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  1. Lord Kelvin was particularly interested, and while Mr. Edison was hastening preparations to quit the asteroid and resume our voyage to Mars, Lord Kelvin and a number of other scientific men instituted a series of remarkable experiments.

  2. That would account for the battle with the supposed pirates, who, no doubt, had organized a secret expedition to the asteroid and been caught red-handed at the mine.

  3. One of the men from the returning electrical ship dropped down upon the asteroid and gave a more detailed account of what they had seen.

  4. Judging by the test of weight which we had already tried, and which had led to the discovery of the gold, the composition of the asteroid must be the same to its very centre.

  5. The flagship then alone dropped slowly toward the place on the asteroid where the prostrate Martians were.

  6. Having made this mental calculation, I knew that my weight, being 150 pounds on the earth, should on this asteroid be an ounce and a half.

  7. Discovery That the Asteroid is a Solid Mass of Gold.

  8. They have waged war with the inhabitants of the asteroid Ceres, whose people are giants greater than themselves.

  9. Before quitting the asteroid we had found that it was necessary for him to swallow one of his "air pills," as Prof.

  10. The atmosphere of the little asteroid was so rare that it practically amounted to nothing, and we could not possibly have survived if we had not continued to wear our air-tight suits.

  11. He knew the quadrants by heart, and knew that he was close to the asteroid belt.

  12. I've been sitting up there on that asteroid rock talking to myself.

  13. Good thing we caught them, or we'd be on our way to a prison asteroid right now.

  14. How about the time we went out to Tara and snatched that hot copper asteroid out of Alpha Centauri's mouth?

  15. A section of the asteroid belt swam above him.

  16. I suspect you will be hearing from him soon enough, when the ship runs out of fuel and starts drifting around in the asteroid belt.

  17. The asteroid he was on was so small and the horizon such a short distance away that the base of Miles' giant black ship was half-covered by the curvature of the planetoid.

  18. He had been working on one of the links ever since his arrival at Miles' strange asteroid base, scraping it against the rough metal edge of one of the legs of his bunk.

  19. This is emergency alert for the rocket ship Space Knight, believed to be heading for the asteroid belt.

  20. But to the cadet's great relief, Miles went past the hut and disappeared over the horizon of the asteroid in the opposite direction.

  21. No chart can keep up to the microsecond on these asteroid movements.

  22. They were at the approach to the asteroid belt.

  23. Every new planet, or subplanet, or sun or blasted asteroid seemed to call for some revision of known laws.

  24. A little later, Frank Nelsen contacted Art Kuzak, out in the Asteroid Belt, across a much greater stretch of space.

  25. They drove the Jolly Lads back and deflected some chunks of aimed and accelerated asteroid chips, with new defense rockets.

  26. Lots of asteroid hoppers live and ride only in their space suits.

  27. They will show you all about Asteroid hopping and mining.

  28. And the era of prospecting and exploration in the Asteroid Belt seemed destined soon to come to an end, in any event.

  29. In this thought there was a sense of helplessness, and the ghost of a second Asteroid Belt.

  30. An expedition came here to investigate the Moon--it couldn't be any more recently than sixty million years ago, if it was from as close as Mars, or the Asteroid Planet!

  31. I'd rather be Mitch, headed for heebie-jeebie Mars, or the Kuzaks, aiming for the crazy Asteroid Belt.

  32. Think there'll be any girls in grass skirts out in the Asteroid Belt, Mex?

  33. There were the several times when he had casually sent a slender beam of radio energy groping out toward Mars and the Asteroid Belt, trying to call Storey or the Kuzaks, and had received no answer.

  34. Or about some blackened, dried-out body of a sentient being, sixty million years dead, floating free in the Asteroid Belt.

  35. But there was nothing like Pallastown, on little Pallas, out in the Asteroid Belt.

  36. He's got a previous engagement on a prison asteroid and it's going to take him a long time.

  37. Barret," said Connel, "I have enough evidence on you now to send you to a prison asteroid for ten years at least!

  38. If it didn’t, asteroid and Planeteers would end up as subatomic particles in the sun’s photosphere, because he had calculated his blast to drive the asteroid past the limit of safety.

