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  1. In its heyday the Rio Grande Southern Railroad had a spur from Telluride that passed through and reached the mill under stoutly built snow sheds.

  2. During its heyday St. Elmo was a little hub, having in addition to its railroad, toll roads west to Tin Cup, north to Aspen and south to Maysville.

  3. It was the heyday of particularism, of craft unionism complete.

  4. At the time when this conversation took place in Judge Stone's office, the Bunkers were in the heyday of their bad eminence, and while they were operating a good way off, there was some terror at the mention of their name.

  5. Why do you linger and fritter away the heyday of life, when you might skirmish around and win some laurels?

  6. A coarse instance of this latter is supplied when he entered the town of Corrientes in the heyday of Artigas's power.

  7. It shows Artigas in the heyday of his power, yet even then hard put to it to supply his men with clothes and the common necessities of life.

  8. Then we see in the heyday of youth and poetry that it may be true, that it is true in gleams and fragments.

  9. After interviews have been compassed with long foresight we must be tormented presently by baffled blows, by sudden, unseasonable apathies, by epilepsies of wit and of animal spirits, in the heyday of friendship and thought.

  10. But their spiritual and intellectual wealth is not bounded by these limits; and they have left us, after the close of their independence, more to think out and to understand than other nations have done in the heyday of their greatness.

  11. In its heyday Brambletye must have been a very fine place.

  12. The under-current forces, which determine our own civilization of to-day, are in a general way the same forces which were at play during the heyday of Persian literary production.

  13. But nothing came that could in any measure equal the heyday of the great poets.

  14. This was also the heyday of the through freight lines which were now operating from every important western centre.

  15. From small beginnings in 1877, the Trunk Line Association under Albert Fink was in its heyday of activity.

  16. This was also the heyday of the fraudulent construction company, already so ably utilized by the builders of the Pacific roads.

  17. As a speaker on public platforms, in the heyday of the ten-pound householder and the middle-class franchise, he was peculiarly in his element.

  18. It witnessed the very heyday of the infamous Star Chamber.

  19. The great body of citizens, it is needless to say, favored the rigid maintenance of order and the protection of life and property; but it was the very heyday for the lawless and vicious element of all parties.

  20. The heyday of the Canadian sailing ship was the third quarter of the nineteenth century.

  21. This was Hormazd, the Persian, the former confidant and counsellor of Marozia, in the heyday of her glory.

  22. There are other churches in the neighbourhood of Brussels which date wholly or in part from the period during which the architecture of Brabant attained the heyday of its glory.

  23. The one great ecclesiastical power in that province, where no bishop had his See, was monasticism, and when the burgher was in the heyday of his magnificence monasticism was spiritually and temporally at a low ebb.

  24. Another man, then in the heyday of popularity and fame, was doomed to a yet sadder close to his meteoric career.

  25. The latter took up the work as many a volunteer in the Civil War began it--in a sort of heyday of excitement and achievement.

  26. But I was in the very heyday of life, and had no wish ungratified.

  27. It was impossible to be a Vestal, in the heyday of Rome's Imperial times, and not meet and know the Empress of Rome.

  28. Yet as written in the heyday of his passion for Lesbia, and largely inspired by that passion, it has, along with an Alexandrian superfluity of ornament and illustration, many beauties of expression and feeling.

  29. The words in the last of these-- Nam unguentum dabo, quod meae puellae Donarunt Veneres Cupidinesque-- show that they were written in the heyday of his passion.

  30. This old highroad in its heyday presented the most romantic and appealing features of the earlier frontier life.

  31. In the heyday of the cowboy it was natural that his chief amusements should be those of the outdoor air and those more or less in line with his employment.

  32. Let us lay the lesson of these to heart, and forbear to enter into any such lists as theirs for life or death; but, while we are yet in the heyday of our strength and fortune, shake hands in mutual amity.

  33. For a man to prove faithful to his friends in the heyday of their good fortune is no great marvel; but to prove steadfast when his friends are in misfortune--that is a service monumental for all time.

  34. L'Illustre Gaudissart is a story of 1832, the very heyday of Balzac's creative period, when even his pen could hardly keep up with the abundance of his fancy and the gathered stores of his minute observation.

  35. Well, then; in the heyday of youth, under the pressure of penury, what have you done?

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