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Example sentences for "fined"

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  1. A person who exported fuller's earth, contrary to the King's proclamation, was pilloried and fined 2,000 pounds.

  2. A lord who was accused of converting agricultural land to pasture was fined 4,000 pounds.

  3. The jurors would not convict him, so were gaoled and fined by the justices.

  4. Also, anyone winning or losing ten pounds at one time or twenty pounds within 24 hours shall be fined five times the value of such.

  5. A man who defaced a stained-glass window in a church was fined 500 pounds and ordered to pay for a plain glass replacement.

  6. Crown forest boundaries were arbitrarily extended and landowners near Crown forests were heavily fined for their encroachments on them.

  7. But he was fined 8,000 pounds, one-half going to the King.

  8. Pyrnne was sentenced to be degraded by Oxford and disbarred by Lincoln's Inn, to be fined 5,000 pounds, to be pilloried and to have his ears cut off, and then to be imprisoned for life.

  9. And so easily the commons did swallow his pill, That they fined the poor artist at Calversyke Hill.

  10. The poor man was fined for assault, but Captain Ferrand, who had been disgusted with factory oppression, assisted in taking the case further.

  11. So the governor again threw him in prison, and fined him to a large amount.

  12. So the Cadi was greatly enraged; and ordering Abul Cassim to be brought before him, he accused him of stealing shoes out of baths, imprisoned him two or three days, and fined him.

  13. He was then ordered to find his fugitive brother, whose whereabouts he did not know, and a town in the neighbourhood name E, suspected of harbouring him, was fined 5,000 rods.

  14. Bachelors were fined unless they quickly chose a wife from among the King's girls.

  15. Jes fined him," he said, striving to make light of it.

  16. A drunken Muhammedan was fined five rupees, and a Hindu was ordered to remove his garbage heap before noon.

  17. He was fined a thousand rupees and sentenced to six months in jail!

  18. And certain dissatisfied Masai were fined so many cows and sheep for raiding across the border that they talked of migrating out of spite to German East--but did not do it.

  19. He was fined thirty shillings, and ordered to be admonished by the governor.

  20. I take to mean chewing tobacco rather than smoking it; many men were fined for thus drinking, and solacing the weary hours, though doubtless they were as sly and kept themselves as unobserved as possible.

  21. In a previous chapter we have seen that at Norwich, ale-house keepers were fined for permitting smoking in their houses.

  22. I have been unable to obtain any information as to why a publican should have been fined an additional 10s.

  23. Such a person, I should say, would deserve to be fined and punished by the state far more than the charlatan who without having learnt the art of a sculptor undertakes a contract to carve a statue.

  24. The person addressed must pay letter postage, or the sender be fined five dollars.

  25. The matter was referred to the Queen in Council, and he was ordered to be fined L100, to be disfranchised and turned out of the town.

  26. For this demeanour they were indicted, and Sedley was fined L500.

  27. In fact they invoked curses and proclaimed death as the penalty upon any man who should propose or support such a measure, and furthermore they fined the present malcontents directly.

  28. He was sentenced to be degraded, branded, whipped, fined L1000, and to stand twice in the pillory.

  29. At the very commencement of parliamentary history the shires or boroughs whose representatives did not appear in their places in Parliament were fined L100.

  30. To remedy this evil it was proposed by Strode that any member who stayed away without leave should be fined L50, or expelled.

  31. It was afterwards discovered that he had arranged his arrest so as to elude his financial liabilities, and the indignant House ordered him to be imprisoned and fined L100.

  32. The inhabitants of Westbury were fined L20, and the Mayor was compelled to refund his money.

  33. Bishop of Durham's Palace, was fined L1000, and committed to the Fleet until this sum should be paid.

  34. He was forcibly ejected by the Sergeant-at-Arms, and subsequently fined L500 in the Exchequer Court as a penalty for voting without having previously taken the oath.

  35. Four years later, the printer of "The Times" was fined L100 and sent to Newgate for having dared to call the Earl of Limerick "a thing with human pretensions.

  36. In 1581, another member, Arthur Hall, was fined and imprisoned in the Tower for publishing a book of a slanderous character.

  37. Then, when our lecturers are fined for brawling, we'll instruct them not to pay the fine, but to go to prison for a fortnight instead!

  38. Well, I'm glad they fined him," Lucy said.

  39. We had him ejected, and yesterday he was fined ten shillings in the local police court.

  40. The Recorder on this fined them forty marks a man, and imprisonment in Newgate till the fines were paid.

  41. Penn and Mead were fined in the same way, the Recorder crying out, "Put him out of court!

  42. Do you not know that every head of a family is fined a shilling on every Sunday that he neglects to attend the parish church?

  43. The count de Nevers, having knighted a person who was not noble exparte paterna, was fined in the king's court.

  44. Edward, as the historian informs us, bought in this bad money at a rate below its value, in order to make a profit; and fined some persons who interfered with his traffic.

  45. There was, of course, no suspicion of his complicity with the Royalists, nor of the complicity of many that had been fined £5 or £20.

  46. Guildford used to maintain the piety of its people by requiring that all should attend church and listen to a sermon, or else be fined a shilling.

  47. Da Costa was arrested, kept for several days in prison, at last fined 300 gulden, and his work condemned to the flames.

  48. Both parties were therefore fined by the magistrates.

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