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Example sentences for "flickers"

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flicked; flicker; flickered; flickering; flickerings; flicking; flicks; flie; flied; flier
  1. These birds feed their young in the same way Hummingbirds and Flickers do; for they give the little ones softened food from the crop, mixed with a sort of milky fluid that also comes from the crop.

  2. They are very merry, frolicsome birds, with all sorts of tricks and manners--even Dodo's Flickers are no jollier members of the Laughing Family.

  3. Their incense to God breathe in balm; And the bat flickers up in the sky, And the beetle hums moaningly by; And to rest in the brake speeds the deer, While the nightingale sings loud and clear.

  4. It is almost as interesting to watch people in the act of scraping acquaintance as it is to see a group of flickers love- making in early spring.

  5. The red light of the fires flickers between the tents; the crouching figures of men and women preparing the evening meal seem to be whispering incantations into the hot ashes.

  6. Intermittently, from the cockpit, and thus concealed and throwing its beam upward only, came the periodic flickers of a handkerchief-wrapped flash torch.

  7. Who would scrutinize the dying flickers of last summer's flirtation?

  8. And it had always been so: by bright swift flickers of intuition she had seemed suddenly to see that now.

  9. The darkness felt oddly more normal than the light, and I leaned back and watched the flickers clear as one wall of the office became a large visionscreen.

  10. As the mist thinned and we left the snow-line behind, we saw what looked like a great green carpet, interspersed with shining colors which were mere flickers below us.

  11. He can pull like a lion an' never flinches or flickers at a pinch.

  12. Truly, in an African noon the atmosphere flickers like water.

  13. Ah, we safely may trust to its gleaming, And be sure it will lead us aright: We safely may trust to a gleaming That cannot but guide us aright, 70 Since it flickers up to Heaven through the night.

  14. Its sibyllic splendor is beaming With hope and in beauty to-night: 65 See, it flickers up the sky through the night!

  15. Sheet-lightning flickers above the mountain crests, painting everything white for an instant.

  16. The night-lamp flickers feebly on its tripod, multiplying its own shadow.

  17. There are two other species of flickers in North America which, although different from the yellow-shafted flicker, yet resemble it much more than they do the downy and hairy woodpeckers or any other woodpeckers.

  18. Thus the genus including the hairy and downy woodpeckers is called Dryobates; and the genus including the flickers is called Colaptes.

  19. Find out in what ways the hairy and downy woodpeckers (genus Dryobates), the flickers (genus Colaptes) and the other woodpeckers resemble each other.

  20. Break the harsh dance that flickers through the morning, Forget the scarlet perfumes of the day.

  21. The sea is one crimson steaming fire; Each fanged wavelet Flickers and dances about the one behind it, Hungrily licking at the ship.

  22. Candles had to be lighted, and as they threw feeble flickers of light across the gloom, hideous bats began flying madly about, and dashing to the ground in their fright great shreds of dusty cobwebs that must have been centuries old.

  23. The match flickers for a moment, and shows great mounds of dusty rags upon the ground; then dies away and leaves a denser darkness than before, if there can be degrees in such extremes.

  24. As the darkness flickers and dips, As the firelight falls and leaps From your feet to your lips!

  25. The wine is warm in the hearth; The flickers come and go.

  26. The lantern flickers dimly in the night wind--heavy drops of rain come pelting down.

  27. The flaming azure of the sea dazzles and pains like a crucible-glow;--the green of the mornes flickers and blazes in some amazing way.

  28. He never appears to strike hard,-- only to give light taps with his blade, which flickers continually about him as he moves.

  29. I do think my tread, Stirring the blossom in the meadow-grass, Flickers the unwithering stars.

  30. It is dusk, but the red light of the fire flickers full upon his face, betraying the anger that is gathering there.

  31. Cyril outwardly is perhaps the least concerned of them all: as he bites languidly a little blade of green grass, a faint smile flickers at the corners of his lips; Lilian is distinctly angry.

  32. She catches sight of her face and form in a mirror as they pass to one of the small round tables, ordering coffee and cakes.

  33. Eleanor knows who is speaking before she looks round.

  34. At last she owns to fatigue, and Philip leaves her, while he goes in search of their carriage.

  35. The churchyard full of English graves and monuments quite distresses Eleanor.

  36. I don't suppose we shall ever meet again," she says to herself reflectively.

  37. We will escape from the voluble Belgian with the leg story.

  38. He wants to show us a grave over the Marquis of Anglesea's leg, and is the proud possessor of the house where it was amputated.

  39. The chandelier sheds a golden light over her dark hair; the reflection of the fire flickers over her white dress.

  40. A single candle flickers near the bed, from which the white curtains are remorselessly pushed back, and there on the bed lies something--he cannot exactly decide it.

  41. Flickers have found an easier way to get a living than by drilling wood with our bills to find grubs.

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