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Example sentences for "foreshadowed"

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foreseeable; foreseeing; foreseen; foresees; foreshadow; foreshadowing; foreshadowings; foreshadows; foresheet; foreshew
  1. He read it: "Considerations concerning the alleged subterranean holophotal extemporaneousness of the conchyliaceous superimbrication of the Ornithorhyncus, as foreshadowed by the unintelligibility of its plesiosaurian anisodactylous aspects.

  2. Jefferson foreshadowed the judgment to fall upon the land for its sins against a just God.

  3. He could think of but one Providential event adequate to the emergency,--an event foreshadowed by various recent circumstances, but hitherto floating in his mind only as a possibility.

  4. Jacob Bigelow, doubtless, which was the first hint of our rural cemeteries, and foreshadowed that new era in our underground civilization which is sweetening our atmospheric existence.

  5. The result of this appeal was clearly foreshadowed at the time of the assassination of the President, and before the conclusion of the trial of his murderers the cause of the Confederacy had collapsed.

  6. The plea of self-defence was here foreshadowed and it was just the certainty that the defence was going to rely upon it for a verdict which had brought Henry Thresk himself into the witness-box at Bombay.

  7. First, would the ultimate state foreshadowed by the Bolsheviks be desirable in itself?

  8. This is the moment of attention, in which the stimulus undergoes a process of transformation, concomitantly with the process of reorganization in the motor responses, and in the direction of ends or results that are foreshadowed in it.

  9. At the same time great improvements are now foreshadowed in regard to the modes of working mines by shafts and drives.

  10. But in the developments which are now foreshadowed by the advent of acetylene gas the relation will be reversed.

  11. The era of the large electric accumulator of the kind foreshadowed by Prof.

  12. They felt a real apprehension lest their separate States should be lost in the comprehensive national power which seemed to be foreshadowed by the plans at which others were aiming.

  13. I am sorry, but they will prove true,’ quietly replied the performer, and the fact is undoubted that the scenes foreshadowed actually occurred at the outbreak of the French Revolution.

  14. The principles of the Reformation were foreshadowed long before its birth, and already brave men dared to worship in their own way and claimed independence of religious belief.

  15. A revolution ensued in public opinion which filled the Jews with courage, and foreshadowed the triumph of justice.

  16. His explosive revolutionism foreshadowed acute attacks of despair amidst Austrian opportunism, which from time to time became terrified at its own insignificance.

  17. The blow to the whole Bill thus foreshadowed fell like a thunder-bolt on the House, and on no portion of it more severely than on the Government, especially on the Prime Minister.

  18. This was first foreshadowed in his words spoken in the House of Commons on the heroic death of Edith Cavell in September, 1915.

  19. Military exigencies now engrossed all thoughts, and the king's speech, in proroguing parliament on July 31, foreshadowed a new coalition, for which the murder of the Duke of Enghien had paved the way.

  20. A bill framed upon these lines, and remedying some minor abuses, was introduced by Althorp on April 17, having been foreshadowed in the speech from the throne, and carefully matured by the cabinet.

  21. The good results therein foreshadowed have been more than realized.

  22. Decrees in application of the foreshadowed reforms have already been promulgated.

  23. The Duke had realised the strength of that new power which was arising in England, the power of the middle classes, the traders, and herein he foreshadowed the subsequent commercial policy of the first Yorkist King.

  24. Her last days in England foreshadowed the glories of her life in India.

  25. The words foreshadowed a revival of the Three Emperors' League, which actually took place three years later.

  26. Events in the Balkan Peninsula foreshadowed a great European war, and it seemed that in the event of Europe's being divided into two hostile camps, Italy might have the honour and the advantage of regulating the balance of power.

  27. Hyrum Smith that morning, before leaving Nauvoo, and in spite of an assumed cheerfulness, had also left evidence that the fate awaiting himself and brother at Carthage had been foreshadowed in his mind.

  28. So even Vondel's Romanism, of which much will be said farther on, might thus be considered as foreshadowed and inherited.

  29. It has all along, as in every tragedy, been foreshadowed by circumstances big with fate.

  30. The events which followed were not only of great moment in the affairs of that country, but foreshadowed others which seemed to involve the fate of Europe and of Christendom in the outcome of the Mahometan advance.

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