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  1. Even Schuppel, whose investigations and conclusions lead in the direction of an idiopathic origin, admits that the only primary element is the tuberculosis, which finds its cause in some peripheral irritation.

  2. The duration of the affection in idiopathic cases varies, as the rule, from four to seven days, counting from the first appearance of the local lesion to the complete repair of the succeeding ulceration.

  3. Aphthous stomatitis may be either idiopathic or symptomatic, discrete or confluent.

  4. Unlike purpura variolosa and idiopathic purpura haemorrhagica, this variety appears to be free from danger.

  5. In idiopathic paralysis, the local or special affection to which it is due being curable, the prognosis is favorable, especially if the paralysis be confined to the oesophagus.

  6. The prognosis of idiopathic enteralgia is favorable, the disease generally terminating after a variable period.

  7. Sudden or prolonged exposure to atmospheric changes, to cold and moisture, as when working in damp and wet localities, is often the apparent determining cause in {360} both the idiopathic and deuteropathic varieties.

  8. Axenfeld considered idiopathic facial convulsions hopeless from the point of view of treatment.

  9. We are not attracted by Kocher's idea of assigning it to an "idiopathic spastic neurosis," preferring to ally it to tics of the tonic variety.

  10. He describes the condition as one of "idiopathic spasm"--probably a species of tic.

  11. We may mention the convulsive seizures of idiopathic epilepsy only to dismiss them.

  12. Marshal Hall[7] gave an account of various tonic facial convulsions to which Valleix refers as non-dolorous tics or idiopathic convulsions of the face.

  13. An obsession may be of idiopathic origin, or it may be causally connected with some particular incident, sensation, or emotion.

  14. Glossy skin, general idiopathic atrophy of the skin, parchment skin, atrophic lines and spots, senile atrophy, and the atrophy following certain cutaneous diseases.

  15. A removal of the cause in idiopathic rashes is all that is needed, the erythema sooner or later subsiding.

  16. As an idiopathic disease its course is insidious and slow, and its progress eventually stayed.

  17. The idiopathic rashes, as inferred from the nature of the causes, are usually limited.

  18. What cases of chloasma are included in the idiopathic group?

  19. As an idiopathic affection it is looked upon as of a rheumatic origin.

  20. By atrophy of the skin is meant an idiopathic or symptomatic wasting or degeneration of its component elements.

  21. For the idiopathic disease little, as a rule, can be done; repeated shaving or cutting the hair has, in exceptional instances, been followed by favorable results.

  22. In idiopathic premature alopecia, the prognosis should be extremely guarded.

  23. In the idiopathic class, if the cause is continued, dermatitis may result.

  24. Describe general idiopathic atrophy of the skin, and give the treatment.

  25. Here, again, we are confronted with the fact that the peroneal element of the great sciatic nerve is the more prone to idiopathic inflammations or toxic influences, and hence we can only assume it to possess a special vulnerability.

  26. With regard to the question of selection; the same nerves that appear particularly liable to suffer from idiopathic inflammations, toxic influences, or to be the seat of ascending changes (e.

  27. Cataract may be idiopathic and uncomplicated, or traumatic, or secondary to disease in the deeper parts of the eye.

  28. This idiopathic cataract mostly occurs in old people; hence the term senile cataract.

  29. An idiopathic uncomplicated cataract is also met with as a congenital defect due to faulty development of the crystalline lens.

  30. Of these, eight of the idiopathic cases either did not return after the first visit or else were not under observation sufficiently long to offer a fair test.

  31. Idiopathic epilepsy; had his first spell when five years of age; averages one paroxysm daily.

  32. Cases showing the frequency of the occurrence of Follicular Ulceration in the Mucous Membrane of the Intestine during the progress of Idiopathic Fever, with Dissections, and Observations on its Pathology.

  33. This heightened state of reflex action has its analogue in hydrophobia as well as in idiopathic tetanus.

  34. The reprint was a translation of a brief article by Rahtjen “On the Etiology of Idiopathic Anemia,” translated from the Centralblatt für Bakteriologie Parasitenkunde und Infektionskrankheiten.

  35. It seems probable, therefore, that those who have thought this collection of blood an appearance belonging to idiopathic hydrothorax, have mistaken for it the secondary hydrothorax produced by diseases of the heart.

  36. This accumulation of blood in the lungs has, by some writers, been considered as an appearance belonging to idiopathic hydrothorax.

  37. Idiopathic dropsy of the pericardium may, perhaps, produce some symptoms similar to those of organic disease of the heart; but it appears to be an uncommon disorder, and I have had no opportunity of observing it.

  38. It seems not unlikely that the underlying cause of so-called idiopathic insanity is usually some change within the brain cells.

  39. A very interesting feature of epilepsy for confessors and spiritual directors is the tendency to religious emotionalism which so often accompanies what is called idiopathic epilepsy.

  40. The most frequent form of idiopathic insanity is melancholia.

  41. It is in these idiopathic insanities, then, that the careful observation of the clergyman is of special significance.

