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Example sentences for "bathos"

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  1. A sense of propriety, we will not say of humour, would have prevented such a bathos as this.

  2. Shelley had none, yet was rescued from bathos by enthusiasm.

  3. The bathos of the thought and style may be judged from the heroine's affecting mention of an entertainment as "the last ballet my unhappy father ever saw.

  4. The most unexpected bathos of these last three words is of course intentional, and is Hamilton all over.

  5. From such beginnings we too clearly foresee the hopeless bathos of the end.

  6. He'll never be able to emerge from his bathos of coarseness and ignorance,'" cried Heathcliff in exultation; but love can do as much as hatred.

  7. The adult male person is not so much shocked at the coarseness of this story as astounded at the bathos of its introduction.

  8. In fact it reaches the nadir of its bathos in a later speech of Klutaimnestra in the line "The perfect man his home perambulating!

  9. This stroke of bathos brought about good-humor again, and soon our whole attention was absorbed in that magical music which to this hour electrifies me more than that of any other opera excepting "Norma.

  10. Life is full of bathos as well as pathos.

  11. You require a deep-sea-lead of uncommonly cunning construction to sound, register, and compare the profundities of the bathos in novels.

  12. I now descend into the bathos of egotism.

  13. Bathos attends all high words," he said, as she paused, chiefly to see whether he was awake, and not like her dumb playfellow of old.

  14. This is not their natural bathos but their misuse.

  15. He never attempts grandiloquence; but then he never sinks into the fashionable bathos of--"Sugar in your tea, dear?

  16. It would not be more pleasant to light on Dublin instead of Birkenhead, than to leap from the present bathos of fictitious literature to the firmly-fixed rock honoured by the foot of a Smollett or a Fielding.

  17. But it will be inevitable, when the two come first into contact, that the bathos will sound like vulgarity and the extravagance will sound like boasting.

  18. The first, that in the year 1759, the Italian painters were, in our author's opinion, sunk in the very bathos of insipidity.

  19. The aim of this Omega to his own alphabet was twofold; to bring together every object which denoted the end of time, and throw a ridicule upon the bathos and profundity of the ancient masters.

  20. That the bathos is not confined to the poet, but hath at sundry times and in divers manners been of sovereign use to the painter, I am well convinced.

  21. The first, that in the year 1759 the Italian painters were, in our author's opinion, sunk in the very bathos of insipidity.

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