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Example sentences for "atones"

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  1. Hebrews speaks of Christ as transcending the rites and officials of the law; He accomplishes the realities which they could only foreshadow; in relation to the perfect, heavenly sacrifice which atones for sin, He is both priest and victim.

  2. It is not his own individual sins that the hero atones for, but original sin=, i.

  3. Its details are of the most exaggerated rococo type, like confectioner’s work done in stone; and yet the building has an air of princely splendor which partly atones for its details.

  4. Like the neighboring façade of St. Mark’s, it violates nearly every principle of correct composition, and yet in a measure atones for this capital defect by its charm of detail.

  5. If he enjoys a kind farewell overnight, he atones for it by the coldest greeting in the morning.

  6. It is this chivalrous poetic side that atones for the many follies of Sisterhoods; for the pauperism they introduce among the poor, the cliqueism of their inner life, the absurdities of their "holy obedience.

  7. He has a magnetic touch that arrests attention and atones for technical shortcomings.

  8. An experimenter of audacity, Piranesi's mastery of the technique of etching has seldom been equalled, and even in his inferior work the skilful printing atones for many defects.

  9. It is the greatest gift you have given me, and it atones for his depriving me of it.

  10. If a man has fallen in love with a sweet, enchanting face, and succeeds in lifting the veil of the sanctuary only to find deformities there, still the face wins the day, atones for all, and the sacrifice is consummated.

  11. His general doctrine amounts properly to this, that what is called a good heart atones for all errors and extravagances, and that, with respect to virtue, we are not to insist so strictly on principles.

  12. Minucius publicly and fully atones for his rashness.

  13. Thus a wise man obtains great wealth without committing a very great crime, and when he has gained the advantage, he atones for his fault in the same way as a man who digs a well.

  14. One of the later popes has declared that the murder of a Protestant is so good a deed that it atones and more than atones for the murder of a Catholic.

  15. Miss Preston," said I, "the promise of the bud atones for its folded leaves.

  16. The firste cause is, for that curious endyting and hard sentence is ful hevy atones for swich a child to lerne.

  17. This is almost a fatal symptom in the history of love's decay, unless the perception be attended, as it is in happy cases, by the perception of new beauties whose presence more than atones for the absence of the old.

  18. Like Berlioz, he lacks the geniality of musical inspiration, but atones for this by vivid orchestral color and mastery of material effects.

  19. He atones for a certain lack of musical inspiration by mastery of material effects and power of vivid portrayal.

  20. What the lower part lacks in ornament the cresting more than atones for; it is unusually ornate, consisting of interlacing ogee arches with crocketed pinnacles between them, all very elaborately hammered up.

  21. Well, our state atones For thus much license, and words break no bones!

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