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Example sentences for "beaks"

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beak; beaked; beaker; beakers; beakful; beam; beame; beamed; beamer; beames
  1. The aruspices answered, that the prodigy would prove happy in the issue; that it portended extension of territory and destruction of enemies; for those beaks of ships which the storm had scattered were spoils.

  2. Their enormous beaks are peculiarly adapted for searching in quest of eggs about the crevices of trees.

  3. Over from Stron a shrewd thin wind came to make stir among the trees in the Duke's big garden, and the crows rasped their beaks on the beech-branches, for they knew that here was the day's forerunner.

  4. Turtles are also taken in nets, in the meshes of which their beaks and flippers get entangled; thus prevented from coming to the surface for air, they die of asphyxia.

  5. The general characteristic of the birds ranked in this family are--slightly-curved beaks of medium dimensions, wings generally short and concave, and tapering tails.

  6. The weakness of their beaks does not permit of their boring trees; therefore they seek their nourishment upon the ground, principally amongst the ant-hills.

  7. Cuckoos have elegant shapes; beaks almost as long as the head, compressed, and slightly curved; the tail rather long and rounded.

  8. When first hatched, the young ones are excessively ugly, their beaks being almost as large as their bodies.

  9. Parrots have a mania for using their beaks upon everything that comes in their way.

  10. Then with their beaks they proceed to collect all the stones in the neighbourhood, which they heap up outside the lines marked out, to serve them as a wall, to shelter them from the prevailing winds.

  11. They defend themselves vigorously with their beaks when an attempt is made to lay hands upon them; and when pursued, they will pretend to retreat, and return immediately, throwing themselves upon their assailant.

  12. They settle in numbers on the flexible branches that overhang the stream, and when, by their weight, the branch bends downwards, they dip their beaks in the water.

  13. With their beaks still loaded, they move around with a frightened look, and refuse to approach the nest till I have moved off and lain down behind a log.

  14. Being at anchor, as I have said, in one of the deep creeks between the islands of Parana, as the evening drew to a close, one of these scissor-beaks suddenly appeared.

  15. When the cuckoos all were calling, From their mouths was gold distilling, 160 From their beaks was copper flowing, Likewise silver pouring onward To the hills all golden-shining, And among the silver mountains.

  16. In addition to the castings which they swallow, tearing these is good exercise for them, and biting the bones prevents the beaks from overgrowing.

  17. Here they fight very much like game-cocks, seizing each other with their beaks and striking with their wings.

  18. These young birds were not albinoes, as shewn by the colour of their beaks and legs, which nearly resembled the same parts in the adults.

  19. This leads me to remark that it is not at all incredible that toucans may owe the enormous size of their beaks to sexual selection, for the sake of displaying the diversified and vivid stripes of colour, with which these organs are ornamented.

  20. With a slight difference of this nature as a foundation, we can see how the beaks of the two sexes might be made to differ greatly through natural selection.

  21. Birds which seem ill-adapted for fighting engage in fierce conflicts; thus with the pelican the stronger males drive away the weaker ones, snapping with their huge beaks and giving heavy blows with their wings.

  22. Latin war, it was adorned with the beaks of captured vessels; later, applied also to other platforms erected in Rome for the use of public orators.

  23. Eliza laid herself down on the net, and when the sun rose and her brothers again became wild swans, they took up the net with their beaks and flew up to the clouds with their dear sister, who still slept.

  24. So saying she brought in a pailful of water; and the Hen and Cock perched themselves on its edge, put their beaks in, and then drew their heads up as birds do when drinking; the Cow also took a hearty draught.

  25. The beaks of the galleys sparkled, the roof of Khamon appeared to be all in flames, while far within the temples, whose doors were opening, glimmerings of light could be seen.

  26. A little bird sat on the edge of her nest; Her yellow-beaks slept as sound as tops; That day she had done her very best, And had filled every one of their little crops.

  27. There were four love-birds in an exquisitely made bamboo cage, lovely little creatures with red beaks and blue and green plumage.

  28. Sometimes it wouldn't fly in, but only fly past the open door; and the little ones would begin to squeak, and open their beaks directly.

  29. Among the leaves and grapes one saw a nest of little birds, with their beaks wide open, and the father and mother perched above them.

  30. And get kotched by the beaks vile doing so!

  31. M├Žnius, who decorated the rostra with the iron beaks of vessels taken in war.

  32. It was adorned by Augustus with the beaks of the vessels taken in the battle of Actium, and hence obtained the name of Rostra Julia.

  33. Yes," said Jim, angrily; "the beaks have got him into their nets.

  34. I know all our own private personal beaks would rather have a fellow's own work, if of fair quality, than all the weirdest screeds from any crib whatsoever.

  35. Jim made the experiment, very gingerly, be it said, but did show up his own work, and from Corker to Merishall all the beaks were civil to him.

  36. You're just the fellow to lift my Latin and those filthy mathematics high enough out of the mud to keep the beaks from worrying me to death.

  37. And with sticks and staves and flaring torches they turned on the fierce birds that came sweeping and swirling out of the dark upon them on bristling feathers, with ravening beaks and talons.

  38. The action in this case was particularly well seen, and the vehement jerking, while the beaks were glued together, seemed almost enough to pull the young fellow's head off.

  39. She thrust her bill into their mouths so far" (I quote my notes) "that the tips of their short little beaks were up against the root of her mandibles!

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