  42. The mental diseases that are of special interest in this respect are the so-called idiopathic insanities.

  43. Idiopathic diseases are those that have come of themselves, that is, without ascertainable cause.

  44. Idiopathic is a word we medical men use to conceal our ignorance of the cause of disease.

  45. I have always seen idiopathic tetanus preceded by premonitory symptoms.

  46. Idiopathic tetanus arises from exposure to damp or cold, or from the irritation of worms in the alimentary canal.

  47. You say that no case of idiopathic tetanus has come under your notice?

  48. In my judgment the symptoms in the case of Mr. Cook could not be referred either to idiopathic or traumatic tetanus.

  49. Of those cases it was doubtful in one whether the disease was idiopathic or traumatic--the wound was so slight and the symptoms so obscure, that it was difficult to decide which it was.

  50. Except that in all such cases there is some lesion, the symptoms are precisely the same as those of idiopathic tetanus.

  51. I did not know your question applied to idiopathic tetanus alone.

  52. It will be a question of great importance whether, in your judgment, they correspond with natural, that is, with traumatic or idiopathic tetanus, or with any other disease whatever.

  53. It is not tetanus at all; not idiopathic tetanus.

  54. But then it is suggested that this may be a case of idiopathic tetanus proceeding from--what?

  55. Death from idiopathic tetanus is, according to my experience, very rare in this country.

  56. I agree with the last witness in his distinction between idiopathic and traumatic tetanus.

  57. I have never seen a case of idiopathic tetanus, although I have been surgeon to the London Hospital for twenty-two years.

  58. But, in truth, idiopathic means in a general sense “unaccountable.

  59. I cannot feel, however, that it adds a great deal to our knowledge of epilepsy, that is, of idiopathic epilepsy.

  60. There are accordingly more idiopathic epilepsies than there are idiopathic or "functional" psychoses, if the data of gross anatomy form a reliable index.

  61. The treatment of idiopathic epilepsy is principally directed to the improvement of the general health, and the diminution of nervous irritability by sedatives and tonics.

  62. Idiopathic cough is not considered dangerous in itself, or while running its regular course, but it is often productive of most serious consequences, by superinducing the inflammation of some organ, or laying the foundation of phthisis.

  63. A clear case of idiopathic or spontaneous hydrophobia has never yet been known to occur in the human subject.

  64. The alteration in the expression, the pain in the ear, the difficulty in moving the jaw and in swallowing, are as constantly present here as in idiopathic mumps.

  65. It has always, in my practice, been tedious, as all empyemas are, and it does not differ in its clinical history from the idiopathic disease.

  66. Authors have in general assigned different causes to the forms of erysipelas hitherto regarded as either idiopathic (or medical) or traumatic (or surgical).

  67. The accumulation, he continues, may be either idiopathic or symptomatic, and either general or local; occurring only under two forms, the one being of greater intensity that the other.

  68. When ascites is an idiopathic affection, it may proceed from all the common causes of inflammation.

  69. Whenever the excitement, producing hydrothorax, is idiopathic and independent of an organic disease of the lungs, heart, &c.

  70. This form of the disease begins in the lower extremities, and is rarely attended with strong signs of local excitement so obvious in anasarca of the idiopathic kind.

  71. Hydrocephalus may occur, either as an idiopathic or symptomatic affection.

  72. Like hydrocephalus, hydrothorax may be idiopathic or symptomatic; and proceed from a local or general cause--the nature of the inflammation being the same in both cases.

  73. Strychnine: the evidence, which is doubtful, seems to show that it is beneficial in chronic and idiopathic tetanus: should be given only in a full medicinal dose.

  74. Strychnine: in idiopathic epilepsy and especially in pale anemic subjects; not if there is any organic lesion.

  75. Begg of Dundee successfully performed quadruple amputation on a woman, the victim of idiopathic gangrene.

  76. Within the last year Collings has reported a case of idiopathic rupture of the heart in a man of fifty-three, who had always lived a temperate life, and whose only trouble had been dyspepsia and a weak heart.

  77. They only resemble the disease known as idiopathic tetanus.

  78. This was a case, whether of idiopathic or traumatic tetanus, in which it was sought to prove that death was caused by bruises on the body.

  79. Idiopathic dysentery would be its proper name—a special disease originating in itself, one single malady, one single suffering.

  80. I quite agree with you that it was not idiopathic tetanus.

  81. The great weight of evidence seemed to show that Cook’s was not a case of idiopathic any more than it was a case of traumatic tetanus.

  82. One of the cases of idiopathic tetanus that I have seen was my own child.

  83. Tetanic convulsions have been divided in later times into two specific branches of tetanus—idiopathic and traumatic.

  84. I have known cases of idiopathic tetanus, where the first paroxysm was in bed.

  85. Thirdly, the similarity of the symptoms in the case to those of cases of traumatic or idiopathic tetanus of late occurrence, to be described by the doctors who had attended them.

  86. Idiopathic tetanus may occur from a cold (see a case of Dr.

  87. I do not believe that death in the case of Mr. Cook arose from what we ordinarily call tetanus—either idiopathic or traumatic.

  88. The proportion of cases of idiopathic neuralgia in which this treatment succeeds is, according to Benedikt, very large.

  89. To be sure, one observes an idiopathic chronic endo-arteritis in many abdominal arteries of the horse, which, however, never exhibits indications of atheromatous degeneration.

  90. Idiopathic atheroma, as seen in man, does not occur any more in the horse than in the other domestic animals.

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