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Example sentences for "flicking"

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flicker; flickered; flickering; flickerings; flickers; flicks; flie; flied; flier; fliers
  1. We might have slipped from the parking lot had it not been for Marion's eyes flicking repeatedly from him to us.

  2. I kept flicking the yard light as they approached our house.

  3. Then he turned his sullen eyes on Bobs, who, left alone, had come nearer to the fence where he sat, and was sleepily flicking with his tail at an intrusive fly, which insisted on walking round his hip.

  4. I think she's got enough to bear," the boy had said, sitting on the edge of the kitchen table, and flicking his boots mechanically with his whip.

  5. You have only to watch one flicking flies off his nose with his toe to be convinced of that little point of natural history.

  6. The flies and mosquitoes worry the poor beasts terribly, and all day long the horses stand in the water in pairs, or in a line, with head to tail, each one flicking the flies from his neighbour's face with his tail.

  7. There was insult in a smile, contempt in the turn of a shoulder, challenge in the flicking of a handkerchief.

  8. So kind of you to think well of me,' he said, coolly flicking the ash off the end of his cigarette with his little finger; 'but why do you pay me such a compliment?

  9. Yes," said Lady Eleanor, moving about the room restlessly, and flicking her habit-skirt with her whip.

  10. Certainly not," Billy replied calmly, flicking the ash from his cigarette.

  11. Being used to such journeys, she looked calmly about with quick gray eyes, making little flicking gestures with her hands as if brushing the stray minutes and seconds from her plain brown coat.

  12. The high lighting of the script ornament should consist in merely flicking those parts needing a relief touch with a color that will denote a slant of light from above.

  13. To lend piquancy and a bit of warmth to the scroll, a few touches of vermilion, flicking the spirals here and there but invariably well removed from the lower edge of the pattern, are added.

  14. He positively pervaded the place, nervously changing the napkin from arm to arm, and frantically flicking off imaginary crumbs.

  15. Open it, Jack," said Dad, as soon as the waiter had left the room, flicking his napkin viciously over the sideboard which he passed on his way to the door as if he was considerably huffed at not being admitted to our confidence.

  16. A long metal tube poked slowly out of the cage on the tower's top and sent a hail of force-shells flicking around them.

  17. He fumbled frantically at a catch at the gun's rear, then felt a stream of shells flicking out of it.

  18. A smart fellow," repeated her father musingly, flicking some dust from his shoes, unobserving of her abstraction.

  19. That will go battering on the vessel," he thought, looking amazed at its ponderous beams flicking through the water and over the little cascades as if they had been feathers blown by an evening breeze.

  20. Flicking his cigar into the fire, he got up and helped himself to whisky.

  21. That was a nasty affair," said Maskull, flicking the dirt off his person.

  22. An officer strode into the enclosure of the graveyard, flicking his knees with a twig.

  23. A man broke suddenly into the arbour behind Martin and stood flicking the water off his uniform with his cap.

  24. She stood there flicking her sides with her tail, and kept trying vainly to get some hay from the ground into her bit-encumbered mouth.

  25. He had slung his carbine on his saddle, and was gaily flourishing a switch in the air and flicking at his brown leather gaiters.

  26. And when she had finished, he still sat silent, elbow on knee, absently flicking the jogging horse and staring ahead at the horizon.

  27. He stood there a moment, his sharp eyes flicking over the silent clusters, then slowly sauntered down the ramp toward them with a strangely light, catfooted tread.

  28. He locked the clear plastic airtight covering of the jet boat and began flicking at the control buttons.

  29. Carefully flicking a particle of ash from a fold of his elegant, silk-lined cloak, a most distinguished looking gentleman stepped out onto the bleak and dirty studio.

  30. Exel shrugged his shoulders and turned slightly, leaning his elbow upon the mantelpiece and flicking off the ash from his cigar.

  31. Take a grip and hang tight,” said Steve, flicking the horses again.

  32. Crack, crack, crack, he went round the circle again, this time just flicking the ground at each crack, the ring of the leaping spurts of dust showing where the lash was falling.

  33. And there were some,” said Steve Knight, “who ran in such a hurry that a whip was flicking round a bit too promiscuously.

  34. The gray mare was flicking her tail in the east when he opened his eyes again.

  35. Grace Carter, her attention apparently riveted upon some intricate adjustment of her camera, scarcely breathed; Constance Brevoort, flicking the ash from her cigarette, never moved an eyelash.

  36. Mr. Frayling took a turn about the room with his hands behind his back, holding his riding whip upright, and flicking himself between the shoulders with it as he went.

  37. Sir Adrian paled a little, he began to descend his ladder, mechanically flicking the dust from his cuffs.

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