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despairful; despairing; despairingly; despairs; despatch; despatcher; despatchers; despatches; despatching; despayre
  1. This he despatched against Constantinople, while at the same time his nephew Nicetas led a large body of horse along the African shore to invade Egypt.

  2. Till sunset he worked faithfully, sent out scouts, despatched letters, inspected pickets himself, examined the informants brought in; but with the first star even fiddles were heard in his quarters.

  3. Caliph Abubeker despatched Khaled, "the Sword of God," with a large force to capture Yemaumah.

  4. For some years she defied the Islamites; but at last Zeid, one of the principal Moslem leaders, was despatched to seize her castle.

  5. Charles of Blois entered Brittany, captured Rennes, and despatched a force, commanded by Prince Louis of Spain, to besiege Hennebonne.

  6. The French generals resolved now to make some great effort for the relief of Orleans; and ten thousand men, commanded by St. Severre, Lahyre, and the veteran Dunois were despatched to its aid.

  7. In 1643, while awaiting a siege at Lathom House, Lancashire, his family mansion, the earl received intelligence that Parliament had despatched troops to annex his miniature kingdom, the Isle of Man.

  8. Philip de Valois, King of France, decided the dispute in favour of Charles, and despatched a large army to establish him in the capital.

  9. Vitruvius relates that the Rhodians, indignant that a woman should reign over Caria, despatched a fleet to Halicarnassus to dethrone Artemisia.

  10. The marquis was furious when he discovered the flight of his court-painter, and he despatched soldiers in pursuit.

  11. In August, 1643, Parliament despatched Sir William Earle with a strong force to reduce Corfe Castle, the family residence of Sir John, in the Isle of Purbeck.

  12. On the 25th of April, Colonel Rigby despatched a peremptory message, demanding the surrender of Lathom House immediately.

  13. With the death of Odenathus ceased that authority granted him as a personal favour by the emperor and senate of Rome; and Gallienus despatched an army to dethrone Zenobia.

  14. No sooner had the pilot boat departed, than the commodore at Deal despatched two boats to endeavor to board the ship.

  15. After this, a vessel was despatched to the wreck of the Medusa, to carry away the money and provisions; after beating about for eight days, she was forced to return.

  16. He despatched the smaller of the two boats to the north of the port to set fire to the vessels, whilst he led the remainder of the party to the more hazardous duty of securing the fort, which was situated on a hill to the south.

  17. It would not seem that the miniature was actually despatched now, but as his return was so long delayed, the birthday plot had to be divulged.

  18. The captain of the port despatched a vessel for Shelley's boat.

  19. We despatched a boy on horseback for him; he promised to wait for us at the next village; we walked two leagues in the expectation of finding him there.

  20. I then went to sleep, and now awake at 11, and having despatched my breakfast as quick as possible, mean to devote the interval until 12, when the post departs, to you.

  21. On reaching the station we packed the sheep into three open trucks, so close that they could not jump out, and despatched them to Worcestershire, whither they would arrive about noon the following day.

  22. It is a wonderful sight to see them being despatched by tram at the Evesham stations, loaded sometimes loose like coals in the trucks for the big preserving firms in the north.

  23. A man of a prompt and active mind had readily appreciated the promptitude and activity of the lad; and his business had been despatched as readily as circumstances permitted.

  24. A messenger was then chosen for his swiftness of foot, and despatched at once to the point where the English army first landed.

  25. Spirit-babies are usually despatched to Waddahgudjaelwon and sent by her to hang promiscuously on trees, until some woman passes under where they are, then they will seize a mother and be incarnated.

  26. I must tell you further, that a person despatched by my uncles to Egypt, on purpose to inquire for me there, passing through this city found me out last night, and delivered me a letter from them.

  27. As soon as the council broke up, the new king was proclaimed through the city, rejoicings were appointed for several days, and couriers despatched over all the kingdom, to see the same ceremonies observed with the usual demonstrations of joy.

  28. Five years later he went to Holland, as chaplain to the English ambassador, Sir Dudley Carleton, who despatched him to Dort to report upon the proceedings of the synod then sitting.

  29. Gyges soon became a favourite of Sadyattes and was despatched by him to fetch Tudo, the daughter of Arnossus of Mysia, whom the Lydian king wished to make his queen.

  30. All that Sunday and all the Monday the task proceeded, and during this delay parties were despatched to ravage.

  31. At Lisieux two Cardinals who were despatched to offer terms met King Edward and proposed this arrangement to complete the war: that he should have the Duchy of Aquitaine upon the same tenure as his ancestors had held it.

  32. I have despatched him with the vicar and two well-filled hampers to Holy Island, where I mean that we shall all picnic.

  33. And so I have despatched Beattie, your grandfather's man.

  34. I drove the carriage home, and then despatched Steinitz with instructions to keep a strict watch on any movements from the house, and particularly to follow Minna should she leave the house.

  35. Asseliers, had been despatched on a special mission to France, for the purpose of arranging a treaty with the Duke.

  36. Letters of similar, import were also despatched by the Duke to the states of the Union, while to the Prince of Orange; his application was brief but brazen.

  37. A general consultation was, however, immediately held with the estates-general, and an answer forthwith despatched to the Duke by the hands of his envoys.