  39. The asteroid shuddered from the blast, then swerved gradually, picking up speed as well as new direction.

  40. Within an hour, Rip and Santos, both in false good health thanks to medical magic, were on their way back to the asteroid in a ball-bat boat.

  41. They had to reach the asteroid before then.

  42. From then on I’ll throw the asteroid into a braking ellipse around the earth and I’ll be able to make any small corrections necessary.

  43. A mighty column of fire now reached out from the asteroid into space.

  44. It was to prevent Consops from knowing of the asteroid that security measures had been taken.

  45. Directly below him the asteroid gleamed darkly in the light of the tiny sun.

  46. We have to make the whole asteroid disappear, or else we have to conjure up a space cruiser out of the thorium.

  47. Most of the problems of getting the asteroid back to earth would have to be solved by Lieutenant Richard Ingalls Peter Foster.

  48. It was going to drive directly at the asteroid without making a long run!

  49. There was nothing to do now but ride out the rest of the trip as comfortably as possible until it was time to throw the asteroid into an ever-tightening series of elliptical orbits around earth, known as braking ellipses.

  50. If the Connies try to take the asteroid away, they’ll have a real warm time.

  51. The asteroid was turning over and over, and for a second he had the impression he was looking at a turning globe of the earth, the kind used in elementary school back home.

  52. But now the asteroid was the only one traveling across the belt.

  53. The asteroid was fairly large as such planetary debris went--some five hundred meters in diameter, with a mass of around one hundred seventy-four million metric tons.

  54. The ship moved away from the asteroid and yawed around so that the "tail" was pointed toward the anchor bolt.

  55. But both of them could see what would happen to any city on Earth if one of the Belt ships decided to shift the orbit of a good-sized asteroid so that it would strike Earth.

  56. Operating a space tug, on the other hand, is a two-man job because a man cannot both be on the surface of the asteroid and in his ship at the same time.

  57. A silvery splash of paint that had originally been squirted on by the anchor man who had first spotted the asteroid in order to check the rotational velocity.

  58. Moving a nickel-iron asteroid across space to nearest processing plant is a relatively simple job.

  59. The asteroid was, in effect, a huge gyroscope, and it would take quite a bit of push to get that axis tilted in the direction that Harry Morgan and Jack Latrobe wanted it to go.

  60. The surface gravity of the asteroid was only two millionths of a Standard Gee, which is hardly enough to give any noticeable impression to the human nervous system.

  61. An asteroid man has to be able to do the same thing.

  62. But if he does, he won't really be able to navigate in the Asteroid Belt.

  63. Flexing it--which would happen if they let the asteroid precess at will--would soon fatigue even that heavy bolt.

  64. Hauling around an asteroid that had a mass on the order of one hundred seventy-four million metric tons required adequate preparation.

  65. I suppose," he went on seriously, "you couldn't tell whether the asteroid moved or not.

  66. The design of asteroid and planets wavered into a blur as the Hawk fought unconsciousness; a short, harsh sound came from his lips; he lurched uncertainly.

  67. It summoned resistance, well-trained resistance; the defenses of the asteroid awoke to action.

  68. For seconds the flood rushed out, a visible thing, gray from the soil which it scooped up; and while its fury lasted every building on the asteroid quivered and groaned from the terrific strain.

  69. He saw embroidered in yellow on the black a familiar insignia composed of an asteroid in the circle of ten planets.

  70. The insignia represented an asteroid in a circle of the ten planets, and the Street of Sailors knew that sign and dreaded it.

  71. Then, somewhere there were the mighty gravity-plates batteries which motivated the asteroid and held it controlled in space.

  72. From the far side of the dome ahead of them the asteroid stretched back hard and sharp in Jupiter's ruddy light against the backdrop of black space.

  73. The reason there were asteroid belts in so many of the solar systems, he learned now, was that the xhindi had traded with other intelligent races in earlier eras, and there had been accidents.

  74. Most solar systems in the Galaxy had asteroid belts like that; some time later, Len found out why.

  75. We couldn't even prove anything in an asteroid court.

  76. It amounted to little more than three saddles and a locker, set atop an accumulator-powered gyrogravitic engine, sufficient to lift you off an asteroid and run at low acceleration.

