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Example sentences for "feathering"

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  1. While it has feathers and wings, its feathering is not normal, and the muscles of the wings are lacking.

  2. When the mob took to sacking private houses, driving clergymen out of their pulpits, and tarring and feathering respectable citizens, there were doubtless many law-abiding people who became Tories in spite of themselves.

  3. A favourite pastime was tarring and feathering 'obnoxious Tories.

  4. There shall be no tarring and feathering of women by any man in my employ.

  5. It was poignant with a power to transport me back to earlier and happier days, to the days when one never thought of feathering the nest of existence with the illusions of old age.

  6. A witch called at a farm when they were feathering geese for sale, and she begged much for one.

  7. For smaller vessels, the oscillating engine with feathering paddle-wheels is still largely employed in Europe.

  8. In the same vessel he adopted a feathering paddle-wheel and the guard-beam now universally seen in our river steamboats.

  9. By a fresh spurt the Mary is carried beyond her mooring place--as she passes it her owner for an instant feathering his oars and holding up his hat.

  10. Feathering the arrow, in my experience, tends, if anything to make it spin more; for one thing, because it is practically impossible to lay the feathering on straight.

  11. It is not necessary to employ any feathering for these arrows; though I have occasionally used feathers or mica to "wing the shaft" no advantage has resulted therefrom.

  12. Feathering on leg is fine, silky and long.

  13. Feathering on legs below knees and hocks.

  14. Heavy, short feathering is piled high on back and extends wide at sides.

  15. Tall and straight as the larch tree stood The manly form of the brave young chief, And fair as the larch in its vernal leaf, When the red fawn bleats in the feathering wood.

  16. The sculler must especially guard against feathering under water.

  17. By a fresh spurt the Mary is carried beyond her mooring-place; as she passes it her owner for an instant feathering his oars and holding up his hat.

  18. No doubt his laudable object was to spill the tar, in order to gain time for his benefactor, and perhaps postpone the tarring and feathering altogether.

  19. Now, where's yer tar-and-feathering party?

  20. Feathering the Wings--Setting Up the Flier at St. John's, N.

  21. The ear feathering and face fall are finer in quality than the coat, which is exceedingly hard and weather-resisting.

  22. The tan on the cheeks and over the eyes, on the feet and pasterns, should be bright and clearly defined, and the feathering on the fore-legs and thighs should also be a rich, dark mahogany tan.

  23. There should be a slight hairy fringe on the inside of the fore and hind-legs, but nothing approaching to the feathering of a Collie.

  24. All feathering to be as straight and as flat as possible.

  25. The feathering must be only moderate on the ears, and scanty on the legs, but continued down to the heels.

  26. In every case a black muzzle is indispensable, also black points to the ears, with trousers, tail and feathering a somewhat lighter shade than the body.

  27. Legs straight and immensely boned, strong and short, and nicely feathered with straight or waved Setter-like feather, overmuch feathering below the hocks objectionable.

  28. Lower breast cinnamon, sometimes finely barred with dusky; belly somewhat lighter and rosier than that of male; feathering of legs dusky.

  29. One of the finest Occidental Planes I am acquainted with stands in my own garden at Vicar's Hill; where its boughs, feathering to the ground, form a canopy of above fifty feet in diameter.

  30. It may be remarked that the arrows aforesaid were iron-tipped instead of being simply fire-hardened, and in the feathering of each a single plume of the scarlet tanager had been carefully inserted.

  31. The feathering is 6 or 7 inches long, consisting of two, or less often, three feathers.

  32. This tool is used for squeezing the small ends of the feathering into the wood of the arrow shaft close to the nock.

  33. From the beginning of the feathering the stele is gradually flattened above and below to the nock, which is a simple notch almost always 0.

  34. The hindquarters, like those of a collie, should be similarly clad with long hair or feathering from the top of the rump to the hocks.

  35. The feathering on thighs and tail should be very profuse, and it is preferable that it should be of a lighter colour than the rest of the coat.

  36. At the left extremity stands a clump of ancient cedars of Lebanon, feathering in evergreen beauty down to the ground.

  37. How Peter's a-feathering of his geese to-night, to be sure!

  38. For the feathering of the shafts, wild turkey feathers were considered best and used when they could be had, and these were attached to the shaft with deer sinews.

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