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Example sentences for "agleam"

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  1. I entered in, And saw the walls agleam with painted glass, More brilliant than the jewels of eastern kings; I heard the organ like winds sweeping across the sea, And the voices of the singing-boys Like soft ripples on the velvet sand.

  2. The sea was agleam with brilliant radiance.

  3. She climbed out, and stood like a water nymph, her body agleam and asparkle with its dew, her skin like rare silk, smooth as a star's glance.

  4. And that old rose tree lifts its head anew, And there is perfume o'er the hills afar, From where Alhambra's crescent cleaves the blue To where agleam Genil and Darro are.

  5. Hereupon he nodded, white teeth agleam through tangled beard, and with a swift, stealthy gesture hid the deadly tube in his rags again.

  6. It was studded with unbelievably brilliant stars agleam with the hard luster of diamonds--white diamonds and blue sapphires.

  7. But the sky remains black--black and sprinkled with stars agleam with a light unknown on earth.

  8. Child faces, once agleam with carefree laughter, Wide eyes, where smiles like baby rainbows grew; They are the heritage of ever after, They are the dreams that never will come true.

  9. And all the lights that I could see Were stars of home, agleam for me!

  10. And Dolly, her hungry little scissors agleam in her hand, trotted in alacriously.

  11. She no longer wept, though he could see a tear still at the end of one of her lashes, agleam in the dark.

  12. All at once the group opened up a bit and they saw a silvery, glittering aeroplane, agleam with new aluminum paint, throbbing and vibrating, as if anxious to be off.

  13. Of the Sixteen," she nodded, her shrewd face agleam with mischief.

  14. He sprang up at sight of us, agleam with excitement.

  15. There was a grin on his face, but his eyes were agleam with a slumbering passion that made Parsons catch his breath with a gasp.

  16. Taylor's smile as he looked at the men was still faintly ironic, and his eyes were agleam with a light that baffled the other men--they could not determine just what emotion they reflected.

  17. His well-aimed jibes were quite as hard to dodge As meteors agleam with persiflage.

  18. It was surrounded by a fosse and barrier and swan-white pavilions, with domes and turrets that were agleam with gold and jewels, festoons and streamers and bright garlands.

  19. The abodes of these giants and demons are exceedingly beautiful; they are agleam with gold and precious stones; seats and beds are provided in the mansions, and there are also recreation grounds, and forests and mountains resembling clouds.

  20. Something lay there, agleam with the sunlight flicking blood-red spots from a polished metal surface.

  21. Like men in a daze, they stood watching the far-distant mass of walls, buildings, towers, battlements all agleam with the unmistakable sheen of pure metal.

  22. At sight of Le Borgne the young New Englander sprang over the benches with his teeth agleam and murder on his face.

  23. Radisson, with the fires agleam in his deep-set eyes, "am I to understand that every one here is for going forward at any risk?

  24. Radisson read with stormy lights agleam in his eyes.

  25. She saw Fifth Avenue at night agleam with countless motors, torrents of tempestuous life--and numberless shop windows, hats and dainty gowns and shoes.

  26. His airy little feet were shod with a pair of red moccasins, all agleam with bright-colored beads, which shone like rubies and diamonds in the glistering moonlight.

  27. At intervals the sombre wildness of the scene would be relieved by a bluegrass glade, all agleam with moonbeams and glistering dew drops, saving where flecked with the shadows of clumped or scattered trees.

  28. Back fell Walkyn, fierce-eyed and grim yet with teeth agleam through the hair of his beard.

  29. The mist that hung over the water rose lazily, and disclosed the lake agleam in the full sunlight.

  30. The cedar hedge and the pines before the house shut the cottage off from the curious completely; but I saw the flutter of white curtains in the open gable windows, and the red roof agleam in the bright sunlight.

  31. With a swift movement she slid to the bank, caught at a tuft of flowering sedge, and then stood, dripping and all agleam in the sunlight, while with inclined head she listened intently.

  32. Slowly he lifted his wet inflamed face: his eyes agleam through the tangled locks that fell over his brows.

  33. Lora shrank for a moment; then, as the white moth rose and fluttered away into the dark, faintly agleam with moonfire till it reached the shadow, she pitifully raised her hand to his brow.

  34. Suddenly he leaned forward; his lips parted; his eyes agleam with the inner flame that consumed him.

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