  77. Well," Ellen said with some indignation, "that was the whole reason for planting asteroid colonies.

  78. Now that the first stage of burrowing within the asteroid had been completed, most passages went through its body, rather than being plastic tubes snaking across the surface.

  79. But really, it expressed nothing more than the first inchoate stirrings of asteroid nationalism.

  80. This asteroid has companions, waiting for people to come and mine them.

  81. But, if it first comes within fifty kilometers of some other mass--like this asteroid or one of the companion rocks--it will detonate.

  82. She can't get off the asteroid without a scooter, and I've already got Sam's gang working on all the scooters.

  83. But in light of my responsibilities and under the provisions of the Constitution, I am hereby putting this asteroid under martial law.

  84. It'd sound too much like a collision with a meteorite--so naturally the asteroid also came to be called the Sword.

  85. In the face of the evidence before us we must believe this, or else that, perhaps, as in the case of the asteroid Hilda, something like a collision has rejuvenated it.

  86. Bearwarden, "here is an asteroid that HAS an atmosphere.

  87. They forgot how strong a Jovian is on a little, weak-gravity asteroid like this!

  88. Mr. Kenniston, are you sure this asteroid we're going to is safe?

  89. Our air-tanks got low and to replenish them, we landed on the asteroid Vesta.

  90. I mean that I'm a hundred times stronger on this little asteroid than I am on my own world, Jupiter.

  91. You know we've got to get back to that asteroid within two weeks.

  92. Two weeks ago my Jovian partner and I were prospecting in the outer asteroid zone in our little rocket.

  93. That's the big asteroid they call the World with a Thousand Moons, because it's circled by a swarm of hundreds of meteors.

  94. Because you've managed to crash us on this asteroid where your pirate boss is waiting?

  95. He knew how to prepare for inspection of the asteroid by a high-ranking officer.

  96. The asteroid has been hollowed out and fitted with an air-lock which admitted our ship.

  97. And therefore prominent persons broke into public print, denouncing Burke for having predicted the end of the world from his safe refuge in Asteroid M-387.

  98. That afternoon the Russians announced that their manned space-probe had taken off for Asteroid M-387.

  99. At midnight on Sunday, while Burke painstakingly made micrometric examination of the triple magnet-core, Harvard Observatory reported that there should be a very minor asteroid at the spot in space from which the signals came.

  100. But this part of the asteroid was a maze of corridors with uncountable doorways opening into innumerable compartments.

  101. A signal has been beamed toward the space-broadcast transmitter by the parabolic reflector of the Bradenville radar telescope, acting as a mirror to concentrate the message toward Asteroid M-387.

  102. Every square foot of the outside of the asteroid could be seen on one or another of the screens.

  103. For that matter, what was the purpose of the asteroid itself?

  104. Could a few dozen survivors of Earth hope to make their way to the asteroid and survive there?

  105. The asteroid was a mass of dark stuff with white outcroppings at one place and another.

  106. Impossible because Asteroid M-387 was not over two miles through at its largest dimension, and therefore could not possibly have an atmosphere and certainly not trees, and it could not own even a single moon!

  107. It left behind it a thin whining transmission which was not at all like the beepings of the asteroid transmitter.

  108. Gmelin writes to the director of the Porpol Astronomik at St. Petersburg, to claim the discovery of an asteroid in a very high southern latitude, of a wider inclination of the orbit, as will be noticed, than any asteroid yet observed.

  109. He proposes for the asteroid the name of Phoebe.

  110. By lessening our speed, the professor suffered the asteroid to cross our course, our car ducking through the luminous trail that swept out behind it.

  111. A lookout was kept continually at the eye-piece of the telescope to signal the approach of any asteroid with which we might possibly come into collision.

  112. We evacuated an asteroid colony and began to ship into it any person showing any of the symptoms, using a cruiser piloted by remote control.

  113. However--this is the background: "About three months ago, we had reports of the outbreak of a deadly plague in one of the asteroid groups.

  114. He was chained, spread-eagled, on an asteroid in the Penal Cluster, nearly a hundred million miles from Earth.

  115. The spacesuited rescuers went to the "back" of each asteroid and injected sleep-gas into the oxygen line that ran from the tank to the spacesuit of the prisoner.

