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Example sentences for "beaded"

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beachmen; beacon; beaconed; beacons; bead; beades; beading; beadle; beadles; beadlike
  1. Beaded buckskin glittered in the sun, tiny bells tinkled from elbow to ankle, and sashes outrivalled Louisiana sunsets.

  2. Dropping the beaded emblems upon the table the savage turned to his seat by the wall.

  3. Feather-decked and beaded they came, singing the songs of old Cahokia to start the little squadron.

  4. Her long hair flew in the wind and her beaded necklace sparkled.

  5. She turned, pirouetting lightly on her beaded moccasins, waving her arms and kissing her fingers.

  6. The winding way the serpent takes The mystic water took, From where, to count its beaded lakes, The forest sped its brook.

  7. Palitlum fumbled under his shirt and drew forth a beaded sheath, and from the sheath, a knife.

  8. No man north of Mexico can dress more gorgeously than he upon occasion, for he still owns a buckskin outfit beaded to the value of a Worth gown.

  9. They wore leggins of dressed antelope hide with scalp-locks fringing the seams, and prettily beaded moccasins for their feet.

  10. The soft yellowish leather, the heavy fringe upon the arms, seams, and edges of the garment, her beautiful beaded leggings and moccasins, formed so many parts of a very charming picture.

  11. Over her left shoulder she hung her small beaded basket (kambol) that was decorated with row upon row of little tinkling bells, a million in all, and each bell as round as a pea.

  12. The gloom of the gorge had passed, and left it a raging furnace, and the fierceness of the heat beaded men's foreheads as they stood at a distance with eyes filled with awe.

  13. They were Indians in beaded buckskin, and each was laboring under a burden of pelts which seemed unusually heavy for its size.

  14. The man was dressed in a beaded buckskin shirt under a pea-jacket of doubtful age.

  15. For a few moments she stood there in the open with pensive eyes following the movements of scurrying, toddling legs, many of them encased in the minutest of buckskin, chap-like pantaloons and the tiniest of beaded moccasins.

  16. The loose buckskin coat, which reached to her knees, and had been fashioned and beaded by the Mission squaws, had picturesqueness.

  17. Sweat beaded his forehead and his veins swelled to bursting; at last he could endure it no longer, and called loudly upon his comrade to help him.

  18. He had pulled off his cap and got under the machine, and I saw the beaded sweat begin to rise on the crown of his bald head, like bubbles on a mill pond.

  19. Then I awoke with the fire of battle in my heart and the hot sweat of the conflict beaded over my face, to call it a dream.

  20. He was sitting stolidly up in bed, a strange gaze in his wide-open eyes, his face beaded with a clammy moisture, his face drawn in a spasm.

  21. With frowning brows, pale faces, and heaving chests, they followed with a feverish glance each card as it fell, wiping away at intervals the cold perspiration that beaded on their temples.

  22. The tall tangled grass through which he passed was beaded with dew like diamonds and hung with a thousand fairy jeweled webs.

  23. The Knight of Castlewood was in olive velveteen slashed with yellow, with Nancy Chalmers, in flowered panniers and beaded pompadour, on his arm.

  24. The females carry in their hands decorated baskets and sprigs of piƱon, and they wear white leggings and beaded moccasins.

  25. All wear beaded moccasins tied on with cotton cord.

  26. All pallid was my beaded brow, The reeling night was late, My startled mother cried in fear, "My child, what have you ate?

  27. He was got up in the swellest horse stuff I ever saw--beaded blankets of plush and silk, with his name embroidered on them, and all that kind of goods.

  28. Above the hearth in the room in which Kingswell and his young companion sat, hung a musket with a silver inlaid stock, a carved powder-horn, and several knives and daggers in beaded sheaths.

  29. Standing there in her short skirt, high, beaded moccasins, and blue cloth jacket, she looked like an indignant boy, save for her coiled hair and bright beauty.

