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Example sentences for "avulsion"

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  1. Avulsion of Tendon with Terminal Phalanx of Thumb.

  2. Skin grafting of raw surfaces is commonly indicated after operations for malignant disease in which considerable areas of skin must be sacrificed, and after accidents, such as avulsion of the scalp by machinery.

  3. In the last century Hunezoysky observed complete avulsion of the arm by a cannon-ball, without the slightest hemorrhage.

  4. In some instances avulsion of a finger is effected in a peculiar manner.

  5. The symptoms following avulsion of the upper extremity are seen as well in similar accidents to the leg and thigh, although the latter are possibly the more fatal.

  6. Verhaeghe records complete avulsion of the eye caused by a man falling against the ring of a sharp-worn key.

  7. Madden mentions a man of fifty who fell under the feet of a pair of horses, and suffered avulsion of the testicles through the scrotum.

  8. In the severest forms of scalp-injuries, such as avulsion of the scalp from the entangling of the hair in machinery, skin-grafting or replantation is of particular value.

  9. It occasionally happens that in avulsion of the finger an entire tendon is stripped up and torn off with the detached member.

  10. In von Graefe's Archiv there is a record of a man of seventy-five who suffered complete avulsion of the eye by a cart-wheel passing over his head.

  11. Avulsion of the male external genitalia is not always accompanied by serious consequences, and even in some cases the sexual power is preserved.

  12. Smellie has recorded an instance in which, after avulsion of a nipple in suckling, restitution was effected.

  13. According to Billroth the avulsion of an arm is usually followed by fatal shock.

  14. The Ephemerides contains an account of the avulsion of the hand without any bleeding, and Woolcomb has observed a huge wound of the arm from which hemorrhage was similarly absent.

  15. The older writers mentioned as a curious fact that avulsion of the arm, unaccompanied by hemorrhage, had been noticed.

  16. Will gives an excellent instance of avulsion of the right arm and scapula in a girl of eighteen, who was caught in flax-spinning machinery.

  17. Avulsion of the iris due to movement of the patient’s head.

  18. Avulsion is usually not complete and only results in a larger iridectomy than was intended.

  19. By a quick movement of avulsion the tumour is then torn from its attachment.

  20. Avulsion of the #tuberosity of the tibia# occasionally occurs in youths, from violent contraction of the quadriceps--as in jumping.

  21. Avulsion of the tubercle# may occur from forcible contraction of the biceps, or, in children, from traction made on the forearm (A.

  22. There still remained some hope that an "everlasting avulsion from Great Britain would be avoided.

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