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Example sentences for "grappled"

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graphophone; graphs; grapnel; grapnels; grapple; grapples; grappling; grapplings; graptolites; grasp
  1. That explains why you looked as if you were literally thirsting for gore when you lunged into the room and grappled with Thornton.

  2. They grappled and fell, and, as the other lads were trying to pull them apart, there came a great shout that announced the race was over.

  3. A naval action between the Turks and Russians took place, and while two of the leading ships of each party were grappled together, they took fire and blew up, carrying destruction and death to all around.

  4. He received the blow on his arm, grappled with the assassin, and throwing him on the ground despatched him with his own dagger.

  5. The explosions and the cannonading had much lulled the wind; the boats which had ventured inside the boom had again nearly reached it, when one of the enemy, which had driven on shore, was seen to be grappled by a fire-ship.

  6. The fatal hand had grappled with the mystery of life, and was the bond by which an angelic spirit kept itself in union with a mortal frame.

  7. Still keeping hold of the fair prize, they grappled fiercely at one another's throats.

  8. Combatants grappled and wrestled in deadly efforts to cast each other from the steep and sheer ledges.

  9. At the rear of the salon Thisbe has grappled Pyramus and is being pulled to the head of the stairs; at the head, Beatrice, with undaunted front, concealing a sinking heart, defies Benedick.

  10. The watermen, who manned the larger wherry, immediately shipped their oars, grappled with the drifting skiff, and held it fast.

  11. Francis I zealously renewed the war, grappled with the Swiss in the desperate battle of Marignano in such sort as to get them to come to terms, and compassed the sovereignty of Milan.

  12. The two Protestant republics thereupon grappled like two worrying dogs; and for their first ostensible victory the English Parliament publicly thanked God as unctuously as for any of the victories of the Civil War.

  13. The men in the boats cut a long piece out of the first cable, stowed it away for safety, and then grappled for the next.

  14. The second cable was finally cut, and the third, a smaller one, was grappled and hoisted to the surface.

  15. Captain Decater having grappled a Tripolitan boat, and boarded her with only fifteen Americans, in ten minutes her decks were cleared and she was captured.

  16. The Frenchman had grappled the second mate, who was a mere lad, by the throat, thrown him across the heel of the bowsprit, and was apparently determined to strangle him to death.

  17. The suspense was of short duration, for the Frenchman was quickly alongside, and grappled to the merchant ship.

  18. As soon, therefore, as it was light, they rushed out upon the camp, cast hurdles into the ditch, attacked and grappled the palisade.

  19. He gave a spring, and grappled with Peter, throwing his arms about Peter's neck.

  20. Yet this was the man who had grappled an angry tiger but two hours before and had brought it to lick his hand.

  21. Swift on her part she paid him back with grisly grasp, and grappled with him.

  22. With a volley from her broadside the citadel she woke, And they hammered back like heroes all the night; But before the morning broke she had vanished through the smoke With her prize upon her quarter grappled tight.

  23. And grappled with death as a man that knows not doubt.

  24. Just what they were, or how they were to be applied, was another matter; but Constance grappled with the problem as ardently as if no one had ever before attacked it.

  25. I lost my grip and was gone when he grappled me.

  26. He turned to run for his valuable life, but too late; the monster was upon him, it grappled with him, it hung on, and the pair rolled in the dust together.

  27. He grappled with Nickie, and the two seesawed towards Schmitz's hotel.

  28. Directly he came in sight, the giantess rushed forward, grappled with him, and threw him to the ground.

  29. At the king's bidding, she grappled with the aroused Thor.

  30. From the point of view of society, any attitude of shame is unfortunate, because it is absolutely essential that these diseases should be met in the open and grappled with methodically and thoroughly.

  31. The said auditor in his flagship attacked the corsair's flagship with great gallantry and resolution, and grappled it.

  32. It grappled his flagship on the port side, sweeping and clearing the decks of the men on them.

  33. Called thereafter by the Khedive to succeed Sir Samuel Baker in the Governorship of the Sudan, he grappled earnestly with the fearful difficulties that beset all who have attempted to put down the slave-trade in its chief seat of activity.

  34. The political problems were grappled with one by one, and were trenchantly solved.

  35. His father ran to meet him and grappled with him.

  36. At once the Dalmatian grappled with him in a fierce struggle.

  37. The divers grappled each other in an octopuslike duel.

  38. Bud and Mel had the advantage of surprise, and soon pommeled and grappled their foes into submission.

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