  30. AMBER Favours from a maund she drew Of amber, crystal, and of beaded jet.

  31. The clapboards were a foot wide, evidently fashioned with care and beaded on the edges.

  32. She opened the beaded purse at her girdle, took from it a heaping handful of golden guineas, and dropped them on her dresser, where they fell with a pleasant sound, rolling together in a shining heap.

  33. He drew from his beaded pouch a black and white belt of seven rows.

  34. Then I dropped my brightly coloured beaded Indian cap, hoping that that would delay him.

  35. I have been watching him, and I have noticed that the only two things he seems to have any love for are his red-beaded leggings and his brilliant red neckerchief.

  36. In the distance there flashed a crimson skirt at whose beaded edge there hung a great grey dog, his heavy head waist-high to the little maid who wore it.

  37. It fell at the edge of the beaded skirt and quick as thought the hand of Francette shot out and covered it.

  38. For the third time the tall woman in the beaded garment took the hatchet and squared her shoulders.

  39. He dropped to his knee and, catching her beaded skirt, pressed it to his lips again and again, passionately, swept away by his French blood.

  40. When he rose an hour later to go to his camp he laid a hand on the beaded shoulder wet with the night dew.

  41. A bright sash about the waist, beaded moccasins, and a beaded tobacco pouch, used much as a French courtier used his snuff box, completed the costume.

  42. The women wore the tight basque and flowing skirt, and, in summer as well as winter, a half dozen gaily colored petticoats, which created quite a dazzling array when the wearer stooped to tie the lace of a beaded moccasin.

  43. From her breast she took the crosslet, Drew the rings from off her fingers, From her neck the beaded necklace, From her head the scarlet ribands.

  44. Rings I lost from off my fingers, From my neck my beaded necklace, 60 And my finger-rings were golden, And my necklace-beads were silver.

  45. Maiden, do not wear for others, But for me alone, O maiden, Round thy neck a beaded necklace, And a cross upon thy bosom.

  46. On thy brows bind silken ribands On thy temples gold adornments, Round thy neck a beaded necklace, On thy breast a golden crosslet.

  47. She heard pain in his voice, and as she handed him his freshly loaded rifle, Nicole saw that his upper lip was beaded with sweat.

  48. With the beaded headband Iron Knife had given him wrapped around his high forehead, and his face browned by the summer sun, he looked like a Sauk boy, except for his light brown hair.

  49. His long hair was bound with a beaded band.

  50. Black Hawk took the pipe from Wolf Paw and filled the bowl with tobacco from a beaded pouch at his waist.

  51. His long white hair was bound at his forehead with a beaded band and fell from there to his shoulders, spreading like a white shawl.

  52. He reached into a beaded bag hanging at his belt.

  53. And my ankle moccasins were gay with Oneida devices wrought out of porcupine quills and beads, scarlet, green, purple, and orange, and laid open at the instep by two beaded flaps.

  54. He stood unarmed, except for the knife and war-axe swinging from crimson-beaded sheaths at his cincture.

  55. Calmly he obeyed, then straightened up and stood there empty handed, naked in his paint, except for the beaded breadth of deer-skin that fell from belt to knee.

  56. When she came back, the disk of blue paint was gone from her brow, and I saw her a-fishing in her beaded wallet and presently bring forth blue and red paint and a trader's mirror about two inches in diameter.

  57. For there stood an Indian, wearing a real deerskin over his shoulders, and with real deerskin leggings that ended in gay beaded moccasins.

  58. For myself, I could see nothing of that costume now save one object--a barbaric brooch of double shells and beaded fastenings, which clasped the light laces at her throat.

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    Other words:
    adorned; beaded; bedecked; bedizened; befrilled; bejeweled; beribboned; bespangled; decorated; embellished; feathered; festooned; figured; flowered; garnished; jeweled; ornamented; plumed; spangled; studded; trimmed; wreathed