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Example sentences for "aspersions"

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aspers; asperse; aspersed; asperses; aspersion; asphalt; asphalte; asphalted; asphaltic; asphaltum
  1. Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee, from the aspersions which had been cast upon them.

  2. Chancellor Harper, with a master hand, draws a parallel between the social condition of communities where slave labor exists and where it does not, and vindicates the South from the aspersions cast upon her.

  3. But we have undertaken to defend slavery, that is, the slavery of the South, and to vindicate the character of Southern masters against the aspersions of their calumniators.

  4. Mr. Moor and his friend were severely reprimanded in open court, and recommended to make some pecuniary compensation to the prosecutor for the aspersions they had been instrumental in throwing upon his character.

  5. Pasteur's demonstration that there was no such thing as spontaneous generation, served at first only to bring down on his devoted head the aspersions of most of the distinguished scientific men in Europe.

  6. While such an opinion would have carried only personal weight with it, it might easily have been made a cause for unfortunate aspersions upon the Church.

  7. The subject of the book may be thus briefly stated: The mistress of Lord Byron comes before the world for the sake of vindicating his fame from slanders and aspersions cast on him by his wife.

  8. He said "If any of these unjust aspersions are cast anew upon me"--and I seemed to know as absolutely what he was going to say as if the whole thing were a play which I had seen rehearsed a score of times.

  9. If these unjust aspersions are cast upon me, I shall shake them from me as the lion shakes the dew-drops from his mane.

  10. Neither conscience, reason, nor religion, will admit that the aspersions of another justify your slanders.

  11. It becomes the people of God to be careful of the reputation of their brethren, and aim to wipe off the aspersions with which the world is apt to depreciate their characters, rather than to unite in the clamours of defamation.

  12. A complete vindication of the Licenser of the Stage from the malicious and scandalous aspersions of Mr. Brooke, authour of Gustavus Vasa.

  13. He animadverted on the groundless and disingenuous aspersions that had been thrown out through the press against Methodism, on account of the suspected loyalty of its constitutional principles.

  14. A long and not uninstructive list might be made out of illustrious men, whose characters have been vindicated during recent times from aspersions which for centuries had been thrown on them.

  15. General Webb was a man upon whose courage and generalship several aspersions had already been cast.

  16. If ever he was to regain confidence and show these aspersions to be untrue, this was the time to show himself in his true colours.

  17. Yes, he reiterated, in that respect the howling was figuratively no different than the aspersions and diatribe of human speech.

  18. He realized that he was groping and swinging his aspersions madly as a blind man piercing the air indiscriminately with his stick and yet at the same time he was writhing in himself, eager to escape his own skin.

  19. All aspersions on you were invented by Crispinillus.

  20. Until his confession was brought to my attention I had equally no inkling that all relevant aspersions upon you had originated with or been transmitted by Marcus Galvius Crispinillus.

  21. Never again will I cast aspersions on it, or--What's up?

  22. Clint, did I cast any aspersions awhile ago on cold lamb?

  23. A long and not uninstructive list might be made out of illustrious men whose characters have been vindicated during recent times from aspersions which for centuries had been thrown on them.

  24. The Viscountess Irwin is deserving of "a grateful tribute from all female hands" because she rescued her sex's cause from the aspersions cast upon it by Mr. Pope in his On the Characters of Women.

  25. In the presence of the defences of the Covenants as deeds, by these preachers, the baseless aspersions of novelists and theologues fade out into oblivion.

  26. That God who was pleased to clear up the innocency of Mordecai and the Jews, against all the malicious aspersions of wicked Haman to his and their sovereign, so as all his plotting produced but this effect, that (Esther ix.

  27. My patience (I thank God) wil better serve Me to bear, and My charity to forgive, then My leisure to answer the many false Aspersions which some men have cast upon Me.

  28. Preached, at eleven, to six or seven thousand people, and cleared myself from some aspersions that had been cast upon my doctrine, as though it tended to Antinomianism.

  29. Mr. Whitefield vindicated from the Aspersions and Malicious Invectives of his Enemies.

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