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Example sentences for "assiduously"

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assi; assidue; assiduities; assiduity; assiduous; assiette; assign; assignable; assignat; assignation
  1. He appears to have laboured assiduously during these early years, with the view of making himself thoroughly acquainted with every portion of his art.

  2. These persons he assiduously sought out, one by one, and in twelve hours' time his net had been woven completely about the city.

  3. Little had passed between the two men, but during all those silent nights and days each had been secretly yet assiduously studying the other.

  4. Most assiduously did he apply himself to the study of all that was most noteworthy in current journalism.

  5. His family estates, which had so long been inoperative, now claimed his attention; which, for the space of two years, was most assiduously devoted to them.

  6. He was educated in the University of Pennsylvania, where he acquired a taste for literature, which, in the intervals of professional duty, has been most assiduously cultivated.

  7. Wade and Chandler worked assiduously undermining his strength in Congress.

  8. He worked as assiduously in camp as he had ever done at home in his palace.

  9. Indeed, neither Russia, Turkey, nor Austria had placed any reliance upon the negotiations for peace; for while they were pending, the three powers were all assiduously preparing for war.

  10. Thus far Max Melcher's campaign had worked even better than he had expected; and meanwhile he had employed Jim in assiduously cultivating Robert Wharton and arranging as many meetings as possible between Bob and Lorelei.

  11. There was considerable drinking, Bergman, who devoted himself assiduously to his employee, showing more effect from it than the others.

  12. Besides his correspondence in cypher, which occupied him much, he worked assiduously at his "Prussian Monarchy," which was published in 1788.

  13. Frank didn't know it was she who had nursed Mr. Gray so assiduously at Honolulu.

  14. He had assiduously cultivated his regard, at times discreetly boasted of it, and yet had never been sure of it.

  15. Out of the waters of the proletariat they fished, assiduously and benignly, but at random, strange specimens!

  16. I enjoyed it so little, indeed, that I fell to poking the sitting-room fire when she entered with the Mercury; and read the Mercury assiduously while she brought in breakfast.

  17. The most of them were gathered about the fore-hatch, to the total neglect of their guns, which they had been cleaning assiduously all the morning.

  18. They can bring pressure to bear upon her assiduously and quite kindly so that she will be brought to see that her only chance of happiness is the veil.

  19. But he, too, failed to answer, for he was assiduously plotting to escape the Land of Despair.

  20. And although, before starting on his Transatlantic expedition, he assiduously studied the works on America of Michel Chevalier, De Tocqueville, and Miss Martineau, even they had not sufficiently guarded him against disappointments.

  21. Hortense devoted herself assiduously to the education of her son.

  22. Passages in Ben Jonson's 'Poetaster,' moreover, pointedly suggest that Shakespeare cultivated so assiduously an attitude of neutrality that Jonson acknowledged him to be qualified for the role of peacemaker.

  23. Sidney had in real life courted assiduously the favour of a married lady, Penelope, Lady Rich, and a few of the sonnets are commonly held to reflect the heat of passion which the genuine intrigue developed.

  24. So assiduously is he taken care of that he soon becomes a portly bird and fills his nest; in about three weeks he is able to fly, but for a period of four or five weeks more his foster-parents continue to feed him.

  25. This practice of masturbation went on assiduously to his sixteenth year, when its true nature and danger were revealed to him by a good clergyman who prepared him for confirmation.

  26. One of his principal instructions was assiduously to bring about the dismissal of Wallenstein.

  27. The courage of the Palatine revived, and he laboured assiduously to renew the Protestant Union.

  28. The institution of the local Fund, in every center where the administrative structure of the Faith has been erected, should be assiduously developed.

  29. But with it all he wrote assiduously on religious topics, and was highly pleased with the experimental work he had sent to Dr.

  30. Beating a hole through, he assiduously plied himself to pulling out the stones one after another, until he made a hole through to the rude box, whence escaped an odor quite unlike that emanating from a miser's chest.

  31. Before we could cut off their retreat, they saw us, gave one yell and most assiduously did they pull for the shore.

  32. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "assiduously" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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