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  1. A quantity greater than any assignable quantity of the same kind.

  2. Infinitely or indefinitely small; less than any assignable quantity or value; very small.

  3. Greater than any assignable quantity of the same kind; -- said of certain quantities.

  4. An infinitely small quantity; that which is less than any assignable quantity.

  5. Having an assignable arithmetical or numerical value or meaning; not imaginary.

  6. These are certainly no adequate excuses for keeping the people in ignorance; and the gross corruption of the middle ages is in a great degree assignable to this policy.

  7. Some have a rapid heart action after the least exertion without any cardiac lesion or assignable excuse for such rapidity.

  8. The left ventricle from tobacco alone, without any other assignable cause, may become dilated and the mitral valve become insufficient.

  9. The waiters are young men in the unclassified grade of the industrial army who are assignable to all sorts of miscellaneous occupations not requiring special skill.

  10. It is not till after this period, during which he is assignable to any work at the discretion of his superiors, that the young man is allowed to elect a special avocation.

  11. I protest that my action in playing the spy upon these two strangers was without assignable motive.

  12. And herein, prominence will be given in the first place to such human remains as are assignable to the lowlier human type represented previously by the Spy skeletons.

  13. In all cases, the cave-finds are assignable to a period later in time than that in which the fluviatile deposits (previously discussed) were formed.

  14. Peyrony found also in the same year and in the same region (at Le Pech de l'Aze) the cranium of a child, assignable to the same epoch as the skeleton of La Ferrassie.

  15. There are several assignable reasons for its partial failure.

  16. But Steinhart maintains that there is an assignable philosophical purpose in the dialogue, which Plato purposely wrapped up in enigmatical language, but of which he (Steinhart) professes to give the solution (p.

  17. Moreover, knowledge is a term which requires to be determined, not merely to some assignable object, but also in its general import, no less than virtue.

  18. For if it were so, there would be distinct and assignable teachers and learners of it, and the times and places could be pointed out where it is taught and learnt.

  19. The variations of plants which spring up in a seed-bed, for instance, seem to be in no assignable relation to the external conditions.

  20. In this utter blank as to the assignable motive, I, perhaps alone among the furious crowd, had a distinct suspicion of the assassin.

  21. But, unhappily, in the present case there was no assignable motive, no shadow darkening any person.

  22. I shall not fatigue the reader with a refutation of the logomachies which might be offered in explanation of this subject: of the contradiction inherent in the idea of value there is no assignable cause, no possible explanation.

  23. That there is in every art some assignable end, to which its precepts and conditions have reference, is again laid down in the Sophistês, c.

  24. They do not name Kymê, however: according to them, the visit to Phokæa has no assignable purpose or consequences.

  25. A child, therefore, who, without any assignable cause, is constantly crying, should have his navel carefully examined.

  26. These may be carried on progressively above any assignable limits.

  27. These may be carried on progressively beyond any assignable limits.

  28. The same is true of the screaming, often prolonged, before falling asleep in the evening, which occurs not seldom also without any assignable occasion, the child making known by it his desire to leave the bed.

  29. Expressions long since forgotten by those about the child are suddenly without assignable occasion sometimes uttered again with perfect distinctness, and the child even applies fitly what he has observed.

  30. But it is also uttered so often without any assignable occasion, that a definite meaning can hardly be attributed to it, unless it be that of satisfaction.

  31. The moulting of birds, even within the same family, sometimes differs much without any assignable cause.

  32. General names are not marks put upon definite objects; classes are not made by drawing a line round a given number of assignable individuals.

  33. When the predicate is affirmed or denied of all and each of the things denoted by the subject, the proposition is universal; when of some non-assignable portion of them only, it is particular.

  34. Induction, then, is that operation of the mind, by which we infer that what we know to be true in a particular case or cases, will be true in all cases which resemble the former in certain assignable respects.

  35. But discontent is of the malignant variety when it is allied with a sense of injustice; that is, of restrictions imposed upon one class for no assignable reason.

  36. It may, perhaps, be said that, as the change which I am supposing represents only a change of method and spirit, it can achieve no great results in actual assignable truth.

  37. He would study the causes as well as the alleged reasons assignable for any general instinct, and admit that its existence is one of the primary data which have to be taken into account.

  38. It is assumed to be a detrimental act; detrimental therefore to some person or persons, whether the offender himself or other assignable persons, or to persons not assignable.

  39. Offences against assignable persons other than the offender form the first class; offences against individuals, or private offences, or private extra-regarding offences.

  40. We say No; gravity has passed through all the stages of legitimate and possible explanation; it is the most highly generalised of all physical facts, and by no assignable transformation could it be made more intelligible than it is.

  41. Still, as you say, it is true that, in some shape or other, nations have more distinctly recognized the idea of an after existence, than any other assignable religious tenet.

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