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Example sentences for "herrings"

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  1. They say the same things every Spring, but when they want to buy herrings they deal with the Swedes, who sell more cheaply than the Bornholmers.

  2. And the spaces between the cobble-stones were foul with the scales of herrings and the guts of codfish, and the lower portions of the walls were covered with patches of green moss.

  3. The boys confined themselves to the herrings and the lard; the soup they did not use except to fish about in it.

  4. It was getting on for evening; in the little houses there was already a fire in the grate; one could hear it crackling at Builder Rasmussen's and Swedish Anders', and the smell of broiled herrings filled the street.

  5. The Herrings be much like them that be caught on the English coasts.

  6. Is it true, also, that the herrings have been seduced by the English, and that they no longer pass near our coasts?

  7. Is it true that all the herring fishermen of Boulogne are thieves, who buy herrings caught by the English and pretend to have caught them themselves?

  8. I am a prey at the present moment of the herrings which the seals of Boulogne have stirred up to torment us, and I am expecting the Maronites to finish us.

  9. They decided he should buy two smoked red herrings and a cent's worth of crackers, and these were what Jim brought back after he had been gone so long that Pony thought he would never come.

  10. They divided the herrings between them, and they each had two crackers and three apples, and they made a good meal.

  11. At any rate, a number of the herrings will have only a small portion eaten off them.

  12. Yet I have seen four herrings lying about a newly-hatched chick, which were quite fresh and almost untouched, but headless.

  13. Thus at one nest, in the neighbourhood of which (but this means often a considerable space of ground) forty-one herrings or their remains were lying, only ten retained the head or any part of it.

  14. The herrings lying about the nest, and which have thus been recently disgorged for the second time, look almost as fresh and clean as if nothing peculiar had happened to them.

  15. With regard to the occasional absence of the head, perhaps this is sometimes cut off in catching the fish, or before it is swallowed, which may also have been the case with the herrings brought by the great skuas to their young.

  16. But that the bird disgorges the herrings for the young ones after the manner of gulls generally, and does not carry them in its beak or claws, which is contrary to their practice, there can be no doubt.

  17. The fishing vessels were just coming in, having caught about 300 barrels of herrings during the night.

  18. The bay is at that time frequented by upwards of a thousand fishing-boats and the take of herrings in some years amounts to more than a hundred thousand barrels.

  19. The greater part of the meat required for winter's use was killed and salted down at Martinmas, while stockfish and baconed herrings were provided for Lent.

  20. The magazine of salt is opened, the cooper rummages among the barrels, and the men in the boats grow impatient; they cry out that they are going to begin, and the first herrings are shot upon the floor.

  21. Sometimes the fishing was best after it had been declared that the herrings had spawned and gone out to sea.

  22. Moneyed strangers, who bought and cured herrings on their own account, shipping them off by thousands of barrels in the spring season, began to appear.

  23. The floors and steps are wet and slippery with brine and with the blood of herrings dripping down from one floor to another.

  24. With the exception of the official class, and of the few families that lived upon pensions or dividends, there was a feeling of joy over all the town when the herrings arrived.

  25. They know that the herrings have come during the night, and they see the harbour swarming with vessels, and the town astir with business.

  26. They are soon supplied with short, sharp knives, and they proceed to clean the herrings with great rapidity.

  27. They also accompany shoals of herrings and other small fish, often congregating with other species in countless numbers.

  28. Never in the world did pickled herrings or turpentine smell so powerfully as on that night when we re-entered the house.

  29. The herrings remain in this state until they are sufficiently dry, that is to say, about twenty-four hours.

  30. There are two prevalent methods of preserving herrings, and fishmongers sell them under the denominations of salted herrings and red herrings.

  31. Herrings were unknown in Greece and Rome.

  32. It is said that we owe the art of salting and barreling herrings to a Dutch fisherman, named William Beuckels, who died in 1449.

  33. There the herrings are placed in barrels, where they are artistically arranged one over another, with fresh salt between each layer.

  34. They are constant attendants on the large quantities of herrings and pilchards that frequent our coast late in autumn.

  35. When Herrings run, which is in March, the Flesh of such of those Bears as eat thereof, is nought, all that Season, and eats filthily.

  36. The Herrings in Carolina are not so large as in Europe.

  37. Cormorants are very well known in some Parts of England; we have great Flocks of them with us, especially against the Herrings run, which is in March and April; then they sit upon Logs of dry Wood in the Water, and catch the Fish.

  38. I have also herrings and a piece of skate which have been preserved for the same time.

  39. The herrings had been kept in an open vessel exposed to the air ever since the day they were put into the liquid, and therefore it was not surprising that they had lost their flavor.

  40. The herrings by millions, and thousands of millions, were at play around us, leaping a few inches into the air, and then falling and disappearing, to rise and leap again.

  41. When he got the door open, he did not stay long in the room, but ran out, and the herrings and pottage came after him, and it streamed out over both farm and field.

  42. So they began to straggle homeward, but when they had got a little way up the hill they met the herrings and pottage and bread, all pouring forth and winding about one over the other, and the man himself in front of the flood.

  43. So the mill began to grind herrings and milk pottage, and first all the dishes and tubs were filled, and then it came out all over the kitchen-floor.

  44. His purchase of herrings completed, Mr. Tinman walked across the mound of shingle to the house on the beach.

  45. Herrings were soon after this despatching their odours through the chimneys of all Crikswich, and there was that much of concord and festive union among the inhabitants.

  46. He will tell the deep-thinking saw-pit voters how it has been charged against them that they were only independent once a year, and that was when herrings run up the Santee river.

  47. Herrings and other fish, simply dipped in the acid and afterwards dried in the shade, were effectually preserved, and, when eaten, were found very agreeable to the taste.

  48. Entire loads of cheeses or herrings are pitched from cart or canal-boat into the warehouses without a word; but the passer-by must take his chance of being pelted, for a Dutchman seldom looks before or behind him while engaged at work.

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