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  1. It was inconceivable, in those times, that the region beyond the Asteroids would become politically and culturally alienated from the unified community that humankind had created to guide them into the future.

  2. He summarized the complex alliances that had evolved among the independent governments beyond the Asteroids following the secession, and moved on quickly to the initiatives of his Ministry to reconcile inter-regional differences.

  3. The Military Space Force was charged with patrolling the space-ways beyond the Asteroids to protect UIPS vital interests.

  4. The largest asteroids would be the size of marbles.

  5. The asteroids have orbits that are more flattened or elliptical and these orbits are in some instances highly inclined to the planetary orbits.

  6. The behavior of the asteroids and comets is not at all in accord with the theory that was, until recently, universally advanced to explain the origin of the solar system.

  7. The asteroids as well as the comets and meteors probably represent the material of the primitive solar nebula that was not swept up when the larger planets were formed.

  8. The total mass of the asteroids is much less than that of the smallest of the planets.

  9. Presumably the planets and asteroids formed at one time a part of a central body which rotated on its axis in the direction in which they now revolve about the sun.

  10. The orbits of the asteroids are more elliptical and more highly inclined to one another than are the orbits of the planets, but on the average they are neither very elliptical nor very highly inclined to the planetary orbits.

  11. Average-sized asteroids would be the size of shot and the smallest would be merely grains of sand.

  12. With few exceptions the asteroids are only to be seen in large telescopes and then only as star-like points of light.

  13. There are only four asteroids whose diameters exceed one hundred miles and the majority have diameters of less than twenty miles.

  14. Asteroids and comets also obey these same laws, and after three observations of the positions of one of these bodies have been obtained its future movements can be predicted.

  15. He applies the principle of the convertibility of heat and motion to the question of the origin of the sun's heat, which he ascribes to the fall of asteroids upon the sun's surface.

  16. Among those who consider that it consists in the falling of asteroids or meteorites into the sun, is Mr. J.

  17. Arthur Searle of Harvard attributes it to a number of asteroids too small to be seen individually.

  18. I've been around the asteroids a lot and I've learned to depend on a Resource outside myself whatever the circumstances.

  19. This is to prove that I am able to render asteroids invisible and send them wherever I wish.

  20. Joe eased the ship through a scattering of moderate-sized asteroids and then came into a space where there were relatively few chunks of stone and iron moving through space.

  21. He's shown he can guide asteroids to near-pinpoint accuracy.

  22. The known asteroids and other heavenly bodies and the scheduled flights of spacecraft will be filtered out.

  23. Joe was busy threading the Vigilant Warrior through the asteroids for the next few minutes.

  24. The sunlight came through a scattering of asteroids orbiting at least a thousand miles away.

  25. As the work crew on the asteroid was able to produce sufficient sheathing, power, and propulsion units, a space crew was assigned the task of outfitting the asteroids that Lurton had previously chosen.

  26. His ruination of the atmosphere plants on Mars proves that he is able to direct asteroids to targets with high accuracy, and that we are unable to detect them.

  27. The five asteroids had arrived unseen until the last few seconds and had pulverized their targets with accuracy of less than half a mile of error.

  28. On the asteroids we can see for thousands of light years, but inside here it seems as if life is swallowed.

  29. The starfield swept away to right and left, with a couple of nearby asteroids visible to the eye.

  30. We already concluded that the ability to sheath spacecraft and even asteroids comes from an alien intelligence more advanced than our own race.

  31. Within seconds several asteroids were marked in his files.

  32. I've checked the specs on the asteroids you've selected and I've checked progress with what Stubb is doing.

  33. But the lightnings in space subsided by degrees; its accidental brilliancy died away; the asteroids dispersed in different directions and were extinguished in the distance.

  34. The total mass of the asteroids cannot exceed one-fourth that of the earth, and is probably much less.

  35. A vast number of asteroids has been discovered, and the width of the zone occupied by them found to be much more extensive.

  36. Between Mars and Jupiter lay a broad belt in which the asteroids swung.

  37. We’ll duck behind Vesta or another of the big asteroids and hide so their screens won’t pick up our motion.

  38. One theory said the asteroids were formed when a planet exploded.

  39. In making this suggestion, the author is well aware that Ephemerides of the four chief asteroids have been given annually in the Greenwich Nautical Almanac; but for the object proposed they are utterly useless.

