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Example sentences for "humouring"

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humorously; humors; humour; humoured; humouredly; humourist; humourists; humourous; humourously; humours
  1. Well, make yourself at home," the Tenor said, humouring him good-naturedly.

  2. Opposition irritates them, and humouring such dreadful propensities submissively only confirms them.

  3. Indeed I do," I emphatically rejoined, humouring her in the hope of learning what I wished to know.

  4. You have always had good reasons for your acts," she said, humouring his whim.

  5. Instantly almost she recovered herself, and fixing eyes now full of tenderness and pity upon her son, resumed her upright attitude, and continued her former plan of humouring him.

  6. And, besides, your modern ship which is a steamship makes her passages on other principles than yielding to the weather and humouring the sea.

  7. They want humouring in handling; and if you mean to handle them well, they must have been humoured in the distribution of the weight which you ask them to carry through the good and evil fortune of a passage.

  8. Although he was in a desperate hurry he knew the best way to succeed would be by humouring him.

  9. Yes, for a long time," replied Glen humouring her.

  10. The task of the elder Pitt was simple compared with that of humouring and spurring on five inert and yet jealous Allies.

  11. Humouring her, Theophil raised her and packed up the pillows at her back.

  12. But the King would not be budged, because of the treasure which had been left behind, and the Admiral had reasons of his own for humouring him.

  13. Every night I wept myself to sleep when I slept at all, and if it had not been for Sir William's goodness--he was like a father to a dying child, and cheated me out of the death for which I so longed by humouring me.

  14. In humouring a joke he was excellent, both in letters and talk; and for this kind of enjoyment his least important little notes are often worth preserving.

  15. The humouring was a little difficult, however; and such indications of a droop in his invention as presented themselves in portions of Bleak House, were noticeable again.

  16. Sorry, Mr. Grig," Lilian apologized briefly and with sham humility, humouring the male in such a manner that he must know he was being humoured.

  17. Yes, there are three or four," said she humouring him.

  18. A short reprieve," said Hemsworth, humouring the ruffian jest, and he pitched his purse into the fellow's hand.

  19. As I was humouring my self in the Speculation of these two great Principles of Action, I could not forbear throwing my Thoughts into a little kind of Allegory or Fable, with which I shall here present my Reader.

  20. Our British Gardeners, on the contrary, instead of humouring Nature, love to deviate from it as much as possible.

  21. Tinker quickly, with an infuriating show of humouring her.

  22. Yes, yes, of course," said Tinker, humouring her again.

  23. In an invalid chair beside the fire sits their host, a vaporous hypochondriac, who has passed his existence in humouring imaginary ills on a diet of sago and doctor's stuff.

  24. The chamber of the invalid is surrounded by trophies and relics, and apparatus implying a diversity of tastes, and the means of humouring them.

  25. Both consuls then vied with each other in humouring the commons.

  26. Not daring openly to oppose his wishes, they set about mitigating his ardour by humouring it.

  27. So, indeed, are most members of the artistic tribe, and it is only by treating them and humouring them as children that one can get them to work at all.

  28. He did not conceal his contempt for the multitude, and had not the tact needed for humouring it, any more than for managing the House of Commons.

  29. And so you would be rid of him,' said Lizzie, humouring her.

  30. Vanderbank spoke with the manner of humouring her about a trifle.

  31. There could have been no better proof than Vanderbank's expression, on this, of his having mastered the secret of humouring without appearing to patronise.

  32. This must be closely regulated, or the surface worked upon will not be even but torn; hard woods, as before observed, require humouring and working down gently.

  33. The saw should be fine, in good condition, and gently used, or the line made will be ragged, ebony being brittle and splintering stuff, requiring some humouring in this respect.

  34. But his motor ran sweet and true: humouring it, coaxing it, he contrived a little longer to hold his own.

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