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Example sentences for "barnacles"

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  1. The head was followed, almost instinctively, by a hand travelling furtively to the crimpers that gripped the lady’s brow like barnacles clinging to a keel.

  2. Here, again, our author is speaking of the barnacles themselves, with which he naturally confuses the geese, since he presumes the Crustaceans are simply geese in an undeveloped state.

  3. This description, it may be remarked, clearly applies to the barnacles themselves.

  4. The learned author of the "Science of Language" argues that the true barnacles were named, properly enough, Bernaculae, and lays stress on the fact that Bernicle geese were first caught in Ireland.

  5. Afterward they hang down by their beaks, as if from a seaweed attached to the timber, surrounded by shells, in order to grow more freely," Giraldus is here evidently describing the barnacles themselves.

  6. Our author no doubt here alludes to the ravages of the Teredo, or ship-worm, which burrows into timber, and with which the barnacles themselves are thus confused.

  7. By what means could the barnacles become credited with the power of producing the well-known geese?

  8. Sir Robert Moray therefore agrees in respect of the manner of nourishment of the barnacles with the opinion of Giraldus already quoted.

  9. In some variants of the story this shell is said to grow as a kind of mushroom on rotting timber in the sea, and is obviously one of the barnacles of the genus Lepas.

  10. Originally, the name was given to the stalked barnacles (Lepadidae of C.

  11. But what shall we say to this piece of plank, hung with barnacles that look large enough for the fabled barnacle-goose to emerge from?

  12. There are small barnacles and sea-weed too, which give the mysterious stick a sort of brevet antiquity.

  13. Looking through the port-hole, I saw a great steep hill rising up from the water, with houses clinging to its side, like barnacles on the side of a rock.

  14. And always the little barnacles threw out their casting-nets and swept the water, and came in for their share of whatever there was for dinner.

  15. Spectacles; -- so called from their resemblance to the barnacles used by farriers.

  16. Resembling an acorn; -- applied to a group of barnacles having shells shaped like acorns.

  17. When the sun went to bed, they fairly booted and spurred each other as before, and having clapped on their barnacles e'en jogged to bed too.

  18. This being done, the least thing they did was to sleep and snore; and thus sleeping, they had barnacles on the handles of their faces, or spectacles at most.

  19. We will not talk about that just now, but wait till we take our excursion to the rocky shore, where we shall find barnacles and corallines and sea-mats and polyps bigger and better than here.

  20. The story of these barnacles is a very curious one.

  21. If the unfortunate wretch fails, the process is to be repeated, with this addition, that on the second occasion the quantity of barnacles provided is to be sufficient for both the captain and the first lieutenant.

  22. Port Egmont Hens, a Seal, some sea Weed, and a Piece of wood with Barnacles upon it.

  23. Took up a very small piece of wood with Barnacles upon it, a proof that it hath been some time at Sea.

  24. Charles Leigh, in his Natural History of Lancashire, gravely labours to refute the notion that barnacles grow into geese, as had been asserted by Speed and others.

  25. Some people think barnacles resemble crabs more than they do fishes; they go through changes, and while young possess no shells.

  26. Of course, barnacles and similar creatures are not found on trees away from the ocean.

  27. Some of the South American barnacles are sought after as a delicacy, having the flavour of a nice crab.

  28. We see men chopping down trees, which have a striking resemblance to barnacles upside down.

  29. The restoration has affected notable improvement on the exterior, clearing away all the old houses which clung like barnacles to the walls.

  30. These are the feet of the crustacean, which in the barnacles are modified into food catchers, grasping at the minute animals contained in the water.

  31. The barnacles deposit eggs, and the young are at first free swimming, but soon acquire a shell, seek the bottom, or some floating object, and become fixtures for life.

  32. What are called goose barnacles have long stems, and the old writers considered them young geese which grew on trees and finally fell into the water.

  33. A stem or peduncle, as of certain barnacles and crinoids.

  34. A sort of stem by which certain shells and barnacles are attached to other objects.

  35. Barnacles had fastened upon the hull, and long tresses of green, dank seaweed hung trailing from the iron paddle-wheels.

  36. Bradford he fixed him with a meditative gaze over the tops of his barnacles and said,-- "You know something of botany, Governor.

  37. Thou shouldst have seen the dear old man, barnacles on nose, peering and peeping and muttering over the queer device, all at one as he were a wizard himself and working some spell.

  38. The eyes of Barnacles lit up again--sparkled.

  39. Barnacles now sets to again, fresh as when he began.

  40. In fact, it was not only the stomach of Barnacles that needed filling.

  41. In the course of the evening Mr Barnacles disappeared.

  42. By this time Mr Barnacles seemed again to feel that he had dined.

  43. The sweets now made their appearance, and were viewed by Mr Barnacles with indifference.

  44. The dose so far kept him right, that Barnacles didn't leave the table: but he was evidently hors de combat.

  45. The game was now fairly opened; a hoax had already commenced, and Barnacles was the destined victim.

  46. It was clear Mr Barnacles was now beat to a standstill.

  47. Barnacles cover the top of every rock that the tide reaches, and the long, blackish, snakelike seaweed is strewn along the beach.

  48. Pillars of stone incrusted with barnacles and periwinkles rise all around, while long tendrils of sea ferns wave like banners around their base.

  49. Why, man, there are successive layers of barnacles on that copper cylinder which show a submersion of at least three years, perhaps more.

  50. The nature of the metal was not easily perceptible, for it was coated with slime, and covered over about half its surface with barnacles and sea-weed.

  51. Oh, monsieur, we eat cakes made of buckwheat, and barnacles which I get off the rocks.

  52. This region is fine for none but noble souls; persons without sentiments could never live here; poets and barnacles alone should inhabit it.

  53. It was not until many years after (1830) that Thompson proved by their life-history that barnacles are true crustacea.

  54. The elimination of the barnacles or Cirrhipedes from the molluscs was a decided step in advance, and was a proof of the acute observation and sound judgment of Lamarck.

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