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Example sentences for "glens"

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  1. They have proved themselves apt pupils, and to-day you will see in the glens of the Berg and in the plains Kaffir tillage which is as scientific as any in Africa.

  2. To be near the hills, to smell their odours, to see at the head of the glens the lines of the plateau where were white men and civilization--all gave me new life and courage.

  3. After that there was the climbing of them, for at the point opposite where I now stood the Berg does not descend sharply on the plain, but is broken into foot-hills around the glens of the Klein Letaba and the Letsitela.

  4. They held musical processions and conducted concerts in remote glens and on unfrequented heaths.

  5. They tarried there till the strength of a good omen came and a favourable portent, till sunshine filled the glens and slopes and heights and watch-towers of the province.

  6. Then were their numerous droves of swine driven from woods and shelving glens and wolds.

  7. And Cypris went on her way through the glens of Olympus to find her boy.

  8. There are several glens and waterfalls in the vicinity of the hotel, numerous walks leading to views of mountain scenery, and drives through solitary glens.

  9. He was going to pay a visit, he said, to all the glens and outlying hamlets in the parish, and as the people were sure to ask him the important question, he wished to have the proper answer direct from the minister himself.

  10. Nor on thy dun deer, bounding free, From Etive glens to Morven.

  11. The mountains were lofty and steep, composed of a coarse species of red granite, but cultivated to the very tops, and the villages built in their glens were singularly romantic.

  12. Several of the inhabitants who had escaped these attacks were afterwards seized by the Mandingoes, as they wandered about in the woods, or concealed themselves in the glens and strong places of the mountains.

  13. The M’Gregor’s glens were Glenurchay, Glendochart, and Glenlyon.

  14. A more unearthly noise I never heard, as it echoed and re-echoed through the rocky glens that surrounded us.

  15. The same gathering of the deer, but on a far larger scale, may be seen in the glens near the centre of Sutherland, hard by the banks of Loch Naver.

  16. As we came down the glens to Kalychet,--the gold of the evening faded in front of us, and left us in soft sweetly-scented darkness.

  17. The winds were laid, the air was still, The stars they shot alang the sky; The fox was howling on the hill, And the distant echoing glens reply.

  18. His gear may buy him kye and yowes, His gear may buy him glens and knowes; But me he shall not buy nor fee, For an auld man shall never daunton me.

  19. The winds were laid, the air was till, The stars they shot along the sky; The tod was howling on the hill, And the distant-echoing glens reply.

  20. How high we were upon that moor we did not realise until we came to the verge of one of the beautiful Glens of Antrim and saw, nestling away below us, the spires and roofs of Cushendall.

  21. Most of them cover some long-dead MacDonnell--they were all MacDonnells, in the old days, who lived in the Glens of Antrim.

  22. The larger glens constitute the "cloughs" so famous in local legend, and the names of which recur so frequently in Lancashire literature.

  23. One cannot complain that the country here lacks attractions--there are many famous excursions to the lochs and glens and one of the most delightful is the ten-mile drive to Glen Affrick, which may be taken from Beauly.

  24. There are drives galore to glens and resorts and you will not be permitted to forget the cemetery, in which every citizen of the town seems to take a lugubrious pride.

  25. But it at length yielded, and the waters in the glens resumed the courses which they pursue to-day.

  26. He visited Glen Roy, surveyed the surrounding neighbourhood, and pronounced, as a consequence of his investigation, the barriers which stopped the glens and produced the parallel roads to have been barriers of ice.

  27. This flow from the south would be reinforced from the west, and as long as the supply was in excess of the consumption the glaciers would extend, the dams which closed the glens increasing in height.

  28. But the great collecting ground of the glaciers which dammed the glens and produced the parallel roads, were the mountains south and west of Glen Spean.

  29. When the barrier blocking the glens had been so far removed as to open this col, the water in Glen Roy would sink to the level of the second road.

  30. Adhering to the facts now presented to us, it is not difficult to restore in idea the process by which the glaciers of Lochaber were produced and the glens dammed by ice.

  31. Surely after this," says a commentator, "the McPhersons and McGregors of our Highland glens need not hesitate to claim as Scotch cousins the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula.

  32. I remained quite still in this mouldering hut looking out on the glens where fell the sunlight.

  33. I had not thought the taste for dreary mountains and black glens had extended to the Continent.

  34. Snow and darkness clotted in the clefts of the valleys opening innumerably on the sea, but the hills held up their heads and thought among the stars--unbending and august and pure, knowing nothing at all of the glens and shadows.

  35. In fact, the mighty granite mass is girdled by an investiture of fair glens and smiling villages, which make the circuit of it a succession of some of the brightest pictures that England can anywhere present in the same compass.

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