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  1. The Narrow-billed Bronze Cuckoo has a red-speckled egg, which is placed often in an open or cup-shaped nest.

  2. The Narrow-billed Bronze Cuckoo has a narrower bill, and the centre tail feathers are brownish-chestnut at the base.

  3. Of the circus and menagerie show proper I do not think there are more than twenty in America; but of tented exhibitions, billed as "railroad shows," there are several hundred.

  4. Sam Houston is billed to speak here to-morrow night.

  5. Allied to the Congers is the small family of duck-billed eels (Nettastomidæ) inhabiting moderate depths of the sea.

  6. Our familiar Pied-billed Grebe or Dabchick disappears so suddenly, that 'Water Witch' is one of its common names.

  7. The Pied-billed Grebe, Dabchick, or Water Witch Length thirteen inches.

  8. The Long-billed Marsh Wren Length about five inches.

  9. The orders came into our office and were processed by our girls, priced and billed by the bill clerks, and then were sent down a little chute to the first floor, a little dumbwaiter, regardless of publisher.

  10. Charles now went on and billed Sherman, Houston, and Dallas.

  11. He billed the town with great success and was able to keep going.

  12. The first town he billed was Streator, Illinois.

  13. The thick-billed sparrow, a grayish bird with spotted breast and enormous bill is found on all the brushy hillsides and is noted for its glorious bursts of rich song.

  14. One observer says the slender-billed nut-hatch is much more common than the red-breasted, and that his nasal laugh resounded at all times through the pines.

  15. The yellow-billed will take up his stand in a tree, and explore its branches till he has caught every worm.

  16. Notwithstanding the disparity in size and color, the black-billed species has certain peculiarities that remind one of the passenger pigeon.

  17. The black-billed is the only species found in my locality, the yellow-billed abounds farther south.

  18. The large-billed water-thrush is much the superior songster, but the present species has a very bright and cheerful strain.

  19. Another bird which has interested me here is the Louisiana water thrush, called also large-billed water-thrush, and water-wagtail.

  20. In June the black-billed makes a tour through the orchard and garden, regaling himself upon the canker-worms.

  21. More than 300 varieties of game and song birds live here, including the Dakota song sparrow, the black-billed cuckoo, the oriole, and the blue jay.

  22. She was billed on the curtains outside fur five hundred and fifty pounds, and Watty says she really does weigh nigh on to four hundred.

  23. Which her wedding to Prent McMakin was billed fur to come off about the first of November, jest a month away.

  24. Its flight also, instead of being direct and rapid, like the course of an arrow, is weak and undulatory, as among the soft-billed birds.

  25. The sportsmen of the Beagle unanimously called it the short-billed snipe.

  26. There are soft-billed birds and hard-billed birds, so there are both seeds and mash to suit their palates.

  27. Comparatively small, long legged, slender-billed birds seen running along edges of ponds or beaches.

  28. All the Scoters are better known to sportsmen as "coots," this species being the Butter-billed Coot, while the female is the Gray Coot.

  29. Illustration: Under side of middle tail feather of Ivory-billed Woodpecker.

  30. In the ivory-billed woodpecker the two outer pairs are of no assistance and the three central ones do the work, and here again we find the base of the rectrices rigid and inflexible and the last fourth of their length weak and yielding.

  31. Notice the ordinary pick-axe and see how much nearer the flicker's bill than the logcock's or the ivory-billed woodpecker's it is.

  32. We expect to see the finest development of drilling bill accompany this enormously developed toe, and we find them both in the ivory-billed woodpecker.

  33. But the great logcock and the ivory-billed woodpecker, though of the same type as the other larvae-eating woodpeckers, are more highly developed along the same line.

  34. The woodpeckers that drill for grubs, especially the largest, the logcock and the ivory-billed woodpecker, have the tip remarkably flattened.

  35. I want a few trogons, and the blue-billed gaper.

  36. Soon the long-billed river-birds began their night-talk across the water.

  37. Our next finds were several nests of a pair of Long-billed Marsh Wrens, which looked more like mouse-nests than anything else I have in mind.

  38. So he waved aside the Square Envelopes and allowed himself to be billed all over the Macaroon Circuit as a Woman-Hater.

  39. He was a Genius and billed through for the Legislature.

  40. Ever since his Stuff had been shot back by a Boston Editor with a Complimentary Note, he had billed himself as an Author and had been pointed out as such at more than one Chautauqua.

  41. The Gull-billed Tern of Colonel Montagu conducts us from these genera to the groups which compose the Linnaean genus Larus--now divided into two genera, Lestris and Larus.

  42. The hook-billed have them either even or toothed on the sides.

  43. The broad-billed are divided into Ducks and Geese.

  44. These latter he again subdivides into narrow-billed and broad-billed; the former having their bills either hooked at the end or straight and sharp-pointed.

  45. It's billed straight through, express freight, East," he said.

  46. They're raising Cain in the office about a consignment of tea billed through urgent to the East that's gone down the Soo Line into the States," he said.

  47. Because there was a sale of Italian antiques billed for three p.

  48. I remember there was one afternoon when John McCormack was billed to sing.

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