from the test of this unerring instrument.

  11. Tischendorf of 'deliberately falsifying the text by inserting, "say they.

  12. They are accused of deliberately falsifying etc.

  13. What we are now doing, general, is history, and it is important that those who may some day have an interest in falsifying history shall find in their path the denial of Bernadotte.

  14. He," said he, "who was seen near the Seine falsifying the coin of the realm shall die by the tusk of a boar.

  15. Herrera, it is believed, was the first to accuse Vespucci of "artfully and wilfully falsifying in his narrative, with a view to stealing from Columbus the honor of being the discoverer of America.

  16. Every Scripture narrative, which, by falsifying some circumstances, could be made to answer their purpose, was presented to her remembrance.

  17. It is a fault which could not be avoided without falsifying chronology at a period familiar to every well-read person, or losing sight of the admonitory lesson which the tale was intended to convey.

  18. Sidenote: Poetry is first a falsifying of History,] Poetry in its earlier stages is universally neither more nor less than a falsifying of history.

  19. He did not shrink from falsifying history, as can today be demonstrated.

  20. There can be no question that Wang Mang and his accomplices began by deliberately falsifying and deceiving.

  21. Look you, Chandra Babu, we are all Khátaks (customers) of yours whom you have fleeced by levying exorbitant interest on loans and falsifying our accounts.

  22. Then the truth dawned on Nagendra, that his brother had misappropriated large sums, which should have been paid to him, and concealed his fraud by falsifying the Zemindari papers.

  23. Another trouble or fight with my conscience, which I successfully overcame, was the falsifying the spirits.

  24. It was reprinted everywhere, and often very carelessly, so that Luther had to complain against the printers as falsifying his translation.

  25. The criminal charge of falsifying the holy Scriptures had been raised against many heretics, too, and in most cases had been proved to be untrue.

  26. If anybody now points to the victorious expedition to Khartoum thirteen years later, as falsifying such language as this, that experience so far from falsifying entirely justifies.

  27. For this end they begin by deliberately falsifying human feelings, giving them a paradoxical appearance completely inadmissible .

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