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Example sentences for "barmaids"

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  1. Barmaids or drunks or kings--they all look about alike to the stars, I reckon.

  2. Barmaids are unknown to the experience of the average cowboy.

  3. The farmers merely acknowledged by their countenances the propriety of this remark, and finding that nobody else spoke, one of the barmaids said 'yes,' in a tone of painful duty.

  4. In 1850 we find him landlord of a tavern in Red Lion Street, Holborn, attracting custom by dressing his barmaids in bloomer costume.

  5. When they find cadets hobnobbing with barmaids and fooling around with chorus–girls, they think and talk a lot.

  6. You can’t expect barmaids and ballet–girls to have souls.

  7. Who know not the power of barmaids and beer-- Don’t see for yourself!

  8. On the inside of the counter two barmaids leant over the white-handled beer-engines, and the row of little silvered taps inside, dripping into a pewter trough.

  9. The barmaids had too strongly appealed to his sense of novelty.

  10. No blowzy barmaids for him to-day: an American bar-keep to whom he could tell his troubles and receive the proper meed of sympathy.

  11. Of course these barmaids lay themselves out to the best advantage, in the doing of their hair and their white frills, and what not, which is human nature again, sir.

  12. In 1891 an effort was made to introduce the English system of barmaids into the saloons of New York City.

  13. Comparison to English Barmaids Since my residence in Concord, N.

  14. It was the younger woman who was the ordinary barmaid; she had bright hair, and the bright vacant stupidity which, in my narrow experience, barmaids so often catch like an infectious disease from their clients.

  15. He would not deny that there were some barmaids who were not strictly virtuous, but to accuse them as a class of being dangerous was going too far.

  16. The article for the abolition of barmaids was dealt with.

  17. Seen through the gold of old Scotch, life seems more beautiful, and the barmaids more fetching.

  18. The barmaids were really thankful for the Bible and Card movement, as their suffering from blasphemous and bad language was great.

  19. When Mac went for it, one of the barmaids asked him if he had heard of the great bank robbery.

  20. Barmaids are a great institution in England--that is, they have never more than one man behind a bar, none at all in the railway bars.

  21. Little did the barmaids dream of the treasure that was in the bag at their feet.

  22. In the course of my wanderings I had seen few barmaids worth looking at twice.

  23. Does Herr think that all barmaids are as ignorant as fiction and ill-meaning novelists depict them?

  24. I must mention again the barmaids whose business it is to attract customers by exciting their sexual desire, at the same time exploiting themselves by prostitution.

  25. The way in which barmaids flirt with their customers is also somewhat conventional, although in quite a different way.

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