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Example sentences for "approves"

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approve; approved; approven; approver; approvers; approveth; approving; approvingly; approximate; approximated
  1. How preposterous to tell us, that God approves a system which brings a man, as slavery seems to have brought you, to regard his fellow man as a mere animal!

  2. Your other evidences, that the New Testament approves of slavery, unimportant as they are, will not be left unnoticed.

  3. I put it to your candor, sir, whether the obvious fact, that slavery makes the honest labor of the hands disreputable, is not a weighty argument against the supposition that God approves it?

  4. Or I their force should know; And if Thou strike me into dust, My soul approves the blow.

  5. Talk to her about the deal, and if she approves I'll come in.

  6. Let Sir William Radcliffe declare before me, and before Heaven, that he approves the measure, and I am content he should take the oath.

  7. I have informed him of my design, and he approves of it.

  8. The King of Prussia entirely approves of the project of a treaty to the same effect submitted to him, but proposes an additional article providing for the renunciation of privateering.

  9. Rome entirely approves his conduct, and leaves him free to conduct any transaction which may satisfy his general interests.

  10. To return to the great event of the amnesty, I will say that high society strongly approves of it, the more so as it has arrived unexpectedly and not been extorted by party importunity; so it is an act of mercy, and not of weakness.

  11. Papa approves of it, I know; and Robert is so brave and strong and manly.

  12. You dare not ask her what she thinks or whether she approves of your choice.

  13. Johnson approves of him as his biographer, i.

  14. This tomb approves I pleased my mistress well My mouth in speaking did all birds excell.

  15. Your name approves you made for such like things, The number two no good divining brings.

  16. Spirit she judges and approves doctrines; she is unable to prove it, and yet is most certain of having it.

  17. When honor here meets with anything noble in our actions, it is either a judge that approves them, or a sophister by whom they are excused.

  18. On the strength of this, the accommodating municipal body approves of the act, declares the cargo confiscated, orders it to be sold, and awards one-half of the proceeds to the National Guards and the other half to charitable purposes.

  19. Lord Hawkesbury approves of this (dispatch of March 27), and declares that the proceeding is improper and offensive to the King of England.

  20. The Council of State accepts and approves of their statutes, vows, hierarchy, and internal regulations.

  21. It has been outraged in their persons; it must avenge itself for this outrage; since it approves of its mandatories, it is bound to restore them to office; it being the master of the house, it is bound to have its own way in the house.

  22. He approves of the murder of General Dillon by his men, and recommends the troops everywhere to do the same thing.

  23. Yes, I appoint you, and his majesty the emperor approves my selection," said the king.

  24. The King approves of your going to see the Marquis de Pianesse at his country house, and of your making a journey to Turin, if you desire it, provided you do not sleep out of the citadel of Pignerol more than one night at a time.

  25. The King approves of your project, and you have only to execute it when you please.

  26. SIR, I have already sent you word that the King approves very much of the manner in which you have carried on the negociation with the Duke of Mantua, without either breaking it off or advancing it too much.

  27. He had been against her marriage in the first instance, but he rather approves of her adultery .

  28. Be sure that He who praised the Samaritan approves your charity, and that He who holds the seven stars in His right hand will open your eyes to the light of revelation.

  29. Voltaire loved his neighbour without being taught, or say rather that he can accept all that his reason approves in the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth, while he rejects the traditions of the Roman Church.

  30. Every man upwards of twenty, who has been convicted of no legal crime, should have his say in this matter; but afterwards a louder voice, as he grows older, and approves himself wiser.

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