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Example sentences for "despatching"

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despatch; despatched; despatcher; despatchers; despatches; despayre; desperado; desperadoes; desperat; desperate
  1. Dunmore shortly afterwards, despatching the remnant of his followers to Florida and the West Indies, retired to the North, and thence returned to England, where he continued to exhibit himself an untiring opponent of America.

  2. Adair, still believing that all was right, continued his course, eager to reach the island, and to arrange for despatching the two dhows to the port of adjudication; though he had no doubt that they both would prove lawful prizes.

  3. He was on the point of despatching another boat, when the look-out man from the signal-station reported that a dhow was in sight coming across from the mainland.

  4. The commander intends running down the coast, and then despatching all the boats which can be spared to look into the creeks and harbours, and other hiding-places in which any slavers are likely to take shelter.

  5. The Earl of Surrey despatching a herald to bid the Scots king battle, the lord-admiral sent him word, at the same time, that he was come in person to answer for the death of Sir Andrew Barton.

  6. He acquitted himself of the duties of the chase as became a true Pharaoh, for we find him depicted in the act of seizing a lion by the tail and raising him suddenly in mid-air previous to despatching him.

  7. Riding all night, he reached Utrecht about four o'clock next day, thence despatching a messenger to Colonel Wood, he himself returned to Helpmakaar.

  8. I acquainted your Excellency, however, with our intention of despatching that ship, supposing you might possibly have something to send by her.

  9. The correspondences and associations in England distress the Ministry very much; and, if the war continues and they should not be very successful, it seems likely, that they would save us the trouble of despatching them.

  10. Serious losses of life and property have been caused by the delays in despatching the trading ships from Manila; the governors should be compelled to send them at the favorable season.

  11. Aubrey felt as if he should exceedingly have enjoyed despatching Mr Roland Burgess to the Caucasus, or Cochin-China, or any other inconceivably remote locality.

  12. After despatching his business he ordered his coach, and took his prisoners home with him to Holt Castle.

  13. From a carven chest on one side of the room she brought dry raiment for them all, despatching her boys first to their room with it while she stopped the Phoenician for a moment with an apology.

  14. Babylon tottered before his weary mental vision; and finally, inexpressibly heavy-hearted with it all, he sat down to eat his chilled supper, at the same time despatching a slave for Khamma.

  15. Despatch of the ships leaving here this year I am despatching these ships before the arrival of the others, to the very great inconvenience of the entire country.

  16. While making this observation, Davie was despatching the “ragoo” with a satisfaction which showed how completely he had overcome his insular prejudices.

  17. Going thence to Rome to preside at the elections, he used all expedition in despatching that business.

  18. Canning accordingly contented himself with despatching a naval squadron to the Tagus to act as a moral support to the king.

  19. Not a moment was lost in despatching 5,000 troops to Portugal.

  20. Dined at home, and then up to my chamber again about business, and so to the office about despatching of the East India ships, where we staid till 8 at night, and then after I had been at Sir W.

  21. So after having taken an oath or two of Mr. Lewes and Captain Brown and others I returned to the office, and there sat despatching several businesses alone till night, and so home and by daylight to bed.

  22. Under the manual block the year before, the Erie's train-despatching was by written train-orders sent by telegraph.

  23. With never more than a single train upon the line at one time, there would be no danger of collision, no necessity of a despatching system, while the method of operation would be simplicity itself.

  24. Thus Adelaide closed her note; then sealing and despatching it, she returned to the bedside of her little niece.

  25. He was so sudden and rough, that Wegg, who had been hovering closer and closer to his skirts, despatching the back of his hand on exploring expeditions in search of the bottle's surface, retired two or three paces.

  26. After despatching this second bolt with a still greater expenditure of force, Bella laughed and cried still more.

  27. After despatching to Cornwallis a message asking for aid, Ferguson took up his camp on King's Mountain, just south of the North Carolina border line, in the present York County, South Carolina.

  28. To show the strain on a man's mind when he is despatching trains, let me tell a little incident that happened to me just in the beginning of my career as a despatcher.

  29. Copying with no responsibility was dead easy; but despatching trains I found about the stiffest job I had ever undertaken.

  30. The despatching for this branch was done from my office, and when we wanted anyone there Bentonville would cut us through.

  31. It is located at the division headquarters, or any other point, such as will make the despatching of trains and attendant orders of easy accomplishment.

  32. Ay intrusted with the onerous duty of selecting a certain number of casks of the best growths, and despatching them, carefully sealed, to the cellars of Whitehall, Greenwich, and Richmond.

  33. The merchant buying it had to pay another 75 francs to the ferme before despatching it to the consumer.

  34. The royal repasts at La Muette, Marly, and Choissy were, however, enlivened with wine from the Champagne; for we find Bertin du Rocheret in 1738 despatching thirty pieces of the still wine to M.

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