  116. A body, therefore, weighing two hundred pounds at the earth's surface would on the surface of the asteroid weigh less than five ounces.

  117. Harrington, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, presented a paper in which the elements of the asteroid system were considered on the principle of averages.

  118. In short, this comet may be regarded as an asteroid whose elements have been considerably modified by perturbation.

  119. It had previously been an asteroid too remote to be seen even in perihelion.

  120. The fact is suggestive of Jupiter's dominating energy in the evolution of the asteroid system.

  121. Leverrier inferred from the motion of Mars's perihelion that the mass of Jupiter is at least twelve hundred times greater than that of all the planets in the asteroid ring.

  122. They had come into the planetary group at right angles to the plane of the ecliptic, which had allowed them to miss both asteroid belts.

  123. I told Kinkare to put her into the same orbit as the asteroid belt.

  124. The asteroid had flattened its face and chest like a plane smoothing wood, and it was now forming itself anew, with, so they told Pink, a truly malicious scowl on its reformed lips.

  125. We picked you up on an asteroid too," said the assistant pilot.

  126. They would have to remain in this asteroid belt .

  127. We just plucked you off an asteroid in System Ninety.

  128. The largest asteroid in this part of the belt appeared ahead; it was roughly fourteen miles in diameter.

  129. They had left the screen, all but Jerry, who was making course for the second speck of life in the asteroid belt.

  130. It was the seventh asteroid belt to be discovered by man, if you included the one between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars, back home, incredible light-years behind.

  131. At which date, further, Ynohp claims to have been sitting on an asteroid for about 4,000-plus years.

  132. I'm nothing but a loudmouthed bag of space gas--with an asteroid for a head!

  133. Illustration: "I know we're going to be sent to the prison asteroid and we deserve it," said Loring.

  134. I know we're going to be sent to the prison asteroid and we deserve it.

  135. Once, when Roger had been on radar watch, while the ship roared through the asteroid belt, collision with a small asteroid had threatened.

  136. Prospecting is prospecting, whether it's in the asteroid belt or out here on Tara!

  137. The Asteroid Belt, that magnificently useful collection of stone and metal lumps revolving about the sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, is somewhat like the old-fashioned merry-go-round.

  138. The outer orbits of the gas giants had been passed at last, and the Nipe fell on through the Asteroid Belt without approaching any of the larger pieces of rock-and-metal.

  139. For a while the Nipe had toyed with the idea of using the mining bases that the local life-form had set up in the Asteroid Belt as bases for his own operations, but he had decided against it.

  140. The group of people that occupied it had deliberately chosen it that way, so that there would be no chance of its being picked out for slicing by one of the mining teams in the Asteroid Belt.

  141. The basic supply on the asteroid was a nuclear pile, buried deep in the core.

  142. Taking an asteroid near the surface of a planet had never been tried and there were no rules.

  143. Already that was changing--the asteroid began to move.

  144. There was no reason why he shouldn't but anyone who voluntarily had remained on the asteroid as long as Vogel was a doubtful quantity.

  145. The asteroid never did depend on Earth for very many of our biologicals.

  146. The asteroid seemed to leap ahead as all but the most necessary functions were curtailed and additional power was channeled into the drive.

  147. Approximate mean diameter thirty miles, the asteroid was listed on the charts as Handicap Haven with a mark that indicated except in emergency no one not authorized was to land there.

  148. So they devised a new method--the asteroid and the tank of acid.

  149. But that which meant something to everyone on the asteroid was more difficult.

  150. The asteroid was being diminished, perhaps already had been.

  151. When the asteroid was in the solar system jagged rocks had gleamed in the sharp light of the sun.

  152. The asteroid had once been a planet, a world with an atmosphere, oceans, lakes, streams.

  153. Now that I'm sure we can reach it, we'll get the asteroid back to normal.

  154. The reentry into the gravity field of the asteroid made it necessary.

  155. The bulk of the asteroid could be used to cut off any attempt to overtake their returning ship.

  156. More and more the asteroid was beginning to resemble a ship and if there was a definite control area it was located in gravity center.

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