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  1. Alkalies: very useful before meals in atonic dyspepsia, or two hours after.

  2. Rue: in atonic conditions of ovaries or of uterus.

  3. Water: cold and hot, alternately dashed over loins in atonic cases.

  4. Turpentine Oil: in atonic constipation with much gaseous distention of colon.

  5. Cantharides: in atonic bladder, painting around the umbilicus with the acetum.

  6. Eucalyptus: in atonic dyspepsia due to the presence of sarcinae.

  7. Cold Douche: to perineum and testicles, in atonic types.

  8. Diphthongs, whether medial or final, are treated alike in atonic syllables.

  9. Only vowels which are short and atonic may be lost.

  10. Atonic medial #a#, except in the cases mentioned below under (d.

  11. The functional activities are either hyperactive as in acute inflammation, or sluggish and inactive as in chronic atonic and atrophic conditions.

  12. An excellent medicine in chlorosis, hysteria, and atonic amenorrh[oe]a.

  13. In atonic incontinence of urine, amenorrh[oe]a, &c.

  14. The peculiar nauseating odour of sewer-gas was distinctly perceptible, and I had but little doubt but that atonic disease was rapidly making its inroads on the occupants.

  15. In atonic deafness, accompanied with induration of the wax.

  16. A wine-glassful twice a day, in atonic amenorrh[oe]a.

  17. A stomachic and gentle aperient, particularly useful in atonic dyspepsia.

  18. Dose, 2 to 4 pills; in the atonic dyspepsia of debilitated subjects, in chlorosis, &c.

  19. The base of the anterior lobes of the brain belong to the atonic region--the source of those languid, deranging influences which coincide with morbidity and disease.

  20. A body having an atonic or a lymphatic temperament is abundantly supplied with absorbent organs, which are very sluggish in their operations.

  21. Where we meet with atonic conditions however, with debility, malnutrition, want of energy or general asthenia of an obscure nature, and amenable to electric influence, the tonic effects of the baths become striking and brilliant.

  22. But to the antiquarian, to one who wants to see monuments as old as the Pyramids of Egypt, the Brogha na Boinne, or burghs of the Boyne, should be a great attraction.

  23. Mixed with water it is used as a wash for atonic ulcers.

  24. The decoction of the leaves is used locally in sores and atonic ulcers, followed by a poultice of the boiled and mashed leaves.

  25. The trunk bark is astringent and in decoction is used for atonic diarrhoea and as a lotion for ulcers.

  26. The seeds are used as a condiment; they are stimulant and carminative and yield good results in atonic dyspepsia, nervous depression and spasmodic or flatulent affections of the intestine.

  27. In the Philippines it is used extensively as a diaphoretic and emmenagogue and in icterus, intestinal colic and dysmenorrhoea; externally for skin diseases, contusions and atonic ulcers.

  28. It is indicated in flatulent colic, atonic dyspepsia and diarrhoea and gives very good results.

  29. The entire plant is a stimulant and carminative but little used internally; in atonic dyspepsia it has given good results taken in the same form as the infusion of manzanilla.

  30. The leaf juice and the bruised leaves are applied to wounds and atonic ulcers.

  31. In the atonic diarrhoeas so common in the Philippines a tincture of cinnamon in doses of 8-10 grams a day, or the powder in cases where alcohol was contraindicated, have given me unhoped-for results.

  32. It is used with good effect in flatulent colic, atonic diseases of the intestines so common in the Philippines and in chronic rheumatism.

  33. When synovial distensions are of long standing, it is necessary to take special precautions to check excessive secretion of synovial fluid, and, also because of the atonic condition of the tissues affected, resolution is tardy.

  34. Sheaths may be opened surgically by means of a knife, and the removal of a portion of the wall of distended and atonic tendon sheaths is possible.

  35. In debility, convalescence after fevers, and other debilitating diseases, atonic dyspepsia, and in mild forms of intermittent fevers.

  36. Exceptionally useful in atonic indigestion, malnutrition, convalescence from the acute diseases, and all digestive disorders characterized by deranged or depressed functions.

  37. Aaron, in his “Diseases of the Digestive Organs,” speaks favorably of its use in atonic constipation.

  38. Though subacute, irregular, or atonic gout is often the sequence of repeated attacks of the acute disease, it is not necessarily preceded by them, nor is acute gout invariably followed by a marked gouty dyscrasia.

  39. Carried to its extreme degree, this method was deprecated by Sydenham and his disciples as tending often to prolong the attack and precipitate the manifestations of atonic gout.

  40. Gradually the dyscrasia becomes more {120} profound, and the constitutional symptoms and structural changes which belong to the atonic and irregular forms of the disease are developed.

  41. Among the agencies affecting the digestive process in atonic forms of dyspepsia may be mentioned-- First, predisposing causes; Second, exciting causes.

  42. The cases of so-called atonic dilatation of the stomach belong to this class.

  43. These express simply certain states of the system with which atonic dyspepsia is so frequently found associated.

  44. But it cannot be too strongly stated, in conclusion, that in the management of the atonic forms of dyspepsia hygienic treatment is of prime importance.

  45. The disease with which chronic gastritis is most liable to be confounded is atonic dyspepsia, the chief points of distinction from which have been already alluded to.

  46. Exhaustion of the nerves of organic life strongly predisposes to the atonic forms of dyspepsia.

  47. Opinions differ as to the frequency of non-stenotic or atonic dilatation of the stomach according to the manner in which one interprets the cases.

  48. Some of these general conditions were pointed out while speaking of atonic forms of dyspepsia.

  49. Buchard claims that atonic dilatation of the stomach is a very frequent result of an adynamic state of the general system.

  50. Of the causes of non-stenotic dilatation of the stomach, the first place is to be assigned to chronic catarrhal gastritis and to atonic dyspepsia, as this term is understood by most English and American writers.

  51. Atonic dilatation seems to be comparatively more frequent in private practice and among the favorably situated than in hospitals and among the poor.

  52. In atonic constipation, the form now under consideration, the laxative chalybeate waters are indicated where there is anaemia or debility.

  53. This state has been absurdly enough called the atonic gout, as if there were a gout accompanied with vigour and sthenic diathesis: but the absence of inflammation in the extremities may depend on two causes.

  54. Seguin says "tonic quiescence is necessarily the first step from atonic quiescence; or if you wish, from a disordered activity to an activity which represents harmony between the muscular system and the mind.

  55. Apathetics, showing atonic digestion, may have coffee either before eating or during their meals.

  56. Stimulate active movements in the atonic child until he is able to stand erect in tonic quiescence.

  57. Their topical effects upon the mucous membrane of the stomach are stimulant and alterative; hence they are useful in atonic dyspepsia, where there is deficient secretion of the gastric juice.

  58. Nervous and atonic dyspepsias are often benefitted by the use of bitter beer, and by drachm doses of brandy or whisky largely diluted.

  59. Usually, there is a chronic atonic dyspepsia, or a chronic catarrhal gastro-enteritis, or a combination of both conditions, to be remedied.

  60. A conjunctive attribute is connected with the word or phrase which it modifies by the atonic particle na.

  61. The atonic particle pag gives the time when of a single non-actual occurrence; cf.

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