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Example sentences for "abates"

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  1. The fact that the same legislature passed afterward a resolution, though by no means unanimously, that Congress does not possess the power, abates not a tittle of the testimony in the first resolution.

  2. The fact that the same legislature, passed afterward a resolution, though by no means unanimously, that Congress does not possess the power, abates not a title of the testimony in the first resolution.

  3. With careful treatment and no exposure to cold, the renal catarrh abates with the decline of the scarlet fever.

  4. The rheumatism, if mild, usually abates in a few days without medication, and the affected joints require only some soothing lotion and support by a bandage.

  5. A moderate amount of tumefaction may disappear by resolution, but if it be considerable it seldom abates in this way, but by the tedious and exhausting process of suppuration or gangrene.

  6. Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by doubling our joys and dividing our griefs.

  7. If there be any music here, I trust it will not fail, like notes Of May-birds, when the warning year Abates their summer-wearied throats.

  8. The arm is frequently much inflamed, and vaccinating other children from it abates the inflammation, and thus affords relief.

  9. It is grateful and refreshing, it is pleasant to take, it abates fever and thirst, it cleanses the throat and tongue of mucus, and is peculiarly efficacious in scarlet fever; as soon as the fever is abated it gives an appetite.

  10. Age abates the vigor of the executive faculties, and old people manifest not only bodily infirmities, but the relaxing and enfeebling influences proceeding from the lower portions of the brain.

  11. The pain is sometimes lessened by walking, lying on left side, or by gentle pressure, and usually abates after eating, but is renewed in a few hours.

  12. He is now in the height of the fit, and as soon as it abates he must have sulphate of quinine.

  13. Written with asperity and passion, they have the force and vivacity of passion, although their intense conceit and personality very much abates the reader's pleasure.

  14. Thus envy is a passion altogether different from hatred, seeing that what abates the one pains and exasperates the other.

  15. The countenance sinks, and assumes a leaden hue; the pain abates suddenly; the eyes are glassy; the tumour becomes flaccid, and is often livid and emphysematous.

  16. Their contents become coagulated, and their coats thickened; in the end, the swelling abates and the vessels are closed.

  17. The Swooning ceases, or at least, considerably abates in these Cases, as soon as ever the Vomiting commences.

  18. Hours, which checks the Putridity and abates the Fever.

  19. The Swelling of the Face abates in Proportion to the scabbing and drying up of the Pustules; and then the Hands are puffed up prodigiously.

  20. Their Drink should be such as allays Thirst, and abates the Fever; such as dilutes, relaxes, and promotes the Evacuations by Stool, Urine and Perspiration.

  21. This is so much the Work of Hell; the Pleasure in the Possession of us Wenches, abates in proportion to the Degrees we go beyond the Bounds of Innocence; and no Man is gratified, if there is nothing left for him to debauch.

  22. It aggravates the Evil to him who suffers, when he looks upon himself as the Mark of Divine Vengeance, and abates the Compassion of those towards him, who regard him in so dreadful a Light.

  23. Even in the more violent attacks the intense suffering abates somewhat on the second or third day.

  24. The fever abates and the animal gradually improves in appetite; he takes more notice of things around him; his spirits improve; he has a general appearance of returning health, and he lies down and rests.

  25. That which cools, or abates heat or excitement.

  26. Who cheapens life, abates the fear of death.

  27. Ha, blood is it drips nor abates "From thy wringing a cloth, late was lavendered fair?

  28. It stops bleeding, both inward and outward, helps cankers, and all fretting sores and ulcers; it abates the heat of choler, thereby preventing diseases arising from choleric humours.

  29. The roots of both these sorts of Fern being bruised and boiled in Mead, or honeyed water, and drank, kills both the broad and long worms in the body, and abates the swelling and hardness of the spleen.

  30. For the fever, give him ten grains of quinine three times a day for two days and gradually diminish the quantity until the fever abates entirely.

  31. Perhaps after his fever abates somewhat he may regain his equanimity, but to me it looks as if his mind will always be unbalanced.

  32. The engorgement is often considerable at first, but soon subsides, and the suppuration usually abates in the course of a few days.

  33. A proverbial expression among seamen between the tropics, where the sea is soon raised by the wind, and when that abates is soon smooth again.

  34. A Cornish term applied when the surf abates its fury for a short space.

  35. When the inflammation abates it recovers its contractile power.

  36. On the advent of the joint affection the discharge usually continues as it was, although it often abates somewhat.

  37. The choleriform diarrhoea abates and the case becomes one of ordinary summer complaint.

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