  40. Eight bodies, uncomfortable and pain-wracked, floated in space, chained to tiny asteroids that drifted slowly in their orbits under the constant pull of the sun.

  41. We picked up the whole lot of them last week; they're occupying the asteroids now.

  42. The evidence, except as to the asteroids and Mercury, is not favorable to the planetesimal hypothesis, unless we make special assumptions as to the distribution of materials in the spiral nebulae.

  43. Of the physical composition of the asteroids and of the character of their surfaces we are entirely ignorant.

  44. This object was at first regarded merely as forming an addition of no special importance to the 432 asteroids whose discovery had preceded it.

  45. Two or three of the Asteroids were in view.

  46. William Herschel sanctioned this theory, and suggested the name asteroids for the tiny planets.

  47. From then on the finding of asteroids became a commonplace.

  48. They had now a straight stretch of over three hundred million miles, and had to cross the orbits of innumerable asteroids on the way.

  49. Our little solar system contains, as we know, about one thousand planets, satellites, and asteroids large enough to be dignified by the name of heavenly bodies.

  50. If the zone of asteroids had a common point through which they all successively passed, they could be unhesitatingly asserted to be the remains of an exploded planet.

  51. At first sight, and to ordinary careful inspection, this differs from the zone of asteroids in being a solid lump of matter, like a quoit.

  52. Saturn's ring is, in fact, a very concentrated zone of minor asteroids, and there is every reason to conclude that the origin of the solar asteroids cannot be very unlike the origin of the Saturnian ones.

  53. No more asteroids were discovered till 1845, but there are now several hundreds known.

  54. I should keep well within the limit of that early excess now, and should not liken the creation of Shakespeare to the creation of any heavenly body bigger, say, than one of the nameless asteroids that revolve between Mars and Jupiter.

  55. If some of our investors on neighboring asteroids ever found out about the peril adjoining them on Z-40, they'd probably insist on having their money back.

  56. The days are nearly three hours long: annoying till you get used to it, but nothing like the inferior asteroids of the Mars Company where days and nights are less than ten minutes in duration.

  57. A group of four asteroids has lately been found, with a mean distance and period equal to that of Jupiter.

  58. In the 1908 almanacs nearly seven hundred asteroids are included.

  59. It could have been begun before the bombardment started, or it could have been completed only near the end, when asteroids already plunged into defenseless Earth and it heaved and writhed in agony.

  60. Asteroids plunged down upon them, wiping them out.

  61. Don't they say that the mountains on the moon were made by asteroids falling on it?

  62. Ring-mountains sometimes hundreds of miles across, splashings of stone from the impact of asteroids and moonlets and islands of rock and metal falling from the sky.

  63. The nonmagnetic stony asteroids are an absolute necessity for the Belt Cities.

  64. The removal of the asteroids as a cheap source would mean that iron would become prohibitively expensive.

  65. The metallic nickel-iron asteroids made an excellent source of export products to ship to Earth, but the stony asteroids were for home consumption.

  66. Try climbing asteroids for a while," said Commodore Sir Harry Morgan.

  67. The stony asteroids are a different matter.

  68. Yet there are the orbits of one hundred and ninety-two asteroids so interlaced that, if they were made of wire, no one could be lifted without raising the whole net-work of them.

  69. The chain of asteroids is an illustration of meteoric bodies on a large scale.

  70. They are too distant from one another to exchange signals, except, perhaps, the fleet of asteroids that sail the azure between Mars and Jupiter.

  71. The forces which produced this difference in the period of rotation may have contended for the mastery in that part of our solar system where the asteroids are found; and the disruption may have resulted from such conflict of forces.

  72. Two other asteroids were found in this year; and two in 1851.

  73. But the stony asteroids provide them with their oxygen.

  74. It is certainly an uncomfortable idea to suppose that the asteroids are the fragments of a former world, perhaps accompanied with satellites which have been scattered either by internal convulsion or external violence.

  75. If there were no Centripetal Force, then the Centrifugal Force would hurl the planets and comets, asteroids or minor planets away into the depths of space, never to return to their central sun.

  76. In addition to the planets and asteroids which revolve around the sun, there are also other bodies termed Comets, which revolve round the solar orb.

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