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Example sentences for "bathhouse"

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  1. The bathhouse had a separate heating apparatus of its own, which kept the room or rooms at the desired temperature and furnished hot water as required.

  2. To the simpler bathhouse of the earlier times as well as to the bath itself was given the name balneum (balineum), used often in the plural, balnea, by the dactylic poets for metrical convenience.

  3. Also, by the shore a new bathhouse and the Jacob Bolin Gymnasium were built and opened, as well as the Fenton Memorial Home for Methodist Deaconesses on the Overlook addition.

  4. No dressing room was attached to the bathhouse that was situated at one end of the Cherbourg rest camp.

  5. The first eight who entered the bathhouse were eager to get under the showers and consequently did not glance about to inspect the equipment of the room.

  6. You ought to see the bathhouse and the little clubhouse, the stand, the track, the diamond, and the field in general.

  7. At the bathhouse they found the big colored man, Jumbo, who bowed most respectfully to Hodge.

  8. Pete was a Hollander, and therefore found firm and staunch friends in Harree, John o' the Bathhouse and the other Hollanders.

  9. Of all the inhabitants of The Enormous Room, Fritz and Harree and Pom Pom and Bathhouse John enjoyed it most.

  10. That Bathhouse John's interest was largely cynical is evidenced by the remarks which he threw out between spittings--"Une section mesdames!

  11. So I put my scythe in the shed, and we went down the steep path, and along the shore where the water lapped high; and past my clam beds to the bathhouse near the stone pier.

  12. The Bathhouse was ill when I was in Chicago.

  13. As between himself and Bathhouse John, the other First Ward fixture on the Board of Aldermen, it is generally conceded that Hinky Dink is the more able and intelligent.

  14. He and his colleague, Bathhouse John, have figured in my mind as a pair of absurd, imaginary figures, such as might have been invented by some whimsical son of a comic supplement like Winsor McCay.

  15. One was the famous pair of First Ward aldermen who have attained a national fame under their nick-names, "Hinky Dink" and "Bathhouse John.

  16. The bathhouse is consumed by fire, and the town is all agog with excitement.

  17. He proceeds to the bathhouse to take his ablution, and thence to the synagogue, leaving the tailor all the while in his pocket.

  18. Now this bathhouse detail will teach ya so you can get a job in a Turkish bath when ya get out o' the army.

  19. When she comes near the bathhouse you must seize her and kiss her.

  20. Do you go and hide yourself by the bathhouse down by the lake.

  21. As soon as she came near the bathhouse the Prince sprang out from behind it and caught her in his arms and kissed her.

  22. The Brownies now raced off to the bathhouse to dress.

  23. From the bathhouse Barney brought a long-handled net.

  24. Lockers were provided in the bathhouse for the safekeeping of all valuables.

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