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Example sentences for "godlessness"

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  1. The godlessness that is to be found on every hand!

  2. The godlessness of the men and women that are called by the name of God!

  3. If Christian people allow vice and godlessness to riot unchecked, they will not escape the contagion, in some form or other.

  4. We cannot allege that the same close connection between godlessness and national disaster is exemplified now as it was in Israel.

  5. The experience of the fruits of their godlessness will make godless men wish to escape eating the fruits--and that wish shall be vain.

  6. But no sooner was the danger over, which had somewhat bridled the godlessness of these bad men, than they returned to their old courses, with cursing and foul language.

  7. We had, besides, felt some misgivings in our hearts on account of the godlessness of the person who was to conduct us.

  8. But if I say to him: help me to take the pharaoh's treasures from the priesthood, he calls that godlessness and the quenching of light in Egypt.

  9. Pride and godlessness infested the city, and prepared it for doom, as soon as it again gathered strength to rise to heaven.

  10. Scientific godlessness formularises this tendency into a system, and proclaims that laws are everything and God a mere algebraical x.

  11. Godlessness cannot be remedied when it adorns itself with the appearance of holiness 225.

  12. Godlessness never wishes to be godlessness, but chases after a reputation for piety and religion; and trims its cult so finely that in comparison with it the true cult and the true religion appear coarse.

  13. Say, rather, my son, that it comes of the godlessness and extortion of Phoenicians," interrupted Queen Nikotris.

  14. The voice of complaining but devout remonstrance is singularly like the voice of arrogant godlessness (vv.

  15. He was among the first thinkers of Europe to overcome the pessimism which godlessness generally brings in its wake.

  16. His ideal, the Superman, lends him the cheerfulness necessary to the overcoming of that despair usually attendant upon godlessness and upon the apparent aimlessness of a world without a god.

  17. Every eye shall see Him,' but it is conceivable that a spirit shall be so immersed in self-love and in godlessness that the vision of Christ shall be repellent and not attractive; shall have no transforming and no gladdening power.

  18. The Apostle has been describing in very severe terms the godlessness and corruption of heathenism.

  19. For God's wrath is revealed, from heaven, upon all godlessness and unrighteousness of men who in unrighteousness hold down the truth.

  20. Are there no European societies at this day that in their godlessness and social iniquities are hurrying fast to the condition of carrion?

  21. But again, from that council-chamber of Absalom and its results we learn how all projects founded on godlessness and selfishness carry in their bosom the elements of dissolution.

  22. And that head of the nation had been signally favoured by God, and had been exalted in room of one whose selfishness and godlessness had caused him to be deposed from his dignity.

  23. Instead of turning Judah from her sins, they were the promoters of the godlessness that spread through the land.

  24. For forth from Jerusalem’s prophets Godlessness starts o’er the land.

  25. Nor canst thou prove that thou hast received any authority to change them, much less to accuse others of heresy or disregarding thy arrogance; rather dost thou deserve to be charged with the crime of godlessness and despotism.

  26. Of the Schools in particular he woefully exclaimed that it would perhaps be better to have none than to have “such haunts of godlessness and vice.

  27. So great is the godlessness of those of rank that one was not ashamed to boast of having begotten forty-three children in a single year; another asked whether he might not take 40 per cent interest per annum.

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