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Example sentences for "immunisation"

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immovably; immoveable; immoveably; immune; immunes; immunities; immunity; immunization; immunize; immunized
  1. This antineurotoxic power is easily obtained by employing cobra-venom for the fundamental immunisation of the horses destined for the production of the serum.

  2. By the ordinary methods of immunisation it is possible to obtain a very active antilysin.

  3. Therefore the Act made no special provision for inoculations, injections, and the whole study of immunisation of animals and men against disease.

  4. The preventive use of the tetanus-antitoxin, for the immunisation of human beings or of animals, has given excellent results.

  5. These cases of tetanus in the United States from toy-pistol wounds are so frequent, that immunisation has been recommended for them.

  6. He began in 1889, under Pasteur's guidance, to study the immunisation of animals against the cholera-bacillus.

  7. The immunisation of the rabbit against the Diplococcus pneumoniæ may be instanced as an example of the general methods of immunisation of laboratory animals.

  8. The further study of the pathogenetic powers of any particular bacterium involves the active immunisation of one or more previously normal animals.

  9. As an illustration of the practical use to which Koch's gall immunisation method may be put in dealing with outbreaks of rinderpest, reference to a recent report furnished by the Health Officer of Shanghai may be of interest.

  10. Calmette for the immunisation of his horses consists of a mixture of colubrine and viperine poisons, the former making up about 80 per cent.

  11. Immediately on this second series of dairies becoming infected it was resolved to apply the gall immunisation method of Koch as being the means at hand.

  12. Both variolation and vaccination may be described as active immunisation by means of an attenuated form of the specific virus causing the disease.

  13. The immunisation is prophylactic, not remedial, and its action takes effect five or six days after the second vaccine has been injected.

  14. Artificial immunisation generally produces the formation of so great a quantity of fixators that the phagocytes are unable to retain them and excrete them in part in the ambient humors, i.

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