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Example sentences for "applauds"

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  1. It applauds at improper places, and sometimes exhibits an extraordinary innocence.

  2. You will certainly grant that here the multitude always applauds when it only hears the word 'Father-land,' or the name of 'Christian IV.

  3. He applauds the firmness of Sopater of Hierapolis, who had been repeatedly pressed by Constantius and Gallus to apostatize, (Epist.

  4. Libanius, with savage fury, insults Nebridius, applauds the soldiers, and almost censures the humanity of Julian.

  5. Hearing these words, the Rishis said, 'Lo, this bird applauds those that subsist upon the remnants of sacrifices.

  6. When two friends engage in accomplishing one and the same act, a wise man always applauds him among the two that takes upon himself the heavier share of the work.

  7. Blush not, my fair one, that thy love applauds thee, Nor be it painful to my wedded wife, That my full heart overflows in praise of thee.

  8. Then, if the world applauds you, and applauds you again and again, I give you my word, the great baronet in his high path will be the first to shake hands.

  9. But when Folly is his Object he applauds himself for being wiser than the Coxcomb he laughs at: And who is not more pleas'd with an Occasion to commend than accuse himself?

  10. In the theatre, even when the chaff outweighs the wheat, it applauds everything.

  11. The minister forms an expedient to suspend, or perplex, an inquiry into his measures, for a few months, and applauds and triumphs in his own dexterity.

  12. But if a man gets money or office by analogous processes, the world is inclined to admire the result and forgive the means; and the man, instead of despising himself for his selfishness, applauds himself for his success.

  13. Especially he applauds the actor, author, and contriver of the majority of the farces--"the incomparable Robert Cox.

  14. He talks of the plays and players of his youth, but he does not, in truth, visit the theatre much in his age; and invariably he condemns the present, and applauds the past.

  15. Mirabeau turns round with lion-voiced rebuke; Menadism applauds him; but recommences.

  16. A Sainte-Antoine Placard has given notice this morning that 'whosoever insults Louis shall be caned, whosoever applauds him shall be hanged.

  17. For this labor of love the slaveholding South is warmly grateful and applauds its reverend ally, as if a very Daniel had come as their advocate to judgment.

  18. Plutarch applauds certain philosophers who vowed to abstain for a year from wine and women in order "to honour God by their continence.

  19. He applauds at the right place, and if there be the slightest fault of omission or commission in the representation, his hiss is the first and the most distinct and deadly.

  20. The poet-laureate of the Capitol maintains the act, applauds the hero, and mingles with some apprehension and advice, the most lofty hopes of the permanent and rising greatness of the republic.

  21. Bernard applauds his own success in the depopulation of Europe; affirms that cities and castles were emptied of their inhabitants; and computes, that only one man was left behind for the consolation of seven widows.

  22. Baronius copies and applauds this edict of the Code, (A.

  23. Footnote 101: Boethius applauds the virtues of his father-in-law, (l.

  24. The partial favor of mankind applauds the genius of a conqueror, who leads and directs his subjects in the exercise of arms.

  25. The emperor applauds his own clemency to the heretics, cum sufficiat eis vivere.

  26. The Idler never applauds his own idleness, nor does any man repent of the diligence of his youth.

  27. The Pas-de-Calais assemblage sets free and applauds a woman imprisoned for having beaten a drum in a mob.

  28. Politics only briefly distract them, and then rather out of curiosity, like a play one applauds or hisses in his seat without stepping upon the stage.

  29. The assembly of Seine-et-Marne applauds the proposal to cast a cannon which might contain the head of Louis XVI.

  30. It shows the disposition of the troops, and applauds the valor of the Colored regiments.

  31. He applauds the Valor of the Colored Regiments at Port Hudson.

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