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adaptation; adaptational; adaptations; adapted; adaptedness; adapters; adapting; adaption; adaptive; adaptiveness
  1. On the other hand, the adapter of the morality structure to tragic purpose would perhaps fail to derive anything from Seneca except his bombast and sensationalism.

  2. Robert de Borron is mentioned, but as a thirteenth century adapter of earlier prose versions; the Grand St. Graal is placed towards the middle of the thirteenth century.

  3. The adapter is placed on the camera in its proper position by opening a slide clamp attached to the camera, fitting the side of the adapter into the slot away from the clamp and pushing it down flat into the opening.

  4. The unexposed films remain in the film pack adapter with the slide in and may be used later.

  5. Don't try to slide the adapter into the opening from the top.

  6. If all of the films have not been exposed the slide is replaced into the adapter and the film pack removed from it in a darkroom, as previously stated.

  7. The film pack adapter will hold a pack of 12 sheets of film, and accordingly, will permit the taking of 12 pictures.

  8. When the last tab has been pulled out, the pack can be removed from the adapter in daylight.

  9. The adapter is locked in position by closing the clamp.

  10. Further, the film pack is made so that it may be loaded into the adapter in the open light.

  11. Thus before the mass fifty men [sic: but an error of the French adapter for five hundred] were baptized.

  12. This is another instance in which the French adapter adds an explanation to the Italian, thus explaining the Italian term garbino, “southwest.

  13. These reveal Shakespeare undisguisedly as an adapter of plays by other hands.

  14. It was not as the myriad-minded dramatist, but in the restricted role of adapter for English readers of familiar Ovidian fables, that he first impressed a wide circle of his contemporaries with the fact of his mighty genius.

  15. The adapter is the metallic device that holds the booster and fuse and fastens them in the shell.

  16. French fuses were carried separately, and the adapter and the booster casing were screwed permanently into the shell.

  17. At one of the last rehearsals, Fawcett, the stage manager, inquired of the adapter if he had written a prologue?

  18. On the removal of a full super, this double adapter will be found useful, as any impediment can be removed by passing between the two boards a knife, or some fine wire.

  19. If a double adapter is in use, it is easy to insert a slip or two of tin or zinc between the two boards, so as to keep them a little separated, for the passage of air, when it seems necessary.

  20. In moving the first super, the upper half of the double adapter can be lifted with it, first introducing between them a piece of zinc or tin, to stop the communication with the stock-hive.

  21. He had at this period, as we have seen, won a firm footing as an actor, and had made himself not only useful but popular as an adapter of old plays and an independent dramatist.

  22. The adapter is human, and he wants some work to do-o-o.

  23. She is a bit flighty, according to our notions, and inclined to regard the wedding ring as a huge joke, but she is really humorous, and with a clever adapter has possibilities.

  24. Sometimes he takes his adapter with him to see these French plays.

  25. The poet-adapter sets forth his ideas of love in an elaborate prologue.

  26. Had Boethius lived in a greater epoch, he might not have been an adapter of an elementary arithmetic and geometry, and his best years would not have been devoted to the translation and illustration of logical treatises.

  27. While these models, of course, are designed for the use of our roll films, either can be loaded with plates at any time by the addition of a simple plate adapter or combination back (supplied extra).

  28. A plate adapter (extra) with focusing screen, interchangeable with the regular back, will permit the use of dry plates if desired.

  29. The author of these pieces is no mere translator, but an adapter who weaves other matter into his free imitation of his originals.

  30. The passages where the English adapter notably departs from his original are pointed out in the notes.

  31. The English adapter emulates his versatility and moreover mixes different kinds of verse in the same article.

  32. In order to use an Edison lamp in a socket intended for another form of base an adapter must be employed to suit the new base to the old socket.

  33. The adapter is joined to the old socket by the screw at G and the circuit formed as already described.

  34. Poems by Collin and Carpani, the adapter of the text, were presented to him.

  35. Footnote 1: Certain fancied points of resemblance having led some persons to suppose that Bumsteadville means Rochester, the Adapter is impelled to declare that such is not the case.

  36. The present Adapter can think of no nearer American equivalent, in the way of a person at once resident in a suburb and who sells to the highest bidder, than a supposable member of the New York judiciary.

  37. The Premo Film Pack Adapter has the general size and appearance of a plate holder.

  38. Illustration: The Adapter is loaded just like a Plate Holder.

  39. Its special features do not have to be reckoned with excepting when needed, and the Premo adapter will convert it at any time into a daylight loading film camera.

  40. But it has a hinged back which can be easily opened, the film pack dropped in place, back closed, and the adapter then loaded into the plate camera just as an ordinary plate holder is.

  41. Then at any time the slide may be reinserted, the adapter removed and the subject sharply focused on the ground glass by precisely the same method you would follow in using glass plates.

  42. To use a welding size gas tank it is necessary to insert a "W to A" Adapter between the tank and Reducing Valve.

  43. This Adapter can be purchased from the Prest-O-Lite Co.

  44. It may also be noted that Heyst has a freak servant, the disappearing Wang, whom the adapter uses, I suppose legitimately, as a kind of clown.

  45. This change permits the adapter to follow the dinner party with episodes which must take place in Jean's home.

  46. Attach the GREEN clip to the adapter and connect the spark plug wire to the adapter.

  47. Optional hookup: The adapter may be placed in the distributor tower for the number 1 cylinder.

  48. Stop the engine, disconnect the timing light, remove the adapter from No.

  49. Disconnect spark plug wire and attach adapter to the spark plug.

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