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Example sentences for "fining"

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  1. It means that "the Lord trieth the hearts just as the fining pot tries the silver, and the furnace the gold.

  2. The fining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold, and a man for the mouth of his praise.

  3. The clearing of the juice is sometimes facilitated by fining or adding a small quantity of a substance which coagulates and when settling carries down with it the solid matters causing cloudiness in the liquid.

  4. The materials used in fining are isinglass, white of egg or gelatine.

  5. Another method of fining spiritous liquors, consists in adding to it, first, a solution of sub-acetate of lead, and then a solution of alum.

  6. The raw wine is cleared by fining it with albumen or gelatine and with alum; the latter substance imparting to it great brilliancy.

  7. This latter operation is effected about the commencement of February, and a second fining follows if the first one fails to render the wine perfectly clear.

  8. In any event, the myriads of metaphorical references to fining and purity of gold in the earliest shreds of literature do not carry us much further than do those of Shakespeare or Milton.

  9. Ivory shavings boiled in your wort, or hartshorn shavings put into your cask just before you bung it down, will do much towards fining and keeping your liquor from growing stale.

  10. When this wine is bunged, a quarter of an ounce of isinglass, first dissolved in a little of the warmed liquor, may be stirred in by way of fining it.

  11. When the fining is put into the cask, stir it up with a stick, taking care not to touch the bottom, so as to disturb the lees.

  12. A pint of this fining will be sufficient for a cask of twenty gallons.

  13. At harvest time, he called upon all able bodied persons to assist and punished those who didn't respond by putting them in the stocks or fining them forty shillings.

  14. The rioters were seldom punished more than a fining or whipping of the leaders and action was taken to satisfy their legitimate grievances.

  15. The fining and other goldsmith's tools; 12.

  16. The only part which remains to complete the brewing, is fining the beer.

  17. In a fortnight, add half a pint of fining to nine gallons of the liquor, which will clear it by ascent, if it has been properly fermented.

  18. At the end of two or three months, the sediment collected over the cork, is dexterously discharged; and if the wine be still deficient in transparency, the same process of fining must be repeated.

  19. In fining beer in a barrel laid on its side, if the finings do not make their appearance at the bung-hole, the beer will not become bright.

  20. If the wine be still muddy in the bottles, along with a new dose of liquor, a small quantity of fining should be added to each, and the bottles should be placed again in the inverted position.

  21. The only thing that can be used with advantage for fining foul or muddy beer is isinglass.

  22. It is also much used for fining wines and liqueurs, particularly the red wines and more limpid cordials.

  23. Bullock's blood is used in the same way as isinglass or white of eggs, for fining red wines, beer, and porter.

  24. As the fining pot for silver, and the furnace for gold; so is a man to his praise.

  25. The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but the LORD trieth the hearts.

  26. No library has a right or any need to make a profit out of such a transaction as fining for overdue books, and it would be better to make a uniform charge of 1d.

  27. The king afterwards made all the new judges swear that they would take no bribes; but his expedient of deposing and fining the old ones, was the more effectual remedy.

  28. Sir James Turner was intrusted with the task of dragooning them, by fining and the quartering of soldiers on those who would not attend the curates and would keep conventicles.

  29. Mr. Gregg, the seneschal of the manor, gave an illustration of the working of this fining system.

  30. He does not pretend that he told any one of the Company's servants of his intentions of fining the Rajah; but that some hostile project against him had been formed by Mr. Hastings was perfectly well known to the natives.

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