  38. While matters were in this condition, a special envoy arrived out of France, despatched by the King and Queen-mother, on the first reception of the recent intelligence from Antwerp.

  39. The Abbot of Saint Vaast was immediately despatched on a special mission to Spain, and the troops, by midsummer, had already begun to pour, into the Netherlands.

  40. With this last resolution the House rose, having sat seventy-five days, and despatched their business swiftly.

  41. The two kings, when they heard this, despatched the cardinals to quicken his movements; and the demand for the tenths is thought to have been invented to frighten him.

  42. Bennet, Henry's able secretary, who had been despatched from England to be present at the conference, wrote to report the result of his observations.

  43. Late at night the party encamped within something like a mile of Piqua; and by daylight a warrior was despatched to convey intelligence of their approach, their prisoners, and the sad disaster they had experienced on their journey.

  44. Our party next proceeded to examine the wounded bull, which was still bellowing with rage and pain; and having carefully approached and despatched him with their knives, they found that the ball of Boone had entered a vital part.

  45. The Abbot's kindness had despatched him thither upon pretence of placing some papers belonging to the Abbey in safety and secrecy; but in reality to prevent his witnessing the triumph of his brother.

  46. These papers for which you are now despatched contain a secret correspondence between a great personage and some of the most distinguished generals of the Republic.

  47. My mother had the misfortune to make a still more fatal blunder; for, seeing him in what she pardonably enough believed to be a livery, she took him to be a menial, and actually despatched him to her carriage to fetch her fan!

  48. We were despatched to Brest to garrison the prison, and hold in check that terrible race who are sentenced to the galleys for life.

  49. On the fourth day after I despatched this, came a letter in reply, the handwriting, style, and appearance of which were all superior to what I had expected.

  50. This I despatched on a Tuesday morning, and it was not until the following Saturday that I obtained my reply.

  51. I wrote as she bade me, and despatched the letter.

  52. No sooner had MacNaghten conducted her to the library than he set out himself in search of Fagan, having despatched messengers in all directions on the same errand.

  53. And her bags were brought down, and she was despatched to the right station without more delay.

  54. While we were at the Luxembourg Bonaparte despatched Duroc on a special mission to the King of Prussia.

  55. General Bonaparte despatched a vessel with sick and-wounded, who were supposed to be incurable, to the number of about eighty.

  56. While we were at Cairo, a few days before we heard of the landing of the Anglo-Turkish fleet, and at the moment when we were on the point of setting off to encamp at the Pyramids, Bonaparte despatched a courier to France.

  57. This individual stepped out for a moment and despatched his servant with the note to Ouvrard.

  58. At midnight I despatched orders to all the troops to march towards the points specified.

  59. In the evening he was in person at Froidmanteau, whence he despatched his envoy to Marshal Marmont.

  60. The First Consul almost invariably read their contents himself; he then despatched some business, and sat down to table just as the clock struck nine.

  61. As soon as he arrived at Cairo, in a letter he despatched to Desaix, he said: The time has now arrived when disembarkations have become practicable.

  62. It was Bonaparte who offered the money, which, however, he did not send; it was he who despatched Augereau; and he who wished for the triumph of the Directorial majority.

  63. In view of all this, it was with no easy mind that O'Neil despatched Appleton to the front, and it was with no small responsibility upon his shoulders that the young engineer set out in charge of those wooden boxes of dynamite.

  64. Therefore, a certain plausible, shifty-eyed individual by the name of Linn was despatched to Omar on the first steamer.

  65. Quite a number of the passengers seemed disposed to accept this offer, and the boat was accordingly lowered; and Joe, with two other sailors, were despatched to row it ashore.

  66. Illustration: "Joe and two others were despatched to row it ashore.

  67. At the head of a lane running down to the open space, they had paused to make preparations for any enemy that might lie in their path, and Dick Elliott, as we have seen, was despatched ahead as a scout, to report signs of danger.

  68. With that he whipped out his knife, and despatched the wriggling creature by cutting off its head.

  69. Here Chippy despatched the trout by a sharp tap behind its head, delivered with the handle of the tomahawk, and the boys gloated over their prize.

  70. All went as usual until about eleven o'clock in the morning, when Chippy was despatched to deliver four or five small bags of fish at the houses of customers who lived within easy reach.

  71. During this year news came to me that my father was dead and the Wazir despatched a courier, with letters bearing the royal sign manual, to fetch me the money which my father had left behind him, and now I am living in all the solace of life.

  72. As soon as the Wazir drew near Shah Zaman's court in Samarcand he despatched to report his arrival one of his high officials, who presented himself before the King; and, kissing ground between his hands, delivered his message.

  73. At the same time he despatched Blair with two divisions to drive the enemy from Tuscumbia, where, under Stephen Lee, they were five thousand strong.

  74. Miceo, a sub-chief and friend of Wild Cat, was despatched with a white flag, on which were drawn clasped hands in token of friendship, with a pipe and tobacco.

  75. During the night Hardee despatched Lee’s corps to look after the safety of Atlanta, so that but a single rebel corps was found opposed to our army on the morning of September 1st.

  76. Commodore Porter had despatched a steamer, announcing the defeat at Fort Fisher.

  77. I instantly despatched a staff officer to General John A.

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