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Example sentences for "asters"

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asterisms; astern; asteroid; asteroidal; asteroids; asthenia; asthenic; asthma; asthmatic; asthmatical
  1. It was impossible not to sympathize admiringly with some of my belated asters and golden-rods.

  2. Here were the asters and golden-rods already finishing their course in glory, while the tupelo was still barely getting under way in a race which, however prolonged, was all but certain to terminate in failure.

  3. In setting down such a list one feels it a pity that so few of the golden-rods and asters have any specific designation in English.

  4. Bettina's eyes telegraphed to Ruth across the purple and white asters in the center of a long porch table.

  5. How lovely those asters are on your dinner table!

  6. You'd better pick your asters and take 'em in for the parlor, then I'll cut the chrysanthemums for you in the middle of the week.

  7. Look at that bunch o' Chiny asters tied on t' the bail o' that biscuit-pail!

  8. She knew that beyond those sunny slopes were woods glorying in crimson and gold, and she would have the delight of a walk through them later on when she went to carry the asters to sick Millie Starr at the Bridge.

  9. The Prodigal Brother Miss Hannah was cutting asters in her garden.

  10. Miss Hannah snipped her white and purple asters off ungrudgingly and sang, as she snipped, an old-fashioned song she had learned long ago in her youth.

  11. Jacob Delancey was in it, with a pretty young niece of his who was a visitor from the city, and Miss Hannah, her sheaf of asters in her arms, went over to the paling with a sparkle of interest in her faded blue eyes.

  12. She opened the gate and carried the asters over to the buggy.

  13. Now the asters as a group have been a source of much trouble to the botanists who have attempted to classify them as to species and variety.

  14. In the very difficult group of asters which has caused endless confusion to human botanists these insects seem always able to select the one species--Aster umbellatus.

  15. The asters cordifolius and macrophyllus also are common, asters of little or no color, and sometimes without petals.

  16. He came back to his split-bottomed chair on the porch, the tobacco box for the toll, the tin box with Allan's letters, and the view across the china asters of the road.

  17. The withered goldenrod and gaunt mullein stalks and dead asters by the wayside almost seemed to bloom again, while the winter wheat gave an actual vernal touch.

  18. The china asters bloomed; the sun drew out the odours of thyme and rue and tansy.

  19. Tom sat in the sun on the porch, and the big yellow cat slept beside him, and the china asters bloomed in the tiny yard.

  20. I had no idea that China Asters could be so beautiful.

  21. The diagram shows a simple arrangement for a little garden of China Asters of the purple and white colourings.

  22. Cornellisson type should not be forgotten, also that the fine Comet and Ostrich Plume Asters are capital pot-plants, for, like Canterbury Bells, they bear lifting from the open ground just before they flower and even in full bloom.

  23. It is only a question of selection, for the kinds are now so many and the colourings so various that there are China Asters to suit all tastes and uses.

  24. It bids me go where the asters blow, And the sun-flower waves in the sunset glow.

  25. My panting horse sniffs on the breeze The water smell, too faint for me to know; But I can see afar the trees, Which tell of grasses where the asters blow, And columbines and clover bending low Are honey-full.

  26. The wild asters blooming by the brook attracted Patty's steps; and she stood for some moments leaning upon the railing of the bridge, looking down into the water, or out over the lovely scene about her.

  27. The golden-rod and purple asters seem suddenly to have bloomed by the roadside, and the trees rustle softly with a dry murmur as if already falling into "the sear and yellow leaf.

  28. The asters and golden-rod flaunted their bright blooms over the stone walls.

  29. Later still, the summer closes in a splendour of bloom, with gentians and asters and goldenrod.

  30. The blue banners of the fleur-de-lis had vanished from beside the springs, but the purple of the asters was appearing.

  31. Thousands of scrub-oaks, in every shade of bronze and russet, massed themselves on either hand, and in among them tufts of yellow asters shone, and here and there a belated gilia tossed its feathery plume.

  32. The asters cordifolias and macrophyllus also are common, asters of little or no color, and sometimes without petals.

  33. Beside a ditch in a field beyond we find the great blue lobelia (Lobelia syphilitica), and near it amid the weeds and wild grasses and purple asters the most beautiful of our fall flowers, the fringed gentian.

  34. The purple asters and the golden-rod are about all that remain to them.

  35. There on the wide window seat was the self-supporting cat, George Washington himself, with a fern spreading its feathery fronds above his head and a cluster of red asters in a brass bowl at his tall.

  36. He looks perfectly beautiful with a fern at his head and a bunch of asters at his feet.

  37. Or perhaps the picture Mary Rose had described, a sleeping cat with a fern at his head and asters at his feet, was alluring.

  38. You crossed the bean-lot and came to a little secluded land where there were slim cedars and grass and asters and goldenrod, a spot so still and unvisited that it was like a valley that one might find in a dream.

  39. The Comet Asters of later years are a much-improved type of flower, with a looser shape and a certain degree of approach to grace and beauty.

  40. Olivia asked of the boy, who by this time was quite hidden behind a perfect forest of asters and larkspur and lobelia cardinalis.

  41. From the white bench one looked across the grass to a broad flight of veranda steps, flanked on the right by a mass of white boltonia, while on the left a superb growth of New England asters reared their sturdy heads.

  42. Since then the goldenrod has passed from glory to glory, first mixing its yellow-powdered plumes with the red-purple tufts of the iron-weed, and then with the wild asters everywhere.

  43. The wild asters were blooming, and sweet and subtile distillations of the autumnal growths were diffused on the air.

  44. Amongst other Asters it shows to advantage, flowering earlier than most of them, but lasting well into their period of bloom.

  45. I imagined out a most interesting dialogue between the asters and the sweet peas and the wild canaries in the lilac bush and the guardian spirit of the garden.

  46. There was a big bowlful of pink-and-white asters also, by way of decoration; yet the spread seemed very meager beside the elaborate one formerly prepared for Mrs. Morgan.

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