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  1. The two last cases of the cone-beaked perching birds, are devoted to those birds known collectively as Hornbills, from the size and formation of their bills.

  2. Having feasted his eyes upon the gaudy colours of these feathered fishermen, the visitor will find in the next case (43) the first specimens of the slender-beaked perching birds.

  3. The visitor next approaches the varieties of the family known as the tooth-beaked perching birds.

  4. These include the leonine seal of the Southern Ocean, the Cape porpoise and dolphin, and the long-beaked dolphin of the Ganges.

  5. The young ravens are beaked like the old.

  6. He had a huge beaked nose, and a little black ferrety eye, which almost pierced what it gazed upon.

  7. He looked at his companion, but saw not anything more notable than the high-peaked hat, and the huge beaked nose, as before.

  8. The beaked visor, represented in so many manuscripts of about the close of the fourteenth century, is a fine defensive and not unpicturesque form.

  9. In one group of soldiery alone, in the second volume, page 84, the helm of the early fourteenth century, the beaked bassinet of the early fifteenth, and various forms of visored and unvisored sallads are assembled together.

  10. It has been asserted, that of the best short-beaked tumbler-pigeons a greater number perish in the egg than are able to get out of it; so that fanciers assist in the act of hatching.

  11. But whomsoever I shall perceive desirous to remain at the beaked ships, apart from the battle, it will not be possible for him afterwards to escape the dogs and the birds.

  12. He himself is sitting before his lofty-beaked ships, bewailing his dear companion; while the others have gone to a banquet; but he is unrefreshed and unfed.

  13. And it indeed again was fixed in the ground at the foot of Meriones: but the bird, alighting upon the mast of the azure-beaked galley, drooped its neck, and its close wings were at the same time expanded.

  14. And whomsoever I perceive minded to tarry far from the fight beside the beaked ships, for him shall there be no hope hereafter to escape the dogs and birds of prey.

  15. Therefore do I not marvel that the Achaians should fret beside their beaked ships; yet nevertheless is it shameful to wait long and to depart empty.

  16. But he amid his beaked seafaring ships lieth in sore wrath with Agamemnon shepherd of the host; yet are we such as to face thee, yea and many of us.

  17. So by the beaked ships around thee, son of Peleus, hungry for war, the Achaians armed; and over against them the men of Troy, upon the high ground of the plain.

  18. Now will I depart to Phthia, seeing it is far better to return home on my beaked ships; nor am I minded here in dishonour to draw thee thy fill of riches and wealth.

  19. Like a plant in a very fruitful field I reared him and sent him forth on beaked ships to Ilios to fight against the men of Troy, but never again shall I welcome him back to his home within the house of Peleus.

  20. He saith that the gods are displeased at thee, and that himself above all Immortals is wroth, because with furious heart thou holdest Hector at the beaked ships and hast not given him back.

  21. Say to him that the gods are displeased at him, and that I above all Immortals am wroth, because with furious heart be holdeth Hector at the beaked ships and hath not given him back, if haply he may fear me and give Hector back.

  22. We skirt the pine-clad shores, chary of men, and know how bitterly winter kisses these lonely shores to fill yon row of beaked ice houses that creep up the hills.

  23. His cap fell back from his face, and his eyes, small and black and crossed, his beaked nose, his grey upturned mustache, showed distinctly in the moonlight.

  24. Don't you see him--in uniform, tall with a beaked nose, a grey mustache and his eyes crossed?

  25. The master of the black sleigh was still enveloped in his cloak, only the gleam of his eyes, small and black and crossed, was visible under the cap, his beaked nose and the upward twist of his grey mustache.

  26. The face was that of the Grand-Duke Stepan; his beaked nose, his grey, upturned mustache, his eyes small and crossed.

  27. Adult male beaked whales, showing the body profile and the relative positions of the teeth.

  28. The head of a True's beaked whale stranded in North Carolina.

  29. Adult North Sea beaked whales are dark charcoal gray on the back with white spots overall.

  30. Dense-beaked whales are black or charcoal gray on the back, slightly lighter on the abdomen.

  31. A dense-beaked whale in the tank at New York Aquarium.

  32. An unidentified beaked whale from the mid-Pacific.

  33. Distribution As with other species of beaked whales seldom encountered or at least seldom positively identified at sea, the distribution of goosebeaked whales is poorly known and must be constructed from records of stranded specimens.

  34. Natural History Notes From stomach contents of stranded animals dense-beaked whales are known to feed on squid.

  35. May Be Confused With Adult male dense-beaked whales can be separated from the other beaked whales by the high, arching contour to the corners of the mouth.

  36. The feet of pigeons, except in the long-beaked races, are reduced in size.

  37. Two opinici vert, purfled or, beaked sable, wings gules, support the insignia of the Plasterers' Company.

  38. Amongst the veritable inhabitants of the ocean there are few more extraordinary mammals than the sea-unicorn, Monodon monoceros, the beaked whale of the Arctic seas, twenty to thirty feet from stern to snout.

  39. It has been asserted, that of the best short-beaked tumbler-pigeons more perish in the egg than are able to get out of it; so that fanciers assist in the act of hatching.

  40. It has been asserted that of the best short-beaked tumbler pigeons a greater number perish in the egg than are able to get out of it; so that fanciers assist in the act of hatching.

  41. II A face flashed over the cliff, eagle-beaked and beautiful.

  42. These are very large-bodied, long-beaked pigeons, with naked skin round the eyes.

  43. It now appeared that an insect threatened the lean inflamed face of the American, for the propping finger was withdrawn and waved laboriously before the beaked nose, the eyelids meanwhile falling in abandon.

  44. Romney was a bit taller than necessary with a beaked nose and a head that bowed naturally.

  45. His eagle-beaked nose had three distinct lines and angles.

  46. The Mound-Builder drew out from under his feather robe a gorget of pearl shell, beautifully engraved with the figure of a young man dancing in an eagle-beaked mask, with eagles' wings fastened to his shoulders.

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