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Example sentences for "foreshadowing"

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foreseeing; foreseen; foresees; foreshadow; foreshadowed; foreshadowings; foreshadows; foresheet; foreshew; foreshewed
  1. His declaration, coming from a leading member of of the Cabinet, was certain to be accepted by the public as a foreshadowing of governmental action.

  2. His declaration, foreshadowing a policy that did not pertain to his own department, and, more especially, that had not yet received Cabinet approval was in itself an offence against the traditions of British Cabinet organization.

  3. To his excited imagination it appeared but the foreshadowing of a still more fearful fate in store for himself.

  4. The work was "one of the most grand and daring feats of foreshadowing that art has bequeathed, and may be considered as the first illustration of that science which Mantegna and Correggio further developed" (Kugler).

  5. In that book his grandfather and father are represented as foreshadowing the greatness of their descendant.

  6. In this foreshadowing interval too, all humor, forced or natural, vanished.

  7. Strangely his foreshadowing of change did not hold a thought of the killing of Tull.

  8. His mystic suggestion, his foreshadowing of something that she was to mean to him, pierced deep into her mind.

  9. Perhaps these tastes were a foreshadowing of her future destiny, and prepared her for it.

  10. It is "attested by the Law and the Prophets"; countless lines of prediction and foreshadowing meet upon it, to negative for ever the fear of illusion, of delusion.

  11. There is no other personage in human history, himself a moral miracle, heralded by a verifiable foreshadowing in a complex literature of previous centuries.

  12. Thus were their pencils' finest excellences A promise and foreshadowing of this, The image of Our Lady, which in heaven Received its colors.

  13. It was the Epiphany, the day of light; and it seemed as if the soft sunlight that shone in that pretty room and rested on the fragrant flowers was to me the foreshadowing of a renewed life and happy future.

  14. Our Lord Himself has laid His hand upon it, and claimed it as a faint foreshadowing of what He is.

  15. So, then, the fleeting vision was a transient revelation of a permanent reality, and a faint foreshadowing of the true communication between heaven and earth.

  16. It is not arbitrary forcing of the gospel into the history, but simply the recognition of the essence of the history, when we see in it a foreshadowing of our great High-priest.

  17. Is not this fulfillment intended as an awful foreshadowing of eternal verities: if He has "spared not the natural branches," thinkest thou He will spare thee?

  18. This tendency of British seamen to take employment in colonial ships is worthy of note, as foreshadowing the impressment difficulties of a later day.

  19. About the time of his departure for Malden, Prevost had received from Foster, late British minister to Washington, and now in Nova Scotia, letters foreshadowing the repeal of the Orders in Council.

  20. His fee was to be quadrupled if his atrocious information proved correct; so dear is the mere foreshadowing of ill news to vaunting ambition and quaking imposters.

  21. The first step of progress is the separation of these; the fiery particles ascending above, and not only producing light, but the revolution of the heavenly bodies--a curious foreshadowing of the nebular hypothesis of modern astronomy.

  22. The prophet, who was in so many points a foreshadowing of the gospel type of excellence, was the first to show the right way to conquer.

  23. The majority was over two to one, thus clearly foreshadowing the enfranchisement of the negro in the insurrectionary districts.

  24. To me the restfulness of a little village, with its cots nestling among the drowsy trees in a warm summer day, is a foreshadowing of the rest of heaven.

  25. The crisis of 1847 did not break out without much foreshadowing to prudent men, but to the Rev.

  26. The three days' loss, and the separation when He left His home at Nazareth, had been a foreshadowing of this.

  27. In court XVI we have a foreshadowing of the áš­armah scheme.

  28. The effect produced is almost Gothic, a foreshadowing of the clustered piers of Armenian churches.

  29. This vessel was only kept going a short two years, for in June, 1872, she was paid off, thus foreshadowing the subsequent disappearance of her consort, a year later.

  30. This foreshadowing was, as we shall see, only too literally fulfilled.

  31. Fox and Kane, it seemed to the hunter in his reflective foreshadowing of events at White Slides, were destined to play most important parts.

  32. It was the cloud in his mind, the foreshadowing of his soul, the prophetic sense of like to like.

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