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Example sentences for "beadles"

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  1. Beadles are but men: and Mr. Bumble smiled.

  2. Two beadles do duty in the university library.

  3. The beadles strive with all diligence to entitle themselves to the proffered reward; but, on the other hand, the students exert all their ingenuity to defeat the vigilance of these Arguses.

  4. Immediately before the car, go two of the beadles carrying fasces wreathed with crape.

  5. On the 14th of August, the beadles received at a quarter to four in the morning, the order to pronounce house-arrest to some, and to remove others to the university prison, preparatory to their being called up for hearing.

  6. The three beadles had thrice struck the ground with their heads and staves, the doctors had finished their compliments, and the masters were making their twenty-seven prostrations.

  7. The latter, in his turn, ordered the beadles of his district to provide him with crickets; and then it became a practice for people who had nothing else to do to catch and rear them for this purpose.

  8. These beadles are chosen by the officials from among the respectable and substantial of the people to preside over a small area and be responsible for the general good behaviour of its inhabitants.

  9. Often there were riots caused by the Beadles of the Company going to Tyburn for the bodies of murderers.

  10. It is ordered that William Cave, one of the Beadles of this Company, do make Inquiry who the persons were that carryed away the last body from Tyburne, and that such persons be Indicted for the same.

  11. By which means it became more difficult for the Beadles to bring away the Companies Bodies and likewise drew away the members of this Company and others from the Public Dissections and Lectures at the Hall.

  12. The beadles of Bridewell whose duty it was to whip the women prisoners were clad in blue.

  13. The beadles close those ruthless doors for a mysterious half-hour on the examiners.

  14. Moreover the Company had often to satisfy the Coachmen for personal injuries and for damages to their coaches, as well as to give special gratuities to their Beadles by way of solatium for the beatings which they underwent.

  15. Cooke and others for taking away the body of William Pincher from the Beadles when they brought it from Tyburn.

  16. Besides the Beadles of the Clothing, there was a Beadle of the Yeomanry, whose duties were analogous to those of his more exalted brethren, and into whose office he frequently stepped when there was a vacancy.

  17. It is ordered that William Cave one of the Beadles of this Company do make Inquiry who the persons were that carryed away the last body from Tyburne & that such persons be Indicted for the same.

  18. Two Beadles gowns purchased by the Company.

  19. Whereupon Maister Hobson tooke an empty lantorne, and according to the beadles call hung it out.

  20. He ran towards the Tannenbuehl as fast as if the beadles were at his heels.

  21. In the orders of 1543, the aldermen of the wards are directed to send their beadles to affix the sign of the cross to affected houses.

  22. Lastly that a bill with 'Lord have mercy upon us' in greate 'tres bee sett over the dore of euery infected house and that the counstables and Beadles have a care to see that the same be not taken downe.

  23. The Doctor hastened to his friend, who had already had an account from the beadles and the police.

  24. It was a pleasant time for our academical citizens; the quarrels of the winter were settled, the beadles put on their night-caps at ten o'clock, and the lectures of the Professors went on smoothly and pleasantly.

  25. The beadles crossed their maces on both sides of the chair, and the new Rector majestically began an address to the Professors and students, in which he begged for their good will and promised good government.

  26. In Billingsgate ward, two beadles at 70l.

  27. In Bishopsgate ward, two beadles at 100l.

  28. Beadles by name to be discharged; and the necessary part of their duty they now do, to be performed by the Ward-officers.

  29. I have some of 'em in Limbo Patrum, and there they are like to dance these three days; besides the running banquet of two beadles that is to come.

  30. My masters of Saint Albans, have you not beadles in your town, and things call'd whips?

  31. He instantly, with proud coolness, ordered the beadles to stop the next gentleman's coach that passed and bring it to him.

  32. The beadles had to attend every Sunday at the vestry to report all new inmates, and who lodged them, and to take up all idlers; the constables in 1630 were also required to give notice of such persons to the churchwardens every month.

  33. Is a bench of beadles and tipstaffs, who intercept letters, or keep to themselves the knowledge they should communicate, the power that ruleth?

  34. Picture: The Charity Children] These charity children are coming from church, with the two parish-beadles before them.

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