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Example sentences for "hairbrush"

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hainous; haint; hair; hairbrained; hairbreadth; haircloth; haircut; haird; hairdresser; hairdressers
  1. I'd have been all right even then, but as luck would have it, the hairbrush that I had thrust into my manly belt dropped with a horrid clatter on the hardwood floor.

  2. Henrietta laid her hairbrush down deliberately and started leisurely toward the door.

  3. The whole family took her hairbrush and used it for a clothes brush, and she thinks for a shoe brush when she was down-town.

  4. She had removed the famous striped silk and applied her hairbrush to both sides of her head after dipping it (the hairbrush, not her head) in water.

  5. Tied it to Ray's hairbrush and threw it at the feet of a young man who was going by.

  6. There were few things that were available, and she finally selected a heavy hairbrush as the best.

  7. I threw the revolver at Simon and the hairbrush at Macgregor.

  8. I'm so glad to have a hairbrush that I feel as if I ought to frame it.

  9. Oh, yes--I need my hairbrush and my bathing suit.

  10. After a toilet as careful as the absence of a razor and a hairbrush would permit, he found his way to the common room.

  11. This queer conglomeration of trash consisted of everything from a hairbrush to a 77-millimeter enemy gun.

  12. But when he took off his cap the hairbrush dropped from his nerveless fingers.

  13. Her manner was so affable that he failed to notice her piercing eyes fixed upon him, nor did he realize how much a young man's aspect can betray after twenty-four hours without water to wash in, as well as without hairbrush or razor.

  14. If so it was uttered too softly for him to be obliged to take note of it, so that he merely picked up a hairbrush and put another touch to his hair.

  15. Screwing a circular hairbrush to the thread of a collapsible tube, he sank back on his haunches.

  16. Madame Patoff's thick gray hair was streaming down her back and over her shoulders, and she held a hairbrush in her hand, as though the fit of walking had come upon her while she was at her toilet.

  17. Madame Patoff remained standing, the hairbrush still in her hand.

  18. It was after Arline had gone to her room and Manley had returned to the "office" that Val suddenly picked up her hairbrush and, with an impish light in her eyes, began to pile her hair high upon her head.

  19. Now you love each other pretty, right away, or I'll take the back of the hairbrush to you both!

  20. You make up and love each other pretty right away, or I'll take the back of the hairbrush to you both!

  21. As he put the candle down upon the bureau he saw her hairbrush lying there.

  22. The smell of that little hairbrush was talismanic.

  23. Katherine, fishing her hairbrush out of the water pail.

  24. It gave her no small thrill of pleasure to write that note and tuck it under Hinpoha's hairbrush on the table: "Gone on a long hike with Mary Sylvester; won't be back until bed time.

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