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  1. When the smoke of the explosion cleared, thirty of the bathers lay dead in, on and around the tubs, and forty were wounded, all more or less badly.

  2. One or two were stretched full length on the identical stone slabs under the building on which, doubtless, two thousand years ago, the bathers of that date used to repose after having been half boiled alive.

  3. The result is that the bathers are all obliged to live in tents or mat huts, which are unbearably hot during the day, or ride from the town and back again for every bath.

  4. No representation, however, of a bath as we understand it is given upon the Greek vases, bathers being represented either simply washing at an elevated basin, or having water poured over them from above.

  5. The bathers sit on benches until they perspire profusely, when they are rubbed with soapsuds and dashed with cold water.

  6. Special attention should be paid by bathers to the exclusion of salt water from the mouth and ears.

  7. Today there were not half a dozen carriages and omnibuses altogether, and the bathers were few-nursery maids, fragments of a day-excursion, and some of the fair conventionists.

  8. Long may the bathers of Leuk live to soak and converse!

  9. The bathers were certainly very lively and social at table-d'hote, where we had the pleasure of meeting some hundred of them, dressed.

  10. For a week past they have been tearing up and down the beach from sunrise until the bathers begin to turn out for their morning dip.

  11. Remember, from now on you lads are the guardians of the lives of bathers at Old Harbor Beach.

  12. The distance between the two stations includes all of the beach reserved for bathers and it will give each machine about a mile to patrol.

  13. You know, I think I'll stay in my bathing suit all day, even though there won't be any bathers to rescue.

  14. You can spend the rest of the afternoon becoming familiar with the apparatus, and I guess you'll have all the time you want to practice during the next two or three days, for while the races are on no bathers will be allowed on the beach.

  15. Through crowds of bathers the lads made their way until they arrived at a long, low structure built near the board walk.

  16. Had they heard of any disaster among the bathers on the beach during the last two hours?

  17. Mrs. Delarayne smiled imperceptibly at this remark, and all the bathers ran off to prepare for lunch.

  18. A Chinese pagoda, a Grecian temple, numerous arbours and seats are there for strollers; and swings and see-saws for the exercise of youthful bathers after their dips.

  19. There is a row of little pavilions on the edge of the sea, where bathers undress; and a paved way leads them to an enclosed space where are numerous poles fixed, with ropes reaching from one to the other at different depths.

  20. The bathers reappeared on the grass-ridge, racing and flapping wet towels.

  21. The two bathers dipped over an undulation.

  22. Faint light that the waves hold Is only light remaining; yet still gleam The sands where those now-sleeping young moon-bathers Came dripping out of the sea and from their arms Shook flakes of light, dancing on the foamy edge Of quiet waves.

  23. Then the bathers were allowed to resume their garments and soon all were doing full justice to the good fare provided.

  24. The shirkers could not possibly resist the temptation to indulge in some game at the expense of their fellows, so they formed themselves into a society for "the prevention of bathers regaining their clothes"!

  25. There, in the first hint of dawn, bathers had begun to assemble for Hindu prayers and a ritual morning bath.

  26. But Johnny and Paddy were asleep, the rose-red glow had paled, bats were flying, and still the bathers had not returned.

  27. William got up and went through the French windows into the garden, and as he stood there in the shadow he heard the bathers coming up the sandy road; their voices rang through the quiet.

  28. Let bathers think of it next time they swallow a gulp of sea water.

  29. A few of these bathers had rented towels from an office on the stairs, but the great majority simply rubbed themselves with their hands and then dried in the sun.

  30. The river front for thirty feet is densely crowded with bathers who stand on small floats or go into the shallow water.

  31. With my boat moored near the bank and directly opposite the Manikarnika ghat, the favorite place on the river, I watched the stream of bathers for nearly an hour.

  32. The floats are dotted with hundreds of bathers and the number of these increases every few minutes.

  33. A {486}young girl sitting at the taps distributes to the bathers glasses of sulphurous water.

  34. Hold the loose end of the thread taut in one hand as you carefully slide the bathers along the life rope until all stand in shallow water.

  35. When the raft is riding the waves, the four bathers holding on the life-line and the other wax girls and boys playing in the sand, wading and diving in the water, let a mermaid come slowly swimming through the water toward them.

  36. Stir the water and cause the waves to rise while you keep the thread moving up and down to make the dolls jump and frolic like real bathers (Fig.

  37. The cries from the bathers were not as sharp, the music from the midway seemed to have lost some of its sharpness and the whole crowd of holiday celebrators relaxed with the coming of night.

  38. Motor boats were whisking down the lake from Rolfe and the beautiful beach was thick with bathers in for a morning dip in the clear waters of the lake.

  39. Practically tested in a swimming-bath, several bathers could not sink one placed there for the experiment, and it took a dead weight of nearly a hundredweight to do so.

  40. For instance, I once dreamt about a kind of swimming-bath where the bathers suddenly separated in all directions; at one place on the edge a person stood bending towards one of the bathers as if to drag him out.

  41. There were no bathers in the surf; no carriages were drawn up on the higher part of the beach, and the road leading around Easton's Point showed only a few scattered figures and one solitary horseman on its entire length.

  42. Generally, excepting at St. Cloud, where the Queen bathed in an apartment below her own, a slipper bath was rolled into her room, and her bathers brought everything that was necessary for the bath.

  43. Thus dressed, the Queen went to bed again, and the bathers and servants of the chamber took away the bathing apparatus.

  44. The bathers wrapped her in it and dried her completely.

  45. Her party had withdrawn under the shade of the promenade, and the bathers had all disappeared.

  46. He lifted her over a magnificent roller, turning to watch it break, and sweep inward the less daring bathers near shore.

  47. There were a few bathers at the upper lines, but lower down, the beach could be seen already dotted by the patrons of the more central baths.

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