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  1. To avoid irregular and idiomatic forms in the earlier stages.

  2. Thirdly, memorize the irregular or idiomatic phenomena of the language.

  3. To include irregular and idiomatic forms even in the earlier stages.

  4. The coincidence of construction is too little, the community of idiomatic thought too remote, for the boy's mind to catch at the idea, by force of that preestablished harmony which exists among most modern tongues.

  5. I have retained the idiomatic expression of the original, raised himself, instead of saying rose, because it seemed to me to give the more grand and deliberate image.

  6. They were opposed by the Virgilian predilections of Pulci's friend, Politian, who had nevertheless universality enough to sympathise with the delight the other took in their native Tuscan, and its liveliest and most idiomatic effusions.

  7. From this cause it will be sometimes found that an exactly literal translation will be more idiomatic than another.

  8. For the purpose of advancing towards a more correct and idiomatic knowledge of the Maori, I have found, and do daily find, its assistance quite invaluable.

  9. There are, however, cases in which we think a more correct and idiomatic form might be adopted; viz.

  10. Because, being idiomatic phrases, a knowledge of them is of great importance to the composition of elegant Maori.

  11. His style is equally different from Richardson's: it is at times the most rapid, the most happy, the most idiomatic of any that is to be found.

  12. The language, too, is literary, and less idiomatic than Sacchetti's.

  13. Yet the student of Italian, eager to know what speech was current in the streets of Florence during the last half of that century, will value Sacchetti's idiomatic language even more highly than Boccaccio's artful periods.

  14. Alberti's Economico, though it is more idiomatic than the rest of his Famiglia, betrays the Latinisms of a scholar.

  15. I met him, a few days later, he must have been struck by the sudden warmth of my friendship--the quick idiomatic cordiality of my French to him.

  16. Equability of tone is best attained by the exclusive use of familiar and idiomatic words.

  17. An English translation ought to be idiomatic and interesting, not only to the scholar, but to the unlearned reader.

  18. But great care must be taken; for an idiomatic phrase, if an exception to the general style, is of itself a disturbing element.

  19. These, accustomed to writing in Latin, sometimes in verse, and yielding a superstitious homage to the mighty dead of antiquity, thought they ennobled their native language by destroying her idiomatic purity.

  20. It is admirable for its comic delineations of character, the management of the plot, and the liveliness of its idiomatic dialogue.

  21. But it must be admitted that the familiar idiomatic tone of Amyot was better fitted to please than to awe, to soothe the mind than to excite it, to charm away the cares of the moment than to impart a durable emotion.

  22. The following examples show the further use of them in connection with Nouns and Verbs, and in some idiomatic expressions which do not always admit of being literally rendered in English.

  23. It was an exceptionally well-expressed blue-book, in idiomatic English, and it revealed an unusual appreciation of Tennyson's delicate and sure felicities of speech.

  24. German literature, than Cobbett's sinewy idiomatic English proves it in English literature.

  25. Frequently upon his request the best orchestral players came to the Altenburg, and he asked them about their instruments, their nature, and whether certain passages were idiomatic to them.

  26. Following up the principle of grouping the tones, I applied the rhythmic process not only to all sorts of scale passages, but included in the treatment arpeggios, broken chords, octaves, and in fact all passages idiomatic of the pianoforte.

  27. This is true of all of his concerted works; but his weak point is manifested in his pianoforte compositions, especially in the sonatas, which are not idiomatic of the instrument for which they were written.

  28. It is, in fact, in poetry, or rather in popular ballad poetry, that the nervous and idiomatic vernacular of the people is usually preserved.

  29. The translation, however, is stiff and literal to a fault, violating idiomatic usage and the proper order of words in its strict adherence to the Latin.

  30. He made many alterations in the Matthew Bible, characterized by critical acumen and a happy choice of strong and idiomatic expressions.

  31. This Revised or Later Version is in every way a readable, correct rendering of the Scriptures, it is far more idiomatic than the Earlier, having been freed from the greater number of its Latinisms; its vocabulary is less archaic.

  32. The power of nicknaming is a school-boy gift, which no discouragement of parents and guardians can crush out, and which displays thoroughly the idiomatic faculty.

  33. We refer to the prevalent habit of idiomatic speech as a fact that makes part of our literature.

  34. I have been favoured with a photographic copy--which I hasten to transcribe with the idiomatic and orthographic modifications I have thought fit to observe in all such cases, for the greater ease of the general reader.

  35. He writes an idiomatic Swedish which, in a sense, is not reproducible in another language.

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