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Example sentences for "gaiter"

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gair; gairden; gais; gait; gaited; gaitered; gaiters; gaits; gaja; gaki
  1. Just as you like," assented his brother, strapping the gaiter loosely round the limb again.

  2. Dennis had the gaiter undone in a moment, and Bob writhed as his brother felt the injured limb.

  3. Turning the gaiter over in his dark hands, he meekly assented.

  4. I shall not ask you to refund the sixpence; but I have brought a prunella gaiter of my own which needs stitching, and I shall expect you to do it, without extra charge, if you wish to retain the patronage of my household.

  5. This is all silly nonsense you'm talking," declared Mr. Shillabeer, strapping up his gaiter again.

  6. Then he walked to the fire, removed his right gaiter and rubbed his huge leg where the strap had pressed too hardly upon it.

  7. One of the party, a gentleman of veracity, had his gaiter unbuttoned while sitting in the circle.

  8. He added, "My gaiter was new, and buttoned tightly.

  9. He said, "The hand that held my foot was icy cold, and the nimble fingers that unbuttoned the gaiter were burning hot.

  10. When the fateful hour arrived for the hurling of the Ultimatum, in very deed "not a gaiter button" was found wanting on their side; and every fighting man was well within reach of his appointed post.

  11. Blue over-skirt over tunic, petticoats wid tattin' at de borders, red stockin's and gaiter shoes.

  12. I wore red stockin's and my foots was stuck in soft, black, cloth, gaiter shoes.

  13. When the sad truth became known, the French wits said that his statement was literally correct, for there was not a gaiter in store.

  14. Le Bœuf was the capable and well-informed Minister of War who stated in the Assembly that France was thoroughly prepared for the field--"not a button on a gaiter was wanting.

  15. At the door, brilliantly polished, stood a pair of buttoned gaiter boots, the heels decorated with small glistening brass spurs.

  16. My white feather was a badge of noble patriotism; my gaiter boots fitted a foot that has been an object of encomium with every shoemaker who has been honored by taking its measure--to say nothing of a glance given it by imperial eyes.

  17. The woman shook her sugar-scoop bonnet at me, mournfully, and said something about a wicked and perverse generation, as if all mankind were standing in my gaiter boots, and she was rebuking it in a lump.

  18. If not used as a gaiter it is useful for many other purposes, and especially is it considered well to wind it round the abdomen as a cholera belt, for the soldier has great faith in anything in the way of a belt.

  19. A gaiter on one leg and a puttie on the other was not considered to be in any way demode.

  20. Do I advertise for lodgings; and after much inspection of rooms, and wear and tear of patience and gaiter boots, make a final selection?

  21. Julia being soundly sleeping at the head), one gaiter off and one gaiter on, somewhat after the manner of 'my son John' so renowned in history.

  22. To get a congress-gaiter off the foot without using the hands is quite easy; but how to get one on again, those members not being employed to do it, would puzzle most people.

  23. The cord should be slack, and that will admit of the gaiter coming off.

  24. It is not difficult to do, however, if a cord has been attached to the strap of the gaiter and tied to the leg above the calf.

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