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Example sentences for "beady"

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  1. Their eyes were beady and sharp, and just now their thick lips hung pendulous with wonderment.

  2. I looked at her aged, monkey-like face and the intensity of her beady eyes with wonderment.

  3. He was heavy and thick-set, with huge shoulders, big hands, and beady eyes that looked out of a stolid face where long hours, greed and vices other than drink had left their mark.

  4. A whiteness passed over the flabby face, and the beady eyes took on a glazed look.

  5. Most of these hybrid Hurons are quite as white as their Canadian neighbors; but they generally have the horse-tail hair, and black, beady eye of the aborigines.

  6. What strange intelligence was that which passed between them through the diamond eyes and the little beady black ones?

  7. The old woman's small eyes dilated until a ring of white showed round their beady centres.

  8. He had a sense of dark and malicious humour, a long horse-like face, with little beady eyes and a huge frame.

  9. He had black, beady eyes, a black moustache fiercely turned up, and sallow skin.

  10. Behind his gun gleamed a pair of black, beady eyes, as cold as the eyes of a rattler.

  11. Joe, something like a merry twinkle in those beady eyes.

  12. But the outlaws had averred that old Joe was "food for buzzards," and the protracted absence of the redskin led Merry to fear that he had looked into the Indian's beady eyes for the last time.

  13. Always when he had stirred he had found the beady eyes of the redskin upon him.

  14. He lurched round, and with beady eyes blinking with malice, said roughly: "The fool is known by his folly.

  15. His beady eyes were those of serpents watching for the instant to strike, and his words burst over the head of Orlando's mother like shrapnel.

  16. As he bent over, half a hundred tufted heads rose from the high grass, and beady eyes looked to see which way he might go.

  17. There was something not unlike a tear in her beady black eyes.

  18. Once or twice he had caught the ragged old fellow's beady eyes fixed on him, with their strange burning look.

  19. The hermit's beady eyes had a malevolent glare in them, and when they fell on him Jack felt a creepy sort of sensation.

  20. The source of Susyjan's beady splendor, however, has always, as you may imagine, remained a mystery to the tribe.

  21. Above the barrel was a round, swarthy, sunburnt face, lit up with a pair of keen little twinkling beady black eyes.

  22. Staring straight into the cruel, beady eyes, her fixed gaze seemed riveted there against her will, as if the reptile had cast over her a hypnotic spell.

  23. As those horrid, beady eyes met hers, again she was seized with that strange sense of limpness, utter inability to move a muscle.

  24. As it glided its sinister way over the sand the cruel, beady eyes for a brief instant were averted from the girl.

  25. Something in that," said London Bill, a gleam of admiration in his beady gimlet eye.

  26. The other thrust forward his face, and the beady eyes glittered with a malignant fire.

  27. At the same moment, by some mysterious sympathy, a pair of beady bright eyes appeared in the bulk of fur near his curls, the cat stretched herself, and even a vague agitation was heard in the bottles on the shelf.

  28. One can hardly recall without a shudder of disgust the "small, beady black eyes" of Colonel Starbottle, especially when they "shone with that fire which a pretty woman or an affair of honor could alone kindle.

  29. He couldn't very well miss seeing it because of the unforgettable brightness of its beady eyes, and the absolutely spotless purity of its white shirt-front.

  30. His beady eyes shone like microscopic stars as lie paused in a copper bar of setting sunlight and looked about for a refuge.

  31. The dark, beady eyes, however, are typical of the genus.

  32. The head is small with rather a triangular face, small ears, and dark, beady eyes.

  33. For a moment Meriaz hesitated, then leaning forward, with his beady eyes fixed upon her, he exclaimed: "I may trust you?

  34. She must have been unobserving, indeed, not to have seen the greedy roll of his beady eyes, the miserly clutching of his grimy fingers, as if he already felt the beloved gold in his too affectionate clasp.

  35. No, he held his ground there before the galley with a courage one could not but admire, the only sign he gave of an inward emotion being the occasional twinkling of his little beady Chinese eyes.

  36. Me likee lilly gal, she likee me," he explained with his bland vacuous smile and his little beady eyes twinkling.

  37. This made both Tom and I turn pale, although Ching Wang betrayed no expression of alarm when we explained the captain's hail to him, only his little beady eyes twinkling.

  38. Alan glanced down and saw Rat, his pet and companion, squatting near Judy and flicking his beady little red eyes mischievously in the direction of the girl's bare skinny ankle.

  39. Rat was well named; he looked like nothing so much as a small bluish-purple rodent, with wise, beady little eyes and a scaly curling tail.

  40. The dog turned his black, beady eyes sharply for more cake.

  41. The old chiefs and the wise men grown stiff from riding and conservative toward a useless waste of young warriors, blinked their beady eyes in protest but they did not imperil their popularity by advice to the contrary.

  42. The words was clearly interrogative now, and the beady eyes returned from their wandering, and settled on the speaker.

  43. The beady eyes kindled into animation, and the lips grew moist, but the Indian sat motionless as before, and waited in silence for what